BlackBerry Link updated for both PC and Mac

By Bla1ze on 12 Nov 2013 03:21 pm EST

It has been a while since the last BlackBerry Link update and certainly, some folks would say another has been long over due. No matter though as today brings just that. New versions of the desktop application have been released for both PC and Mac and while the noted changes are just 'general performance improvements', the PC release is now at v1.2.1.31 while the Mac release is at v1.1.1.39. At this point, I assume everyone has been having issues with BlackBerry Link at one point or another so, go ahead and grab the latest releases and we'll see if they fair any better.

Download BlackBerry Link for PC and Mac

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BlackBerry Link updated for both PC and Mac


Link works fine for me, and from day 1. STL 1 if it.helps, but every link upgrade just makes it better.

Wish the general perception makers take into account positive news too.

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Mine works fine....and I do a lot with that!

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Edit: works fine with:
win 7 pro 64bit, BlackBerry Q10 -3 TMobile.

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Yup takes over an hour to restore and backup for me!! Hate using link! Soooooooo slow have a fast pc too

IROC-Z10 But Mostly She Rocks Me!

complete piece of shit. I'm not sure but I think it was coded by someone with two left hands, it needs to rewritten from the ground for osx, and this time by someone who actually knows how to code.

I did have a problem it didnt bact up my contacts so i do agree....this Software has a new GUI only but its crappy.

Never understood why some programs run so slow. ITunes and Link are prime examples. I will be happy for the upgrade. Even if it is 'general improvements'

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Don't care. Un-installed it ages ago. Worst piece if software ever. Never worked. Never managed to connect my desktop to my Z10 even once.

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Disable your windows, Mac and third party Internet firewalls!! If you have an advanced firewall setting on your router that is blocking even common ports disable there too.

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When you say "Ages Ago", do you mean BEFORE any of the updates? You understand that updates are designed to make things work better, right? Why not try it again now that it's been updated SEVERAL times? What have you got to lose?

So you don't like the fact that it creates a VPN and allows you to wirelessly transfer files back and forth from your PC?

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Link has never run for me once until this update. It has always crashed for me right after the splash page so I never even saw how it was set up other than through screen shots. I'm hoping that all aspects of it work for me once I give it a test run. A huge improvement.

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I hope BlackBerry got there act together and fix the problem with switching from Z10 to Z30. Is emberesing!

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Yah I hope it's not as "embarrassing" as your spelling are you even using a bb10 device? How did spell check miss that?

Posted by z10 boss

Bad spellers of the world untie!
Props to the man for correcting your error. I know I'd certainly be embarrassed if I couldn't spell in my native language. So. Is English actually your second language or are you just using it as an excuse?

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How small do YOU feel right about now? Your comment was as needless as "the man's" but much more hilarious.

I accept your props for this correction. Thanks.

You guys all realize that the "untie" was intentional, right? "Bad spellers of the world untie" is a common intentionally misspelled saying. Google it.

I weep for the world sometimes.

I really haven't had much issues with slowness in BlackBerry Link, but I don't do wireless synchronization with my Z10.

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Fingers crossed this 1 works. Last 2 updates when I tried to installed totally crashed my computer. Many hours trying to fix it.

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My only gripe with BlackBerry is the link software that hasn't worked for me each update since the first one....

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Change windows then

Android and iPhone fan better thank BlackBerry for making their phone better. I prefer subscribers, not followers.

Strange, I've just downloaded and installed on Win 8.1, with no issues. Must admit I haven't connected phone yet, but it connected fine on last update.

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I never had crashing issue on 8.1... i just hate the fact that tunmgr.exe consuming cpu for no reason

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Hope it fixes the issues I am having regarding backup etc. Try tonight and advise.

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I'm sorry to say it, but BBLINK has left such a sour taste with me that I just don't even want to be bothered with it.
Just today around noon I tried once again to give remote access another try for the 20th time, and still no dice.
Don't want to bother with the update today, and pull out the remaining hair I have left.

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Hope it fixes latest issue: makes pc very very slowwww and unable to restore big backup. Otherwise....

It's still crap unfortunately, why did the previous in for legacy devices work so well compared to this

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And this one is written by some 3 guys from BlackBerry: 1 for osx version, his name is Jack and he have two left hands, the second one is for pc version, before designing the software he made a list of tasks:
1. Fuck shit up
2. go grab a beer

and the third one is the janitor, he helps out with code from time to time.

I wish I had an option to backup my z10 and sell it and then restore all my files back when I get my z30.

As far as I know you have to have both devices to do a device switch. Anyone else know a different way? Did I miss something?

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If true that sucks. BlackBerry Desktop Manager for the older BBOS allowed that option.

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Sorry if I'm reading this wrong, but you can back up a device, come back a couple hours later with a new one and restore the data from your old phone into your new one. Definitely never needed both devices and I'd usually sell a blackberry then go buy a new one.

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I love BB very much, but it needs something more than Link. Some private encrypted cloud, more sponsored native apps... something more.

Worst piece of software ever created. At least Ad ware serves a purpose, as neefarious as that is.

BlackBerry Link has also slowed down both of my computers. I too almost never use it. I wish them luck in making it more functional. It would be nice if it worked as well as my Z10.

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Never use it. Too dam complicated. Contacts, are to hard to figure out. I liked the old desktop. It was user friendly

I have Dropbox on my PC. I also run software from and Dropbox has been regularly updated over the past few weeks

I recommend Ninite to everyone. Subscription is chap (I think it was $10 so about £7.

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Link has worked okay for me, both on my DTR laptop and ultrabook. It is sorely lacking in features that Desktop Manager had, such as choosing which types of data to restore.

Posted via Z10 on the best touchscreen keyboard.

I just assumed you were spamming as advertising for your mentioned software services.

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

BlackBerry stink smh.

What a terrible software.

I haven't even backed up my phone in so long because I hate turning that ish on.

It's lags so hard smh

Features are just terrible.
Still no sms back up?

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I miss old DM for some Things but, link worked on a centrino XP Laptop on a Vista Laptop and on my win7 Quad Core Laptop ..... So i have link working perfekt with iTunes and Remote all the time.
If you have problems Check your Router your Firewall etc... Try a dns flush on your PC maybe???

---- edit i don't mean any Special Poster above me!!! -----

Link previously didn't work at all for me. I did an uninstall, downloaded the latest version of Link on the BlackBerry website and installed it and now it runs fine. I haven't tried all the functions yet so I can't comment on that.

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Is there an option to update Link within the program? Can't seem to find an option to update. Does one need to download the new version and then it will install over old version? Wierd I can find no prompt to update within Link. AM I missing something??

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Why doesn't BlackBerry improve BlackBerry Protect to enable full & selective backup & restore including BlackBerry Password Keeper? The Future is cloud services whether Thorsten wants to acknowledge it.

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No no no no. I don't want cloud storage. I don't trust the cloud.

Bb link is bad. I've seen worse. It isn't as intuitive as DM, and that was kind of confusing to use.

I will hope for the best from a revised BlackBerry Link, but it doesn't work on all my windows PCs.

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I'm going to update, naturally. But, I want to know if Link is still forcing music sync to the phone with no option to the memory card. If that's still a problem, this is not an update worth mentioning.

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I know this isn't an issue. It isn't configured in Link, though. If the phone is set to store media in the SD card then it automatically syncs music there.

I would suggest deleting the previous version along with settings...then install the new one. Cleaned up several issues after I did that.

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I agree. Uninstall Link and choose the option to remove all BlackBerry related files and setups. Then reinstall and reset up the links to Outlook and Remote File Access as if a new user. It worked flawlessly for me on my Win 7 PC with the last update. All previous updates were flawed big time. Hopefully this upgrade won't mess things up.

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Tried to install it on my Mac running Snow Leopard. Whereas BlackBerry Link v1.1.1.35 works reasonably fine on my Mac, this version v1.1.1.39 suddenly requires Lion or later to install. Is there any good reason why BB Link suddenly requires Lion or later ? If not, please make it back available on Snow Leopard.

I was wondering the exact same thing. I had it working decently well with my macbook, which is a very old macbook black running Snow Leopard.... all of a sudden I may have to update my OS just to get this, and my hardware may not support the new OS very well either.

PeteDR1, say it takes a couple of weeks for you to sell your Z10, what do you do in between?? What phone are you using? Just curious.

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Contacts sync is the most important thing for me right now. Hope they find a way with that.

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Such a pain, to ensure the new version installs I've found it best to uninstall the previous release. Seems to take forever but is worth the hassle as every time I've tried to just do an update on previous releases it's failed miserably........

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New BlackBerry Link version much better than previous. The BlackBerry evolution continues and this is good.

Stephen Green on Z30 to CB10

Jajaja.. I can't install on my mac unless I have Mac OS X 10.7 or later.. a step above my 10.6.8...

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It sucks to see so many people having issues with Link. I haven't had many on Mac or Windows, except for the occasional drop in Remote file access, and it is a little slow to start up. Improvements are always welcome though!

Anyone know if Print to Go is included and working in this upgrade? Had the last version on one system and no Print to Go, running on another and works perfect and printing. Per blackberry it is supposed to Automatically install.

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My BB Link version was so lame it didn't know there was an update. Good thing we have Crackberry!

Not sure if it's just me or not but Link has always worked without problems. Copying music files takes a while, but not that long. I don't have a really highspeed computer either. The only issue I have is I have to manually update the link software from one version to the next. I have trashed my Z10 a couple of times loading leaked software (yes I know , rtfm) and I was able to recover with Link easily.
Software by "anyone" could or does have issues for some users no matter what.


Downloaded the mac version. It is now faster and the wireless sink is working again (it stopped when 10.2 was released). Syncing and removing sync relationships of playlists in iTunes still doesn't work well and causes Link to freeze. This issue has been around since the beginning and has still not been resolved...

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It froze up on my within 10 seconds of trying to use it to upload some music onto my Z10.
So it's nice they're trying, but not there yet :(

The only issues I've had with Link is very slow loading times, and the previous version didn't play well with remote file access over wireless data. This version is still slow to load, but remote file access seems to be working again.

Most of the time, I'm just letting my computer sync photos and accessing files remotely. No need to actually fire up Link unless I'm making a backup.

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I like to be generous with my comments when it comes to BlackBerry and I say this in the kindness regard, but it's about time. The current version works horribly on both Mac and PC. Please folks, try to stay on top of this this time.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

How the heck do so many people say it's Crap? I've never had issues with it with any version and have been able to flawlessly do any task I needed it to do! Perhaps it because I don't use it regularly, but anytime I have needed the program it's worked fine for me!

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funny how such a basic software can cause so many problems...
-connect to phone: copy contents of phone to file on computer.
-sync selected folders to specific folders on the phone.
-for os updates: copy files downloaded from internet to phone.
I'm no developer, but i think i could figure this one out pretty quick.

Has anyone here who is criticizing the software actually tried the new version? It would be much more helpful to readers of this article to restrict your comments to what you actually know about the new release.

It works much better but you have to follow these steps...
1- Uninstall the existing Link and remove all settings then restart your computer.
2- Download the new BB Link and install it, sign in and make all the settings you want, then restart the computer again.
3- Attach your phone to the computer and everything should work fine.

Fixes, when connecting your phone now to the computer now you won't loose internet connection, not even temporarily. BB Link can be minimized to the system tray using the "X", under the preferences settings. File manager now works a lot better, and loving it now.
BB is moving in the right direction with this BB Link update and the new 10.2.1

So what's the general concensus from the people who have installed the update? Is it running better than previous versions? I need feedback so I don't work my last nerve wrestling with this beast software!

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Ha! Just installed the updated link and it has finally detected the software update the old version refused to find.


Z10 + + DTAC = BBtastic!

Link is slow but works well on my Mac. I'm very happy that I don't have to use Android or iOS7. Wireless sync works like a charm. Lovin my Mac and Blackberry Q10.

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Is there a [simple] way to synchronise my Thunderbird/Lightning Calendar, and Events and Task Lists via BlackBerry Link running under Windows 7 Pro?

[Technical skill level: sock puppets and monosyllables work best with me.]

The most frustrating aspect of Link is that you simply get no feedback as to where you are at: restore, backup, new updates-one gets absolutely SQUAT. It simply pisses me off and makes for an extremely frustrating experience.

Wont use it till it gets significantly better with a much needed / better UI.

Sorry BBry-but link sucks Balls.

Written with the superlative Q10..Z30 a coming!

Research In Motion needs discipline. BlackBerry needs discipline. Without firing those bozos, you cannot revive BlackBerry.

Downloaded for PC Windows 8.1. It couldn't detect my Q10 on the Link, but my laptop detected the phone. Need some advice on how to fix this.

If the past Blackberry Link worked as it was designed -- I lost lots of contacts and data transferring over from Bberry Desktop Mgr -- but now it is basically stable, should I upgrade to the new Blackberry Link?

The biggest problem is that something that worked so well -- Blackberry Destop Manager -- doesn't work with ur new Blackberry.

Who ever concocted such a thing? Buy a new Blackberry, but goodbye to ur old stuff? We don't even bother to make it seemeless and easy toe go from ur old Blackberry to ur new one?

I don't get it?

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One major step forward is the comm mgr no longer consumes excessive cpu on win 8.1. Restarted my Z10 and I had wifi connection to my pc library **as soon as file manager was launched on the Z10** hint, hint.

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File Sharing still not working for me despite checking all of the troubleshooting tips. It did work at one time, but now. Any tips other than the ones in the help section? I followed and checked all of the troubleshooting tips. Home computer shows up as a device to select in file share on my Z10 but folder list is empty.

Clevus, try resetting your BlackBerry device name as it shows on the network (settings, link, device name). Reset pc, launch link, reset the device. Link should be running when you reset.

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Resetting my device name that on my PC or on my Z10? Sorry I may be a novice here....more specifics help ...thanks!

Don't upgrade if you haven't yet. My wireless connection and synching have stopped working. Sigh. I hate Link so much.

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Link was a load of rubbish when it first came out and its still a load of rubbish.
Contacts Sync still doesn't work, Why is every sync folder labeled the name of the phone, in my case Z10. I don't want to sync to a folder called z10 or z anything. I want to tell the app where to sync. Is that so hard?
I don't understand "Select your music source", why???
Link still cannot find an update, for itself or the handset.
Dear blackberry, scrap this useless piece of software and start again. Don't call it link.
I'm not a programmer so correct me on this one. Why is a full download of link required every time there is an update. Why can't the program be updated in increments?

My music sync still doesn't work with iTunes. How do i get it to work? I have uninstalled sync and done a fresh install removing all old history of the old version. Still doesn't work. When i go to "Sync Media", under the music tab it always says "Loading sync relations". Anyone found a solution for this?

Clevus, on the device. Z10. Might make the pc take a fresh look at the device after restart. Couldn't hurt either way, you can always set it back and restart again. Just be sure to change device name, restart pc, open link, then restart device, and open the file manager on the device (z10). Just something to try.

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Any idea how to turn on File sharing for when I'm not on the same network as my PC? I had it working sometime ago but after 10.2 I can't seem to be able to do it.

Remote access works just about with my Z10 and MacBook Pro, but I've had other irritations with the software. Hopefully this update will fix them. Though I suspect not. Life simply doesn't work that way for us BlackBerry owners, is the unfortunate truth.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

mac 10.8.5, updated...did the required reboot of the computer which took an INSANELY long time.... plugged my Q10 in, "Update Available" popped up again for the phone. clicked to install...STILL HANGS.

so B.

Still can't install this latest update on Windows 8.1 (brand new computer too). Crashes then reboots. :(

Same, brand new computer as of a month ago, won't install, says I need to install Visual C++ 2008, but when I try it gives me the BSOD

Link works fine for me, but it does cause a BSOD when my phone is disconnected from the pc. Hopefully this fixes that!

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Theee is no way for me to perform this update. Only to install the new version as a new installation. What's up?

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I had to delete the new and go back to the previous version. Remote file access didn't work on the new, My Z10 could see my computer but it couldn't see the linked folders. After the reversion, every thing is good again (except for Outlook sync, but that hasn't worked yet).

BlackBerry Link has been an eye sore from day one. I can't sign on it won't sync and has bugs. Nice to know BlackBerry hears us,,,but they sometimes make me think I made a mistake getting a blackberry . Let see the results. I'm ready to be happy again.

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Still doesn't sync my z10 with my MacBook. This software sucks. It works fine with the windows which is the dumb part. Oh well...

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Why is it if there is an update to the link software my BlackBerry Link software on my desktop never picks it up. The only reason I am aware of an update is because of Crackberry.!

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I also only found out about the update through CB. When I opened BlackBerry Link, I tried to find a link to the update, but was only able to get it by clicking on the link in CB.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

This update seems to significantly reduce the back up time, although when I ran the back up it had an error. I had apps open at the time which were then closed after the error. But running it the second time it was much faster than ever before. Also noticed the backup file is much much smaller.(2.16GB vs 6.54GB of last back up while on OS10.2.424). This is on the Mac version on MacBook Pro with Mavericks. Like this.

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It's worse...installed 3 times and takes about 45 minutes to sync. Why didn't I keep the old version? Nothing improved...bummer!

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I downloaded it but haven't connected my phone to it yet. I am disappointed that it still has such a dark theme that I cannot see the scroll bar at all. As a result, I have to guess where it is to see if there are any items at the bottom.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

just downloaded BB Link on my Mac. In step 1 - says that an incorrect character is being used in identifying my computer? An apostrophe, by the looks of it. I removed it from the title but it doesn't seem to recognize it no matter what I do. Therefore, this program is useless. Is there any other way to transfer music, etc onto my Z30?

Maybe they should start releasing things that work, I can't sync anything with this POS. I can see why there stock has slid to almost nothing. I have been working on trying to sync for 4 hours and have gone to the extent of uninstalling link and reinstalling it and still doesn't fix any problems. This program can't be trusted it has told me that it has synced successful and there hasn't been any data transfered. What happened to the perfect software like desktop manager wtf did they have to come out with this slow POS. I have been a blackberry user since 2005 and have sworn by there units. I am losing faith in this company.