BlackBerry Link desktop software for PC and Mac now available for download

BlackBerry Link
By Bla1ze on 30 Jan 2013 10:38 pm EST

Although BlackBerry Link will prompt you to install it when you first connect your BlackBerry 10 device to your PC or Mac, if you're among those who also like to have the installable file directly that's no problem. You can now head on over to the BlackBerry website and download the full desktop installer so that you have easy access to it whenever you may need it.

We'll have more how-to articles related to BlackBerry Link soon but in the meantime, BlackBerry has also included a great tutorial video that's certainly worth watching if you're looking to learn more now and in case you're wondering, BlackBerry Link supports BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry 10 OS and BlackBerry PlayBook tablets running BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1.

Download BlackBerry Link for PC or Mac

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BlackBerry Link desktop software for PC and Mac now available for download


installing it right now, 6 more days till i have the phone sadly, unless some one wants to send me one ; ) are lucky to wait only 6 days. Try waiting until "end of March" like me. Does anyone want to sell theirs?

Only for BlackBerry 10 devices and PlayBook 2.1 right now. Unless you're transferring from an older BB device to a BlackBerry 10 one.

Link supports BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry 10 OS and BlackBerry PlayBook tablets running BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1."

What do you mean itunes is a requirement? No where does the article even mention itunes. Itunes is of course, NOT "required"

Step 1 of the setup under pick your desktop music source you can choose which one you want.
On mine it shows both iTunes and Windows Media Player.

I have a Mac and unless i run VM Fusion and move all my music over to the VM im stuck using itunes as there is no Windows Media Player on Mac. Which means ill just drag and drop into the mounted Z10.

I desperately wish they would support file folders. I don't use itunes or WMP, and managing my music through any blackberry software is a pain. I use winamp, which has some database, but nothing as integrated, but all my music is in a folder, with subfolders.

I found the Z10 manual online yesterday and it clearly says that if you have other BB devices at home, as well as the Z10, you should keep both the old Desktop Manager and the new BB Link on the PC.

Any word yet on whether or not link will sync outlook contacts and calendar events from your computer? From the blackberry video it looks like it will not. Am I the only one who does not have all my customers and business contacts as friends on Facebook and Linkedin?

I pre-ordered on Telus today and will have my Z10 next week and this may be an issue.

**update** I downloaded and installed BB Link no where in the setup or settings menu does it mention anything about syncing contacts and calendar events. I did notice in the video tutorial that when you upgrade to the Z10 it will take your contacts from your old phone and move them to the new one but that is the ONLY mention I could find.

I am an independent contractor and do not have an Exchange server, I just use outlook and have been syncing this type of data for years to my present BB.

I am glad that it looks like it will be easier to sync music to the Z10 but omitting something that has been a part of BB for so long seems crazy.

I had a WP7 a few years back for less than 48 hours because it did not sync directly with outlook either...

Wingman1970, I have a solution to your problem.

Can I recommend signing up for a free "" account. In so doing, you gain access to the Microsoft's public access EXCHANGE SERVER. This means that you can sync your contacts, calendars and emails seamlessly with your PC and with your Z10/Playbook.

Does sync your contacts and calendar from Outlook on your desktop? If not, wouldn't he have to re-enter all of his contacts into anyway?

I had to import my contacts from outlook using a .csv file so it is not really a "live" sync. Any updates I do in outlook will need to be "re-synced" as it were. But it looks like at least it may be a solution for the time being.

I am VERY surprised that Blackberry has abandoned the USB direct sync with Outlook. I am sure that I am not the only one that finds this an issue. I understand all the reasons to have contacts from Facebook and linkedin but I cannot think of a reason to abandon the direct sync as well. At least keep it as an option.

I will also try the companion sync that was mentioned in another response to this post but the full version of that is 49 bucks!!

Thanks Toopster! I never thought of that, I will look into it later today. I lost some sleep last night worrying about this issue.

is this replacing blackberry desktop? can i get blackberry link through an update through desktop?

Link will only work with OS10 and the Playbook OS2.1. You must still use the Desktop for all the earlier phone models.
And link is not am update. It is a complete seperate download.

I tried it for my Playbook on 2.1. Fails Blackberry ID every time even though I can log into the web site using the same id. I have found conflicting information on the BB web site that state that Link does not work with Playbook. Also if you look closely it has information about Playbook having Blackberry Balance so I assume this is a for runner for BB10.

Check out the
BlackBerry Balance icon

This phone is AMAZING! I am the biggest blackberry fan i will never use any other phone! I've got to HAVE the Z10! Thank you BLACKBERRY!!!!!