BlackBerry Link updated for Windows and Mac - Patches Heartbleed exploit

By Bla1ze on 13 May 2014 11:51 pm EDT

Although the chances of the Heartbleed bug being exploited through BlackBerry Link was minimal, the desktop app for Windows and Mac had until yesterday remained on BlackBerry's vulnerable list. The good news though, if you were worried about it is that new versions that patch the exploit are now available for download as confirmed by BerryReview.

You can either grab the updates directly from the BlackBerry site using the links above or make use of the auto update feature within BlackBerry Link. Other than the patching for Heatbleed, there doesn't appear to be any other changes but we're still looking for the full change log.

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BlackBerry Link updated for Windows and Mac - Patches Heartbleed exploit


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I like that you can now select whether you want to backup Application Data, Media or Settings. You can also specify which applications you want to include in the backup.

Edited for clarity.

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We need to get rid of blackberry link and find another option. Expand blackberry protect or something?????

Posted with none other than the Zed 10

You go right ahead and do that. Or maybe you could just stare at a computer screen with blackberry desktop manager and spend all say mashing cables together to try to get it to work

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I agree 100% BlackBerry Link has never run well for me. I just hope my backups are there if I need to restore.

I've gone over to backing up the contacts using an export app (got five, Max Contact Manager, Contact Care, Contact Manager for vcf, then Contacts Exchange for xls and Contact X for selective, controlled merging).

For the media card I now use the Settings menu under "Storage and Access" and set it to "USB Mass Storage". That way I can copy using Explorer or better TeraCopy the manual way, or using any other folder sync software to sync to the PC ("USB Mass Storage" even works on Linux so you can be using rsync). Suggest Microsoft Sync Tool. Direct USB connection to the card, this copies much faster than through Link.

Hope these two hints help a few guys alleviate the pain at least a little bit.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

New link versión works now perfectly for me, with win 8.1 Kaspersky and usb 3.0

Rocking on my Z10

Really? Can it be... I've been waiting long like everyone else to get a fix for the 8.1 issue. Don't get my hopes up falsely!

Powered by BB10

I had issues with Kaspersky and 8.1 too. Un installing Kaspersky fixed BSOD but still couldn't install link. Now it's fixed.

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Never a BSOD on Vista with Link, old sidekick machine, Core2Duo, Compaq Presario laptop, 2GB RAM Vista Basic

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I was having issues when I was on Vista. Upgraded and suddenly all but one issue disappeared. Damn link doesn't see my BlackBerry to share files remotely. Anyone else having this issue?

I hope this will fix my problem with my one PlayBook. I have two PlayBooks and for some sort of unknown and strange phenomenon, only one of them recognized by my laptop running Windows 8.1.

Believe it or not...

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I haven't upgraded in my windows there still no way within Link to update software? Or do I have to go to the BlackBerry website and dl the app again to have the update?

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It might not be immediately visible within "Link" itself. If you want the update, use above direct download, ahem... link.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I was wondering the same thing. I was away on vacation and finally got home. I checked to see if "Automatic update" had happened... Nope (Currently version "Automatic Update" is selected in "Preferences". How come it doesn't automatically update the program? I am backing up my device and seeing if it suggests the Link update but so far... Nope. I'll update if anything changes....

I did a backup of my device - No Update
I restarted BlackBerry Link - No Update
I clicked on "Device", "Software Updates", "Check for Updates" - No Update

Currently still sitting on BlackBerry Link Version
Anyone know how to make Link automatically update properly?

Maybe BlackBerry Blend will replace Link, and that's why we're not seeing much improvement to it?

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That will be good news! Every time I have sync'd my Q10 to my computer I end top with partial duplicate entries in the device and Outlook. That is very time consuming to edit both contact lists and the calendars.

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Please fix some of the mac issues like remote file access so we don't have to turn off the firewall on os x. Improved contact syncing with support for custom fields and groups.

Posted via my Q10

It feels like BlackBerry has one intern working part time on Link for both platforms

Moves at a snail's pace and never seems to fix basic issues. Such a critical piece of the experience and - in my experience - almost never quite works as you expect it to.

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The last BlackBerry Link actually pretty slow in backing up....And really really slow in restoring (I had once waiting for almost 4 hours) especially if you have lots of apps and data in your BB 10 phone. Hopefully this update will fix those bugs.

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I find BlackBerry Link to be fine. When I had my iPhones, iTunes was worse. iTunes was slow, clunky, disorganised, etc.

I wish there was a way to check for updates though.

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I'm glad they addressed this vulnerability quickly...

Though I suppose it wasn't really a priority since I'm sure they know people will avoid using Link unless they really really have to.

~ TheRealFixxxer 

I un installed and then re-installed BlackBerry Link on my computer and I'm still getting the same error message that says "Unable to sign into your BlackBerry ID. Confirm you are connected to the Internet and try again." I am definitely connected to the Internet and my Device name is the same on my phone and computer.

 OS 100-4/Verizon Z10

Fortunately nobody wants to use this piece of junk so the risk was practically zero to begin with.

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I agree completely. I was so glad to finally remove iTunes. Link has worked 95% of the time, for me. The new custom backup will be very nice.

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Yeah but did they add:
- scrolling long file names
- multiple logins from different BBIDs
-playlist queuing for music
- browsing while you listen to music

It's a great product and will be better with these additional features. :)

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I agree. I upgraded to a Z30 and it seems to work the best it ever had with my Z10. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." If I read some more positive comments, that this update fixed a lot of people's problems, I probably will update.

Powered by BB10

Me too! I am scared to death I will end up with lost calendar & contact data I can't recover from plus a huge mess to clean up. Because there is no trust, if braver people have had success I guess I could back up with FireChest then try it. I want to believe, I really do.

Posted via CB from "Z" best

Finally they are getting this LINK software to where the BB7 software was for many of us.
Works on USB3 | Windows 8.1 | Kaspersky '14 | along with some needed enhancements to the backup segment.


This update fixed a RFA issue I was having.

Before the update I could not access files if I was connected to my home wifi network. Now it works great!

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I don't know what to compare it to, aside from iTunes (which I hate). What I'd like to know is when will BlackBerry allow multiple devices per BlackBerry ID, and when will BBM have desktop capability.

Posted via CB10

Why is there none for Ubuntu or Linux. I stopped using Win and Mac long time ago. And the same reason do not use them on phone
Please make 1 for linux

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No change in performance for me - Calendar syncs, but Contacts will not commit, sigh! Windows 8.1

Don't now what the magic is, but the new version of Link completed a calendar/contacts sync for the first time ever. When it started it found 1500ish conflicts, and took about 2 hours to complete (Win7) with no error messages. I still have multiple duplication of contacts. Do I have to delete those manually from Z10?

Couldn't care less.
Blackberry Link was horrible from day one, a complete disaster.
No matter what they did to upgrade it I would NEVER use it.

After the update my BlackBerry Link keeps crashing (macbookPro)!

Anyone out there who is facing the same problem?

 Z30

Update it. Not from app because there isn't a possibility but finally done it. Now Link it's working .
And being so happy that a normal feature now finally it's working I've done the sync between my Zed 10 and the app. BIG MISTAKE .
Again and again my Contacts are doubled, tripled and mixed in a matter that It's imposibble for me to understand what are the rules for doing that.
I've blocked the sync with all the accounts after sync because the phone its pure and simple hot working to do...something.
Somebody else have this issue?

Proudly Z10 owner