BlackBerry Link 1.1 Beta Zone program now available

By Bla1ze on 12 Jun 2013 11:09 pm EDT

With each and every BlackBerry Link post we put up here on CrackBerry, there is always tons of feedback about the app left in the comments. Now that v1.1 has hit the masses, BlackBerry has decided to open up the BlackBerry Beta Zone to start gathering up a lot of that feedback.

If you're having issues with the app, have requests for future updates or just want to share your experiences with it, you can sign up for the program and share the information directly with BlackBerry. Hopefully, this also means we'll start seeing some BlackBerry Link beta updates through Beta Zone as well. Hit the link to log in to the BlackBerry Beta Zone and sign up for the program.

Sign into the BlackBerry Beta Zone



awesome, although beta is a pain in the wackjob to sign up for

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Thought you just signed in with your bbid?

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You do sir. The op made a technical booboo.

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Maybe there is some hope for the horrid software. All they need to do is fix the album art and freezing problem I can live with all the rest.


I hope they can fix whatever is causing blackberry link to use up all my wifi bandwidth. If the app is open I can't stream anything, not even youtube.

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Check to see if Link is set to accept wireless connections from your phone, and turn it off if it's active.


I C someone else has issues with the album art. Thank god, I thought it was just my poor filing system.

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Yeah registration for beta zone is a walk-in-the-park, hardly onerous at all.
Anyway I hope this means that somebody will be listening at BlackBerry as it seems lots of people have issues with it.

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Beta zone is really easy to sign up for. I did it in less than ten minutes.

I'm going to give this a try and see how it works.

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So easy to do!

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Fix contacts sync that randomly merges incorrect contacts!

National Rail Times App for BB10 (Q10 and Z10) -

Leroy Padilla

Downloaded stay tuned for feedback. ;-)

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I'd like to know why it takes to darn long to start up... and also seems to be a resource hog :(


I signed up a couple of days ago and got Link set up for 2-way sync. I had a little bit of a hiccup at first, but eventually got it all working. So far, so good.

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Wasn't this released last week?


Yeah pretty much old news.

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Doing this!

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BlackBerry Link for Ubuntu? :D

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I've been a member of the beta zone for a few years now and the only problem is the surveys that can pop up about once a week. And if u don't stay up to date with them they'll kick out out of that specific program and you'll have to sign up again) . But overall it's been great as a member

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Not sure if it's a country thing but never happened to me and I missed lots of surveys

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Lucci winata

Davice blackberry z 10

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Jim Banks2

I used to be able to login but now get this message when I try:

An account with the specified email already exists and is linked to another blackberry id

And of course blackberry does not respond to any requests from customers with problems.

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Not sure if this is the place to post a tip but i though other members might be interested to hear of my issues and resolution. BlackBerry link kept freezing or stop working. Upgraded. Net 4.0 to. Net 4.5 and all my issues were resolved.

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thx for the tip, fixed my issue
edit: though plenty of problems with how it works, definitely signing up for beta. They need help.


Logged in to the Beta Zone and looked at some of the features, this one stood out.

"This new version of BlackBerry Link features 2-Way Contacts and Calendar syncing with Outlook. Try it out and let us know what you think in the forums! The Link for Mac version currently only has 2-way contact sync."

I've see people griping that link doesn't sync with outlook.


Love it

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I've pretty much given up on link. Running the latest version and 10.1 on my Z10 it still won't let me sign in.

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BlackBerry Link is atrocious. It syncs scary slow and when I remove stuff from my phone it doesn't actually remove it. Even though there's no sign of it on my sd card.

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Album art and a new version for osx that DOESN'T require a restart. That's all I could think of now but as a side note, updates through blackberry themselves instead of carriers would be preferred as well!

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I have a macbook pro and BlackBerry Link doesn't work. It says I need to install a newer OS on my mac. Which is dumb because I got my laptop in 2009 so it's not old. I don't get why it won't work

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