BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 Review

BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 Leather Pocket Pouch
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Oct 2011 12:02 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch for the Bold 9930 / 9900!

BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch for the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930

Depending where you live and what carrier you're on, the case that ships with your Bold 9900/9930 varies. For example, on Rogers in Canada my Bold 9900 came with the BlackBerry Leather Holster. But what I would have preferred is the BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch. Over the pond, pouches are inluded with the phones from alot of carriers, though the design of those is a little differen than the pocket pouch I take a look at in this review.

The leather pocket pouch protects your Bold when the device is inserted. It's a carrying pouch. Once it's out of the pouch, the phone is naked. Some of you are fine with that -- I know I typically prefer the feel of a naked phone -- while some of you will prefer an always-on case. And if that's your taste, I suggest checking out the hard shell and soft shell cases for the 9900/9930.

The BlackBerry Bold 9930/9900 Leather Pocket Pouch case has a list price of $34.99, but you can get it for less at With such high demand for Bold 9930/9900 cases it's been hard to keep inventory in stock, but we finally got caught up on our backorders for this one and have more available now. Keep reading for a video, more photos and details surrounding this tasteful yet luxurious case.

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BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 Leather Pocket Pouch Video

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BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 Leather Pocket Pouch
The Box - One "Pocket" with Power Saving Case Technology for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900
BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 Leather Pocket Pouch
Slide the phone in just a little further and it will turn off automatically thanks to the case's sleeper magnet!
BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 Leather Pocket Pouch
Even when insered into the pouch you can clearly see the LED and access the headset jack on the side
BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 Leather Pocket Pouch
The case has a nice texture and the stitching quality seems better than in the past

BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch Final Thoughts

Overall I'm really happy with the design and quality of all the new BlackBerry brand cases for the Bold 9930 and Bold 9900, and the Pocket Pouch is no exception. It's simple, but I think it looks nice. There is a nice to texture to the case, and the stitching seems like it should hold up to a decent amount of abuse. The Bold fits well within the case. Snug, but not too snug. 

As it is an official BlackBerry case, there is a built-in sleeper magnet which triggers the phone into standby mode when placed into the pouch (helping to save battery and prevent any sort of accidental dialing). The magnet also enacts "in holster" profile settings on the phone, which is a great feature to have and take advantage of. It's a simple case, but you can tell a lot of design effort went into this case to make it both simple yet functional. If you're looking for a leather pocket pouch for your new Bold, this one should more than do the trick.

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Want a chance to win a Leather Pocket Pouch for your BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930? All you need to do is leave a comment to this blog post with your review feedback or letting us know why you want one. Contest entry closes Sunday, October 9th at midnight PT. Please leave only one comment.

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BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 Review


ive been wanting one of these since i first got my 9930....stylish and practical for when i wanna rock the "naked" look.....hope this is my lucky day!!!

Good review, pictures make it that much better. I want this case because I feel that it offers the best overall protection of this beautiful device without sacrificing style and it doesn't add an extreme amount of bulk to the overall size.

this is indispensable to protect my bold 9900, in the box came the one with the belt clip which is ugly... this is one is sleek ;)

I've been wanting this for quite some time now. I wanted it before I even got my 9900 but I held out hoping it would come with it. But I've been having to put my priorities first and take care of business. I'll be more than stoked if I win this.

Thanks for the review. I would love the pocket pouch - It would add some versatility to how i carry the 9900. Keep working on your rhythm. :)

You obviously have not used this for an extended amount of time before making this review. Really this is just an advertisement not a review. In my opinion it is too tight. I have had it for a month and it still hasn't loosened up enough. When pulling it out, it often sends the call to voicemail because of the extreme effort needed to pull it out and nowhere to get a good grip other than the sides right where the buttons are. Also, when sliding in or out it often selects something on the menu, just before going into sleep mode (or after coming out of sleep mode when pulling it out). Finally there is a weird groove in the fabric on the inside. The fabric has a tendency to wipe the screen of grease and fingerprints (good), but where that groove is, it doesn't so you always have this streak on the screen

Why aren't the cases notched a bit lower on the headphone side so that the USB/charging port
is exposed?

I'd like to be able to leave my 9900 in the case while it's charging.

oh goodness, I picked up a Bold 9900 last Thursday and would love to win a leather holster. As someone who always has a million things in his pockets and hands at any given time, my BBs are often in a mixed bag of keys, paper, and more junk, the sleek holster would provide front screen/keyboard protection (of which is currently exposed, naked) and help cushion the device against the stockpiling of books and the unavoidable drops of the phone from lack of balancing said loads.

I have this case and love it. While I prefer my 9930 naked, the pouch is perfect when I need to toss my phone in a laptop or sports bag.

I agree with a previous post that it's a tight fit and pulling the phone out typically leads to launching something, but with some practice you can get it out cleanly. I do wish it would stay in screen lock mode when it comes out, but my guess is this is a feature.

This is a must have for me as I don't keep my BlackBerry in a hard or soft shell case, but when I travel, or am just throwing it in my briefcase or backpack, it needs to be protected. The swivel holster's clip is just too bulky, and the flap on the top makes it harder to quickly remove my BlackBerry with one hand.

The leather is much nicer than the synthetic. My 9900 came with synthetic holster and I wish I had the leather one. However, I have not yet purchased a pocket pouch, so I would love the get this one.

If this is anything like the leather pouch for the 9800, the fabric on the inside will start to separate from the leather on the back to reveal the paperboard innards in a couple of months of real use. Unlike the other folks, I had no issues with the tightness of the pouch, except for it causing the peeling problem. Save your money for a pouch that isn't cloth and corinthian leather wrapped around paper.

I love the leather pouch! I've had one for my Curve 8330m for 2+ years and can't imagine carrying my Bold 9930 any other way!

I got the holster with mine wish I got the pouch. Hook it up!!!! Loved the pouch with my old pearl and the curve 8300.

I have always been a fan of the leather pocket pouch for all my blackberry devices, since the time when they used to come with the device!!! When I am not using my leather swivel holster, I am using a pocket pouch!!!

I would love one of these to finish my collection!

I carry my phone in my pocket so this pouch would work. I took the holster that came with the phone and cut off the belt clip. This gives good pocket protection without the extra room needed for the clip and retains the magnetic strap over the top of the phone so the phone doesn't fall out of the holster when removed from pocket up side down. I dropped my 8900 this way.

I could really use one of these! I would love to have my Bold 9930 naked but I'm scared to put it in my pocket or camera bag without a case on it. Either way this is one of the accessories I've been looking forward to snag up! Also, the little red side stitch is like icing on the cake!

My 9930 from Verizon came with the holster. I love it except for the clip that is attached to it which I never use. I was thinking that I would love to have the holster case without the clip & it looks like this would be just the ticket. I wish there was a top flap to keep the phone from sliding out though.

I use the same kind of pouch on my Torch 9800 and LOVE it. As the review states, it's nice to have my phone protected...and then "naked" when I take it out. Keeps it safe in my pocket - and so easy to remove/insert the phone. I have been using my pouch for over a year now and it's still in perfect condition.

I certainly plan to buy one of these for my next phone...maybe one day AT&T will release the 9900!

Pocket protection at its finest. Would prevent a cracked screen like what happened to my storm for sure.

I'm a holster guy, and have been for over 10 years. But when I run to a basketball or softball game, I usually leave the holster on my belt and take as much care with the device as I possibly can. I'll never forget how mad I got when my Tour 9630 fell out of my pocket in the parking lot of my gym and I got those first dreaded dings and craters from the fall, totally ruined my day and my game. Never again... never again... This will be perfect when I need to put the phone in a gym or equipment bag so I can keep my 9930 with that great "naked" feel but it will be protected if there is a time where I can't be taking great care of it in my hands. Rare for all of us, but it happens.

i would love to win this pouch it is so cute ive been looking everywhere for this in stores and noone had it.please let me win.

I'd love to have a pocket pouch for my Bold 9930. I've always had a pouch for my device, ever since the original one came with my first Curve 8330. Great when putting your phone in a front pocket where you may have keys (I NEVER do this), a wallet, etc. I'd love to have one.

As great as always-on cases are, I like the phone for what it is, naked. The pouch will be able to offer me both protection and allow my phone to be naked.

I change my case depending on what ill be doing... I like using my 9900 naked while not at work... Would love one of these pouches!

I'm getting a 9900 this week hopefully if I can get it as the handset only. Is it the pouch or the holster which had the controversy of scratching the screen? I love how the Atlantic Ocean is referred to as "The Pond".

It would have been nice if I got this with my device intsead of the holster which I absolutely don't use. But really I don't do "naked" phones! Well not BlackBerry anyways! It's too expensive I have to guard it well. Would have been good if it could work with the case on the fone! Can the Bold 9000 pouch work for the 9900 with the case on?

Id love one! I've been using my old Blackberry Tour heavy since Jan of 2010, and am finally up for an early upgrade this month, on Oct. 17th. My Tour has been stretched and used to its last button. As of now, the data has completly stopped working and I only recieve the basics of text and calls.

Point is, I am going to get the Bold 9900 and I think this case would go perfectly, I deserve it after 22 months of honoring my contract.

It would have been nice if I got this with my device intsead of the holster which I absolutely don't use. But really I don't do "naked" phones! Well not BlackBerry anyways! It's too expensive I have to guard it well. Would have been good if it could work with the case on the fone! Can the Bold 9000 pouch work for the 9900 with the case on?

The best blackberry case I've ever had was the slip case that shipped with my Curve 8310. I've tried several, but this type of case is simply the best way you can go. Keep it protected without all the extra bulk when using the phone.

i want one only because it is the nicest case BB has ever made. I like OEM accessories and I broke my budget paying the 9900 full retail because I couldn't wait another 6 months until contract renewal. That, and i'm not a fan of the clip case it came with (which I would donate away if I won this on)

i want this cuz i hate the holster i got with my blackberry 9900 from t-mobile. i'm in high school so i dont really need to be carrying a holster around. this seems much better :)

Thanks for the omprehensive review. The leather pouch would make my precious Bold look even more elegent!

Oooooo!!!!! I want THAT!!!! I prefer my berry naked so this is perfect!!!!

edited to say I love it so much I ordered it on Amazon. LOL! I love you crackberry but it cost me

Order Total: $18.47

with same day shipping AND I get it tomorrow. <3 Amazon Prime!!!!

Leather pouches are exactly what a Blackberry needs. A rubber case just classes down such a great looking phone. I'd love to have one! Thanks CB.

I have the holster for my 9900, but there are times when I would prefer to have the pouch, especially when wearing a suit.

I received the holster with my 9900, but I'm not convinced that's the way I want to carry it with me. I think the pocket would be a better option for its safety in my pocket.

I hate my holster that comes with the original package.

Let me have the leather pouch please!

I would like the pouch as its slim protection that still allows for the naked phone's good looks

I would LOVE to win this one as over here, they don't carry all the OEM Blackberry accessories, and I only got a leather holster in my box, which I don't quite like to use as I'd rather have my BB in my pocket in it's pouch. Please guys?

I never really liked the Belt Clip on the OEM case, so I decided to rip it off.....Now it looks really dumb, serves me right, but this little puch would be great ;)

I've wanted one of these pouches since the 9000! Dissappointed mine came with the holster instead.

I would love to get this case. This phone is absolutely beautiful and any case I have seen pictures of just uglify it. Protecting the phone in pocket while keeping it naked in use is perfect.

I love the elegant and business look of this case. It adds so much beauty to the 9900/9930 making it standing out among iPhone. No kidding, I'm switching to BB from iPhone 4 because of this case!!

Excelent review on such a simple item. I have been trying to find these at every location in my town and have had no luck. I got my first BB 6 years ago and the sleeves have been the only case I have used. Really hope I win my 9900 would finally be complete.

i work as an atc and not a person that wears a belt even to work so a pouch makes perfect sense. casual userand pouch is perfect so a black 9900 pouch would be awesome! wish me luck

I love the pouch I have for my 9700, but as it's being replaced with a 9900 any day now, a new pouch would be fantastic.

I don't wear the holster, so this would be better to just throw in my pocket without the clip on it.

I find the pouch is quite nice, especially when you want to just throw it in a bag or pocket. The only thing I never got is why is RIM putting these red ties on the right side of them? Very unusual.

I ordered an Otterbox Commuter and a plastic skin for my 9900 from Crackberry....and with the money I saved, I went out and bought the pocket pouch. The pouch is okay if you don't plan to use your phone much. The Otterbox is good, but hard to put on and take off so I seldom use it. Mostly I use the holster at work, and the plastic skin for walking around on my own time. Ya live and ya learn....

I would love to win this leather pouch for my 9900! I used the same style when I had the Torch and loved it! Didn't even drop the Torch. :)

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!!! Gobble! Gobble!

My 9930 would love this because it is not a big fan of the Otterbox case it is in right now! Pick me please!

I want one in order to convince me to buy a 9900 and replace my 9800 :)
I like the style of this pouch and leather feeling on my hand.

I bought an otterbox defender because I work in the restaurant business. It would be nice to have something stylish for those few times I get out. I might even change out of my uniform.