BlackBerry Link for Mac and Windows updated with bugfixes

By Bla1ze on 8 May 2013 08:12 pm EDT

If you've been having some issues with BlackBerry Link for the past few days like I have, you'll want to go ahead and check for updates. A new version is rolling out through the auto update process and new versions have been posted to the BlackBerry Website as well for download. The Mac version gets bumped into while the Windows version will see a jump to

The updates don't really bring a full change log with them as they simply show the same change log as the previous release, so it's a bit hard to say what's been fixed up aside from saying bugfixes. I can note though that BlackBerry Link is no longer hanging for me after several reboots, this was the problem I was seeing the past few days, so there's that. Spot anything else? Drop a note in the comments and let others know.

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BlackBerry Link for Mac and Windows updated with bugfixes


i just downloaded this not knowing it was updated. Reinstalled because this piece of crap cannot mount my internal drive onto my PC.

My main issue is going you can't combine albums with the link, even if I go in my phone through usb and combine albums together they are still separated on my phone and link. They even have the same album name just different singers) :

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So frustrating. It happened on my iPhone too even when I did combine them in iTunes. I had to ends up making play lists for albums. I can't even begin to think of why this happens. Maybe a glitch in whatever was used to extract the song files after mixing.

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For albums like that set the Album Artist meta data to various artists for example and it will be fine :)

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With the BBM 'fix' BlackBerry rolled out last week that broke the reload option on Link for some (myself included), it's highly likely this update fixes that.
Not that I know as my Z10 has gone for 'repair' at BlackBerry UK.

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To be much to ask of BlackBerry for a changelog huh? Guess we have to figure out what's fixed.

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Agreed, I've found this kind of frustrating for a long time. I don't ever remember a change log for BlackBerry updates.

Does the change log include an update to a new name ie blackBerry broken link? Like blackberry bridge over troubled water? 2 almost useless interfaces.

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Have they put together a real Cocoa team so I don't have to restart my Mac each time they issue an update? Very annoying for a mac user to restart on a non system update.

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Maybe it wont blue screen my computer any more...

Update: installed this new version blue screens started up again, uninstalled blue screens have stopped.....ugh

I'm really looking forward for this fix.
Link has been getting on my nerves lately.

Can't sync, doesn't see the internal drive of Z10 and takes forever to tell ne if syncing started or failed (which is usually failed).

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Blaze thanks for the heads up on the update!! I'm hoping that this has fixed the not recognizing Z10 issue of I have had

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I think I found something they fixed in this update. Here's a little story about my recent "adventure".

- yesterday-
My Z10 was stolen last week, fortunately I had made a backup a few days before. I bought another Z10 yesterday, restored my backup to it and everything seemed to go very smoothly. Until I tried to save a browser url to the home screen.
The "add to home screen" process appears to go normally, except the icon never appears on the home screen.

It's working!!

I did a factory reset (again), restored my backup again and this time it worked. The only thing that was different was a new (released sometime this afternoon) update to BB Link.

I don't know if re-restoring fixed the problem or updating BB Link before the re-restore fixed it. Although my "gut" feeling is that the BB Link update solved it, because all my "home screen" short-cuts also reappeared (they were missing after the first attempt).

It seems like the old version of BB Link wasn't restoring a complete backup properly. Besides the "home screen" problem after the first restore attempt I was also unable to send twitter messages.

It's so nice to have my Z10 working properly again.

Hopefully it won't disconnect my wi -fi every time I open Link rendering it completely useless.

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Outlook sync promised in 2nd update. Now 3rd delivered and still no Outlook sync - and zero communication or acknowledgement of failure to deliver as promised. What a joke.
Fail. Just ... plain ... epic ... fail.
This was part of what sewered RIM. Haven't they learned yet?

- R.

What do you mean "no Outlook sync"? You can export from Outlook (as promised), and this summer there will be another Link update that will perform 2-way sync. What's the problem?

I own a Mac and I have an issue with BlackBerry Link recognizing my Z10's media files and videos. Hope fully that's fix with this update.:)

From my Z10 A.K.A knight Rider.

So glad to see this post. BlackBerry Link was driving me bonkers last night. I finally removed it and installed again. It finally recognized my phone and seemed to work from there. I'll have to check for an update though! :)

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The problem I have had since I installed link on my win8 system it crashed after connecting my Z10 for more that 2 minutes. This is the only think and only time my win8 system crashes.

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That used to happen to me as well, check your drivers manager screen for a BlackBerry driver with a! next to it and delete it, that worked for me

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I too have been having issues with 1) link detecting my Z10 2) not able to do a full device backup
Yes these problems are annoying and the forums seem to be full of users having the same issues. I will never give up on BlackBerry but am also tiring of their poor communication with us, much of the time I rely on CB to give the the straight skinny!

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How do you save a url as a Web link to the home screen. That's a useful little tip that would be greatly appreciated

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When you are on a Web page in the browser you then hit the overflow button(three dots) and select add to home screen!

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One wonders what makes it so difficult and painfully slow for a software package to sync your music. Is this because of security in transferring the files? Who knows...

Regarding slow music syncing, I had this soon after I got the z10 2 months ago. Solution seemed to be to turn off device and or SD card encryption in the security settings. This got my 14gb music library sync in only tens of minutes instead of 11+ hours.
Once sync'd, I could re enable encryption.

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Hmmmmmm link has been fine for me not sure why it's different for other people. As for the reload button, i know some people try to click reload on their z10 that's perfectly fine, some fail to realize that you have to have a bricked z10 in order to use the reload button.

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Updated to version not. 37 as noted in the article. Also, now the install update flag is still displayed. What's up?

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I'm curious to why my system settings do not show blackberry link as an option as it does in the photo that this article is started with. Do I need to download it from blackberry berry world or something?

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Would be nice if this stopped the constant hard drive access on OSX. I think it's cataloging album art or something, and there's no way to disable it.

anyone else experience link not recognizing your itunes/media? Keep saying Blackberry link cant find it. Running on Windows 8

I can't install link of new version on my windows7,before it finished,a dos window came up,and then it turned back. I failed to install it.but i don't know why? Can someone help me?THX! By the way , link of fisrt version can be installed on my pc.

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I'm still reluctant to connect to BlackBerry Link. It gives me so much grief. The phone itself is really awesome, but BlackBerry Link... not so much.

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What the hell is wrong with BlackBerry's software engineering department that they can't get Link right?

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Finally works for me on my MBP with snow leopard! Previously it filled my hard drive with endless copies. Now if it would only sync with my address book and I photo.

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Just go back to version 1.0 - it works just fine for backup/restore! I don't use it to manage music or sync any media - prefer to do that myself - don't like the way it organizes things (as many have complained about - it really should give you the option to organize how you want)

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Can't speak to mac problems other Than its an apple product ;), link has worked for me but my laptops is still rocking the old reliable windows xp. I don't think there has been a decent windows product since.

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What a joke this version is.

Now it won't even recognize my device (Z10).

WTH are they doing in Waterloo ??


Will not fully install. Gets almost complete, the error message saying it cannot complete the operation. Wasn't tested very well before release - again.

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i think this needs to be addressed soon. yeah i'm on the .37 and for some reason it takes a bit longer for the Link to recognise my Z10. but the backup itself (without having counted the initialisation time..) is much faster. on the .33 and earlier my back up takes about 25-35 minutes but with this build, with MORE apps installed and MORE data, it only took 15 mins!

BBRY you're ALMOST there.. ALMOST there. just give a fix to the initialisation program and the Link is good to go!

No automatic upgrade-advice on my windows8-PC.... I´ve installed the v1.1.0.37 but I cant note any changings... Its still impossible to reinstall/reload device-software. My PC crashes and restarts itself two times after installation... Maybe a new and perfected bug-version of a buggy bugversion...:-( Shame!

I've overcome my BBL 'not recognising Z10' by disabling my anti virus and firewall software temporarily. Not great, I know... but it works. My new update (v.37) keeps failing on install, so I'm still on v.33

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This update for sure fixed one thing: On Windows 7, the Print To Go drivers can *finally* be installed! I'm pairing my Z10 as well as my PB right now! Yeah!

Link now does not recognise Z10 or Playbook since update with either wifi or USB. Have reset PC to before update but still no joy. Don't want to do factory reset as might not be able to reload!

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i got the Mac version and its terrible, syncing music files is all use it for (i like just selecting the playlists i want) well here it goes: wont copy files, it will copy 1 or files rest failed, when i look in my phone the playlist is not loaded, or files say 0 for time and local media missing i have checked everything from automatic sync to manual and nada. i might have to delete everything and use USB mass media i guess but i dont want to.

After 2 months I can finally back up for the first time just now!

Since I got my Z10 I always used the same USB port on my Dell laptop, as it had a lightning icon on it (faster charging). BB link worked fine all apart from being able to back up (it was always greyed out)

I just had a thought, what if I change USB port, and it worked, I can back up for the first time ever! Every USB port on the laptop allows me to back up, apart from the USB port with the lightning icon!

Hope this helps someone else! Let me know if this fixes it for anyone:

BlackBerry enough with the crap that most BlackBerry user's most likely will never use, i.e. Box, Dropbox, etc. And Please just fix the Usb Outlook full Sync.

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I can not backup my Q10, I tried everything possible! Starting to regret dropping $700 on this phone, the lack of apps and customization options is getting a bit old also. I love the physical phone but the software needs some work.

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My link still thinks my Z10 is 10.0. I'm officially on and I'm trying to access files remotely using the new feature. I've un-installed and re-installed link and still none of my folders that I have designated show up. My mac shows up but I just get the spinning circle until it times out. Any ideas?


Can someone please help, I've downloaded blackberry link to my mac but when I connect it, it's not being recognized on link