BlackBerry Link for Mac updated to v1.0.1.6

The latest update to BlackBerry Link for Mac is now available to download

By Bla1ze on 26 Mar 2013 01:16 am EDT

If you're a Mac user, you've likely been wondering where your update to BlackBerry Link has been given the Windows version was updated a while ago now. Wonder no more though, as a new version is now appearing as available for download and brings with it everything that was addressed in the Windows update as well. Sitting at v1.0.1.6, here's what has been added to the change log:

  • You can import your Address Book contacts to your BlackBerry 10 smartphones. This import is a one-way transfer of data from your computer to your device. Local contacts won’t remain synced if you choose to import this data again the next time that you connect your BlackBerry 10 device to your computer.
  • Updates have been made to the user interface for in-progress operations.
  • Updates have been made to the process for setting up new devices in BlackBerry Link.
  • Album view is available within Content view.

It's still not the update that Outlook users are looking for but it's an update with some welcome improvements and that can certainly be appreciated. If you're not making use of BlackBerry Link already, you can download it directly from the BlackBerry website and run the update from within the app. If you've already got BlackBerry Link installed, the update should be showing as available now.



good. cuz the previous version was broken!


YES i can FINALLY sync music!!! previous version broke and i was so freakin annoyed i didn't even bother complaining on the forums lol


I'm curious if n
An adjustment in osx for isync needs to done when BBOS was around for Outlook 2011.

Ps: spell check offered BOOBs vs BBOS lmao!

BB10 is book man.

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Odaa Ahmad

ممكن احد يفهمني كيف البرنامج دا؟؟

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Translation - Possible one understands me how da program??


Odda update your Mac link version software if your using a Mac

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Yes please thanks BBRY

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I have to redownload and reinstall the link. Cannot update. Does anyone else has the same issue?


Jolly good!

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Roscoe T Zern

seems to work fine as a one way sync - Macbook to BB10. Pushed Music, photos and contacts over, no problem. Not sure what to do about reverse sync, hoping that comes along soon.

Roscoe T Zern

Also, can someone explain what this means?:

 "This import is a one-way transfer of data from your computer to your device. Local contacts won’t remain synced if you choose to import this data again the next time that you connect your BlackBerry 10 device to your computer."


Roscoe T Zern it means that if you add contacts manually to your Z10 then the next time you sync with BlackBerry Link those contacts will disappear as the sync is only one way from your computer to the Z10.


I updated but I still can't import contacts. It tells me "BlackBerry Link hasn't detected any contacts. Click Next to continue ". But the next button is grayed out so I'm not able to click. Does anyone know the specifics on how to do this?

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Any word on when you'll have the option to USB sync iCal to Z10?


Finally!!.. I've been waiting for a month to import contacts :) Yay!..


Since my mac's os is just below the required software for blackberry link, i cannot sync my phone with my mac, this is getting me pretty pissed because now i can't sync any music, photos or anything just because blackberry made the software requirements too specific, i have mac Osx version 10.5.8, so what should i do so i can actually use my phone with my computer?


I'm having issue with my one way sync. It tells me that it's transferred all of my contacts from my Macbook Pro to my Z10 except no contacts appear on my Z10. Anyone else having issues like that?


I'm not able to sign into my BBRY ID in Link on this version. It goes straight to step two and tells me to verify my internet connection. Anyone find a solution to this? I've checked that my firewall is turned off, etc.