BlackBerry Leather Wrist Strap for BlackBerry Bold Review

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Mar 2009 09:09 am EDT

Our pal JReel is back with another community BlackBerry Bold accessory review and this time he's taking a look at the BlackBerry Leather Wrist Strap for the BlackBerry Bold. This can also be used on the Pearl, Pearl Flip and Curve 8900, which all feature slots/hooks that allow you to attach a lanyard or charm.

As JReel points out, the Leather Wrist Strap may not be for everyone as a daily use thing, but as this video demonstrates, it's not a bad idea to keep a lanyard for your device handy to prevent disaster from happening...

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BlackBerry Leather Wrist Strap for BlackBerry Bold Review


Too bad the Storm doesnt have this feature, would be nice knowing that the phone is secured in some way, besides a holster or case since it is an expensive phone.

Yes, perhaps someone should suggest this to the Storm team? After all, a little piece of mind knowing your expensive new gadget is secure can go a long way.

Glad you did a video cause i was going to buy it. This is way too small! its a finger strap not a wrist strap. It should be adjustable as well. My digicam strap will have to suffice for now.

From the looks of the video, I HAD the same strap on my samsung flipshot. Same tiny little string that broke after about six months of use. The loop is small and difficult to get on your hand if you want the security. I'd not recommend getting this unless your really need it.

I got this strap for my 8900 simply to make pulling it out of the OEM case easier - works well but I find it finicky to get my 3 fingers in the strap and answer a call before it goes into VM! Also looks a little, how should I say, feminine?

The metal ferrel could also end up marking the plastic casing.

Regardless, I'm still happy with it and use it if I'm anywhere where dropping it could be a major catastrophe.

When I had my 8820 I purchsed the OEM side leather case and the strap that came with it was larger and could easily fit over your wrist. I used it all the time when carrying the case in my hand. Lucky too because on more then one occasion someone knocked into me and it would have gone for a long trip down the sidewalk. I am not sure why RIM would make one that fits over only two or three fingers, makes no sense. The only real security is when it fits over your wrist and you have the BB in your hand and secured via a strap on the wrist. They need to make the leather loop larger on this one.

Jreel, I've hated on you a little bit in the past, but this is how a case review should be...QUICK AND CONCISE.

Under 2 minutes, you got some nice shots of how it works, and gave us a solid understanding of the product. Good work

LOL gotta love the haters! with all the people complaining about how "long" it was before so i had to shorten it and have got better with the content.

Yes, i do review cases, you might wanna check the community reviews. It could be bear skin =0

Really, you guys are posting a review of this? Times are bad huh?

Can't imagine what will happen when the pre comes out :-O