BlackBerry letting users sign up to get emails about Passport availability

By John Callaham on 7 Aug 2014 12:44 pm EDT

BlackBerry is now allowing anyone to sign up online to be notified via email about the future availability of their upcoming and highly anticipated Passport smartphone.

In a post on the official Inside BlackBerry blog today, the company stated their reasons for setting up such an email service, saying, " ... we want to ensure our fans are the first to know the latest information about the BlackBerry Passport and when you can purchase it."

Of course, there's still no official word on when the Passport will be released, nor where in the world it will go on sale or its price tag. The phone recently received its approval from the FCC, which may mean an official announcement is coming in the near future.

What do you think about BlackBerry setting up an email notification service for the Passport and will you use it?

Source: Inside BlackBerry, Passport email signup page

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BlackBerry letting users sign up to get emails about Passport availability


Already shared that link to a few of my friends who really want to get it

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z30

Gee, I was just about to buy the P9982 @ USD$1992.00 (Porsche)
I guess I should wait and find out the price and delivery for the Passport :)

Wonder when we'll see something like this for the Classic? I guess after the Passport so it won't steal any of its sales...

Or just steal the phone from someone else who buys it. Stupid reply to a stupid comment about stupid people that are stupid....... stupid

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Wouldn't mind.

Local Telstra recently removed BBs from their display. Mainstream phones only. Meh!

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Likely the only way you will be able to buy it, haven't seen a BlackBerry at a carrier store for at least a year.

I just signed up! Planning to get one to test for work.

This makes it feel like we're getting much closer, and amps up the excitement factor for me. I'm really looking forward to trying one out.

Smart move...BlackBerry has trouble getting the hype that Samsung and Apple get with their new releases...hopefully this helps!!

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Already signed up. Waiting to get in my palm this business powerful beauty. Wanna also hope for all touch device, successor of Z10 with strong specifications.

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Curious if they will really send any e-mails under Chen's leadership... signed up too often and didn't get any availability notifications...

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Z30 is too big! A Z10 sequel would be a one handed size device, the Z10 is the perfect size and it makes sense that a lot of people are waiting on it's successor!

Posted via CB10

Z10 is way to small. I am so frustrated using my Z10 while my Z30 is in the shop. - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8

Z30 isn't much over an improvement over the Z10 as far as most people are concerned since it has the same internal hardware, lower resolution screen and non-removable battery. I think skipping an upgrade cycle for touch screen users is a big mistake. There was a poll on this site not too long ago and 75% were waiting for a full touch device rather than either of the keyboard models coming out.

Re: the first half - yup. Don't forget, you also get to pay a significant premium for that inferior screen, too. I'm content to let others join the most exclusive club in mobile. Re: the second half - I have adapted to the virtual keyboard and at this point would also choose it over a classic-sized screen (at least for my personal phone, work is a different story) - but the poll didn't offer a third option: a new Torch. Curious what the numbers would have been then! Cause what I really want is a T10.

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After these devices fail to sell millions as expected (due to price strategy, lack of marketing and ecosystem) they'll "go back to their roots" yet again and bring back a slider model ;)

I believe they're trying to gage interest more than anything. Smart move. Definitely significantly up.

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I wouldn't say Z10.. if you remember last year Thorsten said he expects to sell tens of millions of the Q10 but sales of the Q10 were dead from the start due to months of delays, ridiculous pricing and lack of proper marketing. Not sure if they've released individual device numbers but I think the Z10 has been the top selling BB10 device. They should start with around 200K devices and hope for those to sell before making more.

It says address is invalid?!

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I was thinking the same. Might give them an indication about demand. So they can produce accordingly.
Smart move.

Posted with my dirty thirty! Instagram:delilio Twitter:DelilHemikan

Disappointed because I was hoping the sign up link would be in this post. Oh well the wait continues.

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I feel like it's a game show way of seeing where the device will go on sale first. Those with the most votes get priority! :)

Sporting the Z30 is great for me. When a passport like product comes to fruition without a keyboard or a torch like product I'll be in line for emails for sure.

I'm excited to see the passport though!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

I've got a Z30 as well and absolutely love it. Best phone I've ever had hands down. That being said, I am very intrigued by the Passport. I still have a year to go on my contract though.

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this is fantastic idea used by blackberry.

blackberry is stepping forward every foot carefully.

they are trying to judge market demand and traction getting in mobile world.

so they will not fall flat on mouth like Z10 launch...

They did this with the Z10 as well as far as I recall (or maybe that was just the local carriers here in RSA)

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I signed up. And passed the link on to a few friends of mine who still use legacy BlackBerry devices. Maybe the Passport (or Classic) will convince them to upgrade.

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BlackBerry wants more direct contact with end ukers and want to know wat kind of customers/propects they are. Their partnerships with Telco's does not give them the ensurance that potential blackberry customers will be served with blackberry products.

Posted via CB10

I need to see more!! I need to see how well the Amazon appstore integrates with BB10, I need more apps available for keyboard BB's, I need a better music experience akin to Android's Google Music and Apple's iTunes, I need a great camera, I need seamless Word, Spreadsheet and PowerPoint experience out the box, cloud integration so I'm not bloating my phone up with pictures, but what I need more than all of that is for Google to give BB the dedicated services they deserve.

I can't say I'll miss the email too much on Android as the email on BB has come a long way since I had my z10, but hangouts (until BBM can get proper sms support with video calling and a prettier design language) needs to make it natively to BB and a YouTube app needs to happen. Also while BB is definitely progressing in updating the OS looks, I hope it goes further than its current mark. I want its looks to pay homage to BB's of old, but with a modern look.

I'm choosing between this, an iPhone 6, or the G3 to upgrade from my Moto X and I'm hoping BB can get its software up to par with its hardware on all fronts so it can be my daily driver. I don't have the patience like I use to, to stick out a tireless journey to watch an OS build itself into something great. It needs to click out of the box or it'll be another no go this time around.

Before I get attacked know that for one, I don't care for anyone's opinions other than my own since it'll be my money buying it and two, I've been a BB user forever I only want the best from them, but I will not accept mediocrity from a company with their heritage.

Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android

You had several good points, also had several things that arent really issues. Camera, spreadsheets, word docs, etc are all great on BB10. Most people also don't buy keyboard phones looking for apps. It's about the productivity. I could go on and argue some of your points but you get the idea. You are however right about needing amazon store integration.

Posted via CB10

It's not so much I need every app available, it's more that I need every app available that can make me better in my productivity. Having every app in the Apple app store would be great, but means little to me outside the main apps I use such as Twitter, FB, Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat, BoA and YouTube and some others. Most of the apps are there, but they aren't all and that takes away from the out of box experience.

I've gotten used to using Google docs, spreadsheet, and PP, but to be able to have that functionality out the gate is the perfect scenario hence I said Word, PP etc out the box. I need it to be an experience where I get a word document in my email and I open it and it automatically opens without the need for me to download an app to display it. I need bank apps to integrate with the hub and give me real time account notices and options to do not just through an email. If I get a reservation in my email or a FB event invite I need my BB to automatically add it to my calendar, if my planes delayed it needs to come to my hub. When they bring apps over the question they should always put to the developer is how they and the hub can work together to make each other the best they both can be. Another example would be having the phone know your local games and a notification in the hub takes you to a place to purchase tickets. That is what I mean by seamless, this is what BB needs to show the world and app developers so they can see what I see the BB could be.

The camera needs to be great for obvious reasons, there's no point in video conferences with a crappy camera and for the main shooter what happens when you want to go on a vacation are you telling me I need to carry a dedicated camera to fulfill what could be accomplished on my phone? I'm not asking for the best I'm just asking for good.

The more the phone can do within the OS the less I need the apps, but if we're going to get that option it needs to be integrated as if it was always meant to be there, not some hindsight addition. I have dreams of a phone truly working as it should which would be an assistant and I was hoping that BB would be the one to get us there because that hub is the magic that could make it all cohesive. In the end each phone that I'm currently interested in cater to different parts of me collectively. I so wish all three could be combined into one but we know that's not the case. I can go on about this but I'll end here.

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And you should also know that we don't care for anyone's opinion either.

I don't have a problem with 95% of the things you list. And so BlackBerry it is.

You have yourself a nice day with whatever you choose.

But do us all a favor. Don't come back and complain about BlackBerry here. Or tell us what they need to do if they want you back. Because frankly we don't care. I am sure BlackBerry does but we don't.

Posted via CB10

Oh shut up! At least my comments are constructive criticisms and not useless posts meant to look like the big guy. People like me who care about that 5% you don't are the ones pushing them forward while you sit contempt with a phone that doesn't live up fully to your expectations.

I'm the one emailing asking they address issues or tweeting employees even though I hated my time with my z10 because I see where they want to be. Just like you said BlackBerry cares and that's all my posts are ever meant for, BlackBerry, or the respective company for each site I post to. Not you nor any other fanboy on this planet. Defend your phone without pushing for innovation with cohesiveness and you'll find a company bankrupt and phone full of nostalgia see Palm for further history lessons. I want only good things for BB and all other companies because that competition pushes everyone to do better. I'm not here for the bickering so save that for another child of the internet because I'm not him.

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At last check, opinions were free. You use "we" as if you represent everyone on this blog. In the same way that you have the right to speak, so does everyone else.

Blackberry always.....

This is a way to see if a pre-order should be done. No need for one of like 600 ppl email ya know?

It's nice for fans to be sure, but we all know Crackberrians will probably know before BlackBerry themselves will know.

I wont sign up, I'm sure we'll find out sooner via leaks on cb loll.

Posted via CB10 Right on Cue

My mind is set on the Note 4 but this gamble of a phone (White Passport) looks real nice. Release date will definitely have an impact.

Posted via CB10

Signed up for sure. I hope I can get it soon after its release. - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8

I am glad BlackBerry is doing this instead of the USA carriers. I signed up for Z10 notifications from AT&T - think I am still waiting on those...

I'm signed up, but isn't there suppose to be a launch event where they would announce availability or are they going for a straight release.

On the list,now BlackBerry set up introduction booth s in malls,airports etc to show this thing off-cell providers and the media are ignorant and won't show off this innovative smartphone
Price it no higher than the z30 and make sure that the keyboard works perfectly.

Posted via CB10

Like this idea and wonder if it might put a little more pressure on some carriers? I also wonder if BlackBerry has some plans for providing updates direct.
Carrier-BlackBerry relationships are necessary, but Mr Chen made it clear to T-Mobile BlackBerry won't be treated with disrespect. BlackBerry launched the fact correction Web site. Verizon released 2.1 with the world-wide roll out. Are relationships changing? It is only a beginning, but I sure hope so.

Posted via CB from "Z" best

Maybe this is a way for the to judge how much interest is out there? Better to have some idea, then going into the launch blind.

I just signed up, so hopefully we'll hear something good soon.

I think, they just wanna know how many people have they got drooling over the PP , and I am in for it ;)


Signed up...I may get the Passport to replace my Z10. Then I'll have one all-touch (Z30) and one chimera (aka Passport).

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Probably BlackBerry needs to see how many people are interested so they don't overstock inventory. Smart idea. It's coming!

Posted via CB10

Haha I want one so bad! Or maybe a Classic.

I'm actually thinking of buying a flip phone before it comes out, just so the WOW factor will be triple than if I were to switch directly from Q10 to Passport. Or Classic.

Idk. I think that one of my fears is that if I were to go from Q10 to Passport, I will have just done it for the sake of upgrading to the new thing. Yet if I can get a clearer perspective by switching from a basic phone back to a BlackBerry, I can make the proper decision.

The classic is hot AF! Haha

Posted from my BlackBerry Q10 on AT&T

I've signed up for the passport. But I just bought my mum a Z30 and comparing that to my Z10 it's amazing phone, so I will be getting one. I bought new, from a company Simply electronics and it was shipped from Canada for half the price of carphone warehouse who sold them in the UK. Also carphone warehouse said BlackBerry were no longer in existence. Selling off old stock!

Posted via CB10

Ha, those cunts should be put in their place for spreading FUD.

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

I hope they launch it on Shop BlackBerry first. I know T-Mobile USA won't have it, so like my Z30, I'd like to buy it directly from BlackBerry and use it on T-Mobile.

Just signed up!! Can't flipin wait!!! Think I'm going with black. Think it looks more stealth.

Posted via CB10

I think it's a good move. Just don't know if i'd get the passport. My eyes are on the Classic for sure.

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Awesome. I would rather them do it then Verizon. Seems when Verizon finally gets around to sending availability emails out I usually have had the device for a month already.

I love my Z10 for its size. But this upcoming humangous Passport really make me thinking of getting one. I always want to look different, and I has a feeling that with Passport on my hand, it will also make people (non BlackBerry fans or users ) kind of wondering what the hell is that ugly piece of device. But when they see what it can do, they will know what they had been missing all these while.

Posted Via CB10 on my Z10

I think they doing this to get an idea on numbers. To see how popular the device is and where it's most popular then maybe do the launch there.

Posted via CB10

In a 'few weeks' Crackberry is going to go mental...standby Red Bull and my Reading glasses lol!

Posted via Z10, UK based (Good luck Bla1ze as EiC!)

Eagerly waiting ... Hope BB doesn't price this phone astronomically ! They're notorious for pricing themselves out of the market

I'm actually generally excited about the passport. The screen size and the capacitive/tactile keyboard has mii super intrigued. I will use the email system, just hopefully I do get updates unlike in the past where I heard nothing.

Them using the system is smart as it can be used to gauge actual interest in the device, plus those more excited ppl can spread word as info becomes available. Grassroots marketing. I hope the device does well.

Please update on new Porsché with keyboard model asap.
And new hardware please, no Q10 under the new P9983-84-- or whatever it will be called.

Posted via CB10 from P'9982.

Definitely, they want to research how many people will actually buy it. And, probably to see which country have the most interest. Could be indonesia, india or Europe.

Posted via CB10

I think it's a great idea for Blackberry to send out an e-mail to all of its fans. I hope they do the same for the Blackberry classic as well.