BlackBerry Lifestyle store opening draws more than just a crowd in Indonesia

By Adam Zeis on 16 Nov 2011 12:22 pm EST

BlackBerry Lifestyle store Indonesia

The opening of Indonesia's first BlackBerry Lifestyle store was more than just a big event to say the least. Before the doors even opened, the line was already way out of control as BlackBerry fans waited over 8 hours for their chance to check out the latest devices. Among the grand opening festivities, the first 250 people were eligible to grab a new device at 50% off which could explain some of the massive crowd. RIM Co-CEO Jim Balsillie was on hand as well to drop the curtain as the store opened and was even spotted helping out a few customers. All in all it looks like the BlackBerry Lifestyle store will be a great success in the new location. Hit the break for some more images from the event.

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BlackBerry Lifestlye Store Grand Opening in Indonesia

BlackBerry Lifestyle store Indonesia


BlackBerry Lifestyle store Indonesia


BlackBerry Lifestyle store Indonesia

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BlackBerry Lifestyle store opening draws more than just a crowd in Indonesia


yeah, I was thinking. . . don't know if the lines are for the phones or sales women. either way, they got lines lol

Are we supposed to look at the word Blackberry on the background or the girls? my attention is on the girls lol

Lets face it! using chicks is very effective marketing strategy.. they are undeniably hard to resist and make your temperature goes up to the roof.

I wish they would open a store like that in nyc. Jim should come down here, Steve Jobs did, Dan Hesse , Windows phone just had a event here Blackberry needs to so people can see the new products most people dont know about them.

the same effect would not apply in NYC there would be no line and it would be quite an embarassement.

you maybe right about not having a line. But i think people would stop in enuff to hold its own. There are a ton of bb users in NY and it would help them

Well that is exactly what it is.. Just that apple have released their store wasy before blackberry did but still good to see they have it in Indonesia but really? Thought rim and blackberry was a Canadian company.. So why aren't they opening a blackberry store here yet?

Why does BJ's warehouse look like Costco? who the (bleep, just being nice) cares? you either like the product in the store or you don't...

For the same reason the Galaxy tab just look like the android version of the iPad.

Oh wait... The iPad just look like Apple's version of EVERY DAMN THING IN THE UNIVERSE THAT IS CALLED A TABLET SUPPOSE TO LOOK LIKE? Moses had two before it was cool, he didn't sue anyone.

Seriously though its a damn mobile phone store... it looks just like every other mobile phone store...

and why does the apple store look like a version of futureshop which looks like a version of a corner store. Your point is?

WTF is Balsillie wearing? Did he just get done with a hunting trip before going to the store?

It's called Batik, a work of art. Try google it to appreciate it. Batik is always wore in any official event in Indonesia.

RIM is still popular with consumers. . . may not have the market share it once did however, I think their big problem is marketing just how popular/good they are.

If this event happened with apple we would see it everywhere on every tech site in hours.. . . crackberry will most likely be the only site covering the "long lines."

RIM needs to invest in gorilla marketing asap!

I wonder if they had employees clapping and cheering every time someone walked out the store with something like Apple does? Hopefully NOT!!!

If I ever walked out of a store after a purchase and the employees all clapped and cheered, I would return the purchase!

i take it there are no iPhones in indonesia why there and not here in NYC they could put it right on 59th and 5th Ave

There are iPhones here I assure you but...

iPhones = no BBM

no BBM = out of touch with your friends in Indonesia

See, the flaw in releasing one model for all is that not everyone can afford the iPhone. Indonesia has a very diverse culture in the society hence different classes can afford different phones. With BBM the Bold owners can still chat with the Curve owners. More importantly we dont spend our time here playing angry birds whenever we have spare. We socialize.

Is it just me, or is this really just not impressive? Everyone is so excited that RIM opened a store in Indonesia? Really? I am embarrassed for RIM.. Hey look everyone! Look.. we found a place that we ca be successful in.. In Indonesia...

Don't get me wrong. I love my Bold 9930. But come on guys this isn't news... And it is nothing to be proud of.. However.. yes, i did enjoy seeing the level of talent that the sales girls seem to have!

You and Adam are right! I apologize.. I didn't mean to offend anyone.. I just keep watching BB get their butts kicked over here in the U.S. It just looked as if they are trying to swim "real cool like" in the kiddy pool over there in Indonesia.

I just really want to see them open a store in N.Y. like someone else mentioned, or in Australia or Europe..

I want to see them step out of the kiddy pool and start playing with the big boys.

I love RIM, my new Bold 9930. I'm not trying to be a hater.. Maybe when BBX comes out they'll open a store in a non 3rd world country. That's all I'm saying..

There's about 250 million people in indonesia , and about 300 million people in the US (correct me if I'm wrong) that certainly is no kiddy pool , and the economy in indonesia constantly rising whilst the americas and europe are struggling, you can see ferraris and lamborghinis almost everyday in jakarta

Alright... You got me.. I'm just jealous.. I live in Northern Wisconsin.. Google it.. Seriously.. There's nothing here but stupid people like myself, cows, tractors and a lot of cold weather.. If Wisconsin were a country, heck it would probably be considered 3rd world..

We will never get an awesome Blackberry Store where I live.. And our women are not as beautiful as Indonesian women either it appears.. Call me seriously jealous of Indonesia.

Oh Come on ... It's not about rivalry ... We're still an agricultury country hence more cows and farms here haha . My guess is it's about the habits,trends,and culture, americans like to be entertained n like to play n also like shiny stuff and things that makes you go aaahhh therefor idevices from apple are more popular there, while in indonesia people like to chat and communicate, a lot, that's why bb's are so popular here, plus with the pricetag of the BIS here it's a hell of a lot cheaper than the prices of regular text messaging and cellular calls plus you get unlimited internet on your smartphone, just my 1 cent

PS as obama said america will always be a triple-A country

You know.. you're absolutely right Auli! Make a shiny phone and throw some apps on it.. and "bingo" you got a winner here in America!

If Americans were more into communicating rather than just playing games; RIM/Blackberry would probably be in much better shape.

I'm starting to see why RIM put their own store in Indonesia now! :)

Yeah I have a bb an ipad and an ipod , but the bb is the only one I bring when I get out of the house, I don't want to play infinity blade or watch a movie in the train station or in the office . But I do agree if rim continues this they're headed for a shitstorm.

Seriously- you guys should teach the world leaders how to work things out. When I read Clinto's first post I was ticked a little bit thinking how he dissed Indonesia- but the banter back and forth was pretty refreshing. Don't see that much of that here on Crackberry anymore.
I tip my hat to the both of you!!

I don't know about world leaders but I could sure teach herman cain a thing or two haha , just kiddin

What's a blackberry store suppose to look like? I don't look at these pics and see anything remotely close to an Apple store. Go to your local mall or any location, most new retailers are taking on this new modern, futuristic look. No signs of Apple here folks! Geez, they opened a store. Be happy and supportive instead of critical and condeming!

Good Job Rim! Work to your strengths, Indonesia is a strength! I hope the store does well, love to see one in Melbourne, Australia! First of many I hope...

So sick of all the whining from these damn apple fanboys on crackberry. People saying that this isnt news and that they cant do that in the U.S... its as if the pre-teens whos ball's haven't dropped see nothing but their glorious U.S.A. .... so damn closed minded

Almost all big Mobile Retail store look like a blackberry Store in Jakarta. If you remember Kevin's video during his visit in Jakarta.. Most stores sells Blackberry. So I guess, RIM is doing a nice move by making a Blackberry store there.
Can't wait to pay a visit to a Blackberry store. Go Blackberry!

I was kinda surprised when I read the store was in Mal Kelapa Gading and not at the center of Jakarta's business district, Pacific Place. No offense to the people who live in Kelapa Gading, there are plenty of potential customers there, but no other place in Indonesia screams business, and thus RIM, like the Sudirman Central Business District.

ps: and for those of you who thinks that the girls here are nice looking, you seriously need to visit the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS), or the Pekan Raya Jakarta festival :p

guys, those sales promotion girls are still nothing in comparison with the ones u got in jakarta's night lifes and spas, tip of the iceberg if u asked me

anyway planning to upgrade my old 9700 to 9790

the damn thing looks awsome