BlackBerry Lifestyle store in Indonesia opens November 16

BlackBerry Lifestyle
By Bla1ze on 15 Nov 2011 05:37 pm EST

With the announcement of the BlackBerry Bold 9790 now having been taken care of, RIM is moving onto their next venture for Indonesia. As we've been hearing for quite some time now, they have plans to open up the very first Indonesian BlackBerry Lifestyle store and the celebrations begin on November 16. The above image was found on the BlackBerry Indonesia website so it's certainly going to happen though, it's not the only BlackBerry Lifestyle store -- just this will be the first in Indonesia.

Thanks, Alunkkk!



Where are the Canadian stores????


I think they have essentially abandoned NA until BBX devices are here.


It's more probable that the CBC and the CRTC in Canada will be dismantled before a Blackberry store opens up here. In short, the answer is "never". Or to describe it using the language of RIM, its "coming soon". :) LOL


They should open one up across the hall from all those Crapple stores


So right next to the MS stores then? Because across the hall of those crapple stores are the MS stores, lol.


mal kelapa gading?? yucks, that's a traffic nightmare...


I know right! Southies (South Jakartans) needs love too!!


I think RIM should open it in Pacific Place, where they have the launch event yesterday...


Only problem being, they opened it in a far-far-away mall. Especially from the "center" of Jakarta, this mall is about 2 hours drive.

They would have been so many better places around Jakarta, more prestigious, to open this store.

They really didn't think about this one.


I think they have stopped thinking a long time ago. ;-)


I hope RIM will open another BB Store in West Jakarta, like in the Mall Taman Anggrek or Central Park. Mall Kelapa Gading so far from my home..:(
I've heard and see BB Store by RIM will be opening soon at SMS mall phase 2 tangerang.


they probably got cheaper rent...


mall Taman Anggrek? They could just as well have opened up shop on the moon! Way to go Blackberry!