BlackBerry Leather Holster for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 Review


The BlackBerry Leather Holster is a must-have for BlackBerry power users. Instance access and it's always there on your hip ready to get things done.

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Sep 2011 04:10 pm EDT

Depending where in the world you live and what carrier you're buying your new Bold from, the BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 Leather Holster may come in the box along with your phone for free. That's not a bad deal, considering it has a list price of $39.99. And if you didn't get one in the box and want one, you can buy one separately.

In the year 2011 it seems people have pretty mixed feelings from a fashion standpoint about wearing your phone on your hip. I for one typically don't give a rats butt about what other people think, so if I'm looking for a carrying solution that provides the ultimate accessibility to my phone then the holster is the way to go. And as far as holsters go, this Leather Holster is well designed and well constructed.

There is a ton of attention to detail put into this holster. The LED notifier is still visible with a phone inserted, and the headset jack is also visible. The angular-styled flap flips down perfectly to magnetically latch the phone securely into the holster and the case (angle flaps are cooler than straigh cut flaps, don't you think?!). The holster includes a sleeper magnet to put your phone into standby mode automatically and trigger in-holster sound profile settings, and the stitching on this model seems better than on past BlackBerry holsters - it should stand up to some abuse. The fit of the phone is pretty snug, so if you want to use a skin on your Bold and holster it, you'll want to look into other solutions (see our tip about using a Hard Shell or Soft Shell case for the Bold 9930/9900 with a Bold 9000 holster). On the less positive side, we've been seeing many reports about faster battery drain when using this holster with the Bold 9930/9900, which is something to be aware of. 

The BlackBerry Bold 9930/9900 Leather Holster has a list price of $39.99, but you can get it for less at We're even giving away a chance for you to win one for free (details below). Keep reading for a video, more photos and more important details surrounding this case.

BlackBerry Leather Holster Final Thoughts

I've always been a big fan of holsters - while I like to mix up the cases I use I always find that a holstered BlackBerry feels like returning home. Considering the BlackBerry OS was designed to work with a holster in that it has separate sound/notification profiles triggered by being put into the holster, you get the impression that this is the BlackBerry carrying experience as RIM intended it to be from the birth of BlackBerry.

A note about battery life reports with this holster: With a downsized battery and a bigger display and faster processor than previous generation Bold devices, depending on conditions and usage the Bold 9930/Bold 9900's battery can get eaten up pretty quick (see this post for tips on getting the most life out of your Bold 9930/9900's battery life). One oddity that has been reported enough times that it's worth mentioning here is that some users have noticed the battery can appear to drain quicker than normal while using this holster. It's an odd thing to hear, as these holsters, with their sleeper functionality, should help improve battery life, but it does seem to be a frequently reported issue so is something to consider. Whether it's a software bug that will be addressed in an OS update or a hardware thing or is just a non-related weird observation at this point, we're not quite sure. I do have my own theory on it. With the Bold 9930/9900 being the first BlackBerry to feature a stainless steel metal band around the phone, I have the feeling that all things equal the radios in the 9930/9900 have to work a little bit harder in order to maintain signal strength (as compared to a BlackBerry with an all-plastic casing). It could be that if you holster the phone in a leather case like this and are in a lower coverage area, that in order to maintain enough signal strength for adequate network connectivity that the radio REALLY has to crank up its power which eats through the battery. Again, it's a theory, and not reported by all users, but it's one to keep in mind. We'll report more on this as we learn more. Luckily, there are a ton of case options available for the new Bold if you want to avoid this holster.

Overall though, the BlackBerry Leather Holster for the Bold 9930/9900 itself really is a well built, good looking holster.

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BlackBerry Leather Holster for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 Review


1st, because i can

really odd about the batter drain, I haven't noticed this, but then again, I don't really pay attention to that.

It's a great case

Yeah, I agree. It's REALLY a well built, great case.  But I've seen quite a few people report on the excessive battery drain with it, so felt if i didn't include that into the review i wouldn't be doing my job.

I personally have been ok when using it... nothing out of the normal for me.  But even Bla1ze on the CB team here has seen his battery tank in half in no time when using it. Sort of confusing.

I think BOTTOMLINE if you like a holster, give this case a try. HOPEFULLY it works for you and battery life seems fine.  If you run into poor battery life with it, try a different case.

Can I get a link to the thread to the battery issue?

Is this the same as the Verizon holster. Mine doesn't look like it's real leather.


I have not noticed the drain issue with this product, but then again, I am not sure I have this product. I have a T-Mobile 9900. I think it came with a synthetic case, and not a true leather case. Am I correct?

I have confirmed that my T-Mobile phone came with a synthetic holster, and not the leather one. The leather one is much much nice. Quite depressing.

I alwasys get the BlackBerry branded cases. They are made well and have a decent belt clip. Thanks for the contest.

I love the blackberry brand holsters. This one looks nicer than the one I received with my 9700. If I win this for the 9900 I would switch between using this with a naked 9900 and with using the otterbox commuter for the 9900. Both look awesome from the pcitures.

I just bought a BB 9900 last Wednesday for T-Mobile. My case was swiped off a bar counter when I got up for a phone call and left it there. Luckily they only got the case and not the phone as well. If I won that save me from "re-buying" a case.

I want one! I currently don;t have one, I used to have a Seido combo of hardshell/holster, but didn't hold up, so hopefully this will be better for when the 9900 finlly gets released here! My 9700 is old, and not sure it will make it thru the QNX era, so an OS7 will have to do, I was going to wait for the QNX with a keyboard anyways, but since Colt is full touchscreen, I'll have to get me a 9900!!

I'd love to have one that is black for my new 9900 that is waiting at my doorstep, courtesy of UPS, as I type this entry. Gotta keep my babay protected at all times.

I was actually quite surprised at how stiff this holster is. Due to the stiffness/firmness of the case (as compared to prior BB cases that were made from softer leather), I find it somewhat more difficult to get the 9900 out of the holster quickly. The smooth brushed aluminum sides of the 9900 compounds the problem as it provides little grip. Also, if I am not careful, when pulling the 9900 out of the holster, I will hit the volume up button.

However, I could always use another holster in black. Thanks.

Black. This holster is awesome and the updated design makes it a must have for those who did not get one with their phone.

I’ve had my 9900 for four days now. It’s weird how the first half of the battery power gets used up faster than the second half.

As far as a case is concerned, I’ve never figured out how people keep phones in their pants pockets without scratching or otherwise damaging it.

Haven't noticed odd drainage with this holster. I may try a day without it, using the lock button, to see if it makes a difference. I've been averaging 6-7% drain/hr in the week I've had it, using .353.

One thing to note: there is no access to the charging port with this holster. I usually charge in the car on my 45-minute commute, and I have to take it out of the holster now to do so.

I wish Blackberry would go back to the leather sleeve instead of this biggo eye sore holster. Or at least made the clip detachable so that it could turn into a simple leather sleeve

I love my 9700 holster. Someday... oh, someday, someday, when AT&T wakes up and offers the 9900, I plan to keep using a holster with my 9900, barring that weird battery drain issue.

Would love one in black as I have never owned a holster only a pouch and would find it really useful instead of having to always going into my pocket.

Once my 9900 arrives, a holster is top of the list! I used a holster with all of my BB's (minus my Torch; the slider sticks sometimes when pulling it out) but I know with a solid 9900 it will be a necessity! If they came in the color red, I would be set.

I would love to get a black holster for my 9930! Black is my preferred color if there is more than that to choose from.

Thanks for picking meeeeee ;)

Ok that was rude.

Please pick me :)

I really want one. Have heard good things. I'll be receiving my 9930 in the mail tomorrow and can't use the belt clips that I used with my Tour. I'm pretty sure the one that comes with the phone in the box is way big to be comfortable in my pocket...I'd be much appreciative if you'd win me one :]

Nice review, however the Holster that came with my 9930 is the exact same design, but it is not made of leather. You can clearly see the difference in the material between the Leather Holster and the one that came with my phone. Also, leather smells like leather and this holster smells sort of like glue. Therefore, I would love the real leather one!

Very lenghty and informative review. I would like a black color holster because my new Bold 9900 still being carry around naked right now. It really need a nice case for proper protection.

Does this case even come in another color OTHER than chic black??? In any case, let's get in on the case to try and win a case! I use the hardish thing Verizon gave me. Functional, but sort of off putting in its vinyl luster... (Juuuust in case, yes. Black, please. I'd never live down a red or orange leather case of some sort...)

This case was included when I got my Bold from Verizon. I like it. I took the clip off and even with the plastic piece on the back, it's a decent "pouch" until I'm able to get my hands on the official BB pocket pouch. I like it. Still keeps the phone nice and thin.

Wasn't there some controversy about this holster scratching the 9900/9930's screen? There is a big post about it where there are mixed feelings as to whether it scratches the screen or not. Still, I would like one!

yes this case put a faint stitching like scratch on my 9900. I put a screen protector on and it made it almost invisible. The case is great but put a screen protector on....with a touch screen who wouldn't put a screen protector on.

Screen out???

Are the magnets set up for both screen out and in?

But still...Screen out?

That being said i'd like a black one so i can test this theory.

I also received the hard thingy from Verizon.. Don't like it at all.. Would love to win this in any color that it comes in.. Looks like the real deal as far as leather goes. If there is any other color other then black then that is what I would want..


I like to carry mine in a pocket. I carefully removed the belt clip and it makes a dandy case to slip in my pocket. I got mine with the phone from vzw. I like the fact that it is fairly hard and does a great job of protecting my Berry!

Black 9900 - Black Holster for me. The perfect tool to keep away from scratches to this jewel of technology instead of keeping it in the pocket along with my keys.

With love

I use the holster that came with my 9930 from VZW. I LOVE it. I yanked the clip off and use it like a pouch. I would love a free on!!!!
P.S. Some CrackBerry stickers too???!!!???

I enjoy the holster to keep my hands free and pockets light. Black is preferred and the classic color. I enjoy the holster that came with the phone the biggest battery drain issue I see is keeping wi-fi on all the time.

the BB is on the wrong side in the first picture, screen should be facing towards you. The screen is more protected that way, it's faster when you take it out of the holster and you can see the red led flashing when you recieve new mail. So far no battery issue on any new 9900.

Will definitely need a holster for my 9900 which is been shipped to me as i type.... CAN'T WAIT FOR IT! Would love to win this holster... :)

Little things like this will give new BBM users a reason NOT to invest in the leather case and that is such a shame ... So I hope RIM deals with this issue expeditiously (sorry I just got finished watching Lean On Me) I hope there is a quick fix so that new users can discover yet another perk of going BB and staying that way. I would like a tan colored holster, sort of khaki but a little darker ... For my planned move to TMo from US Cellular .... Their reception is awesome but it's just getting too expensive.

is it just me, but did anyone else notice that the phone is in backwards??? i mean i know it's all up to personal preference and up to the individual user, but if you flip the phone around, and place it in the holster screen side in (like all the other rim oem holsters) it fits that much better? i mean, try it and let me know....but i've always done mine screen facing in, and they always fit better. with the screen facing out, it allows for more areas of the screen to be scratched, when if you reverse it, it fits and covers the back perfectly....just saying

I am in the same boat as you, have screen facing in.Much quicker on the 'draw'. Plus I don't want to be walking around blinking like a Christmas tree with BeBuzz doing its thing.

Would love a second one in black


I was really surprised to see Kevin putting the phone facing out. I've always used my BBs facing in. As some of you have pointed out, it has a more natural flow this way.

Goes with anything: shorts, jeans, dress pants, tucked in or not, heck, I even use it while running on the treadmill and listening to BBM Music (yessir!).

Would want one in White!

Boy oh boy, some of you still in denial on which way the phone is supposed to go lol...

This IS the right way.

seriously though? how does it make sense for the screen to be facing out??? when the screen is facing in, and you take it out of the holster, it's all good to go and you're hands are right on the keyboard ready to type away or whatever you need to do. with the screen facing out, you have the flip the phone around. besides, for everyone complaining about the face of it getting scratched, it's because you're putting your phone in the holster the wrong way. it doesn't make sense to leave that much real estate on the screen out to be scratched when if you flip it chance for anything to get scratched and the shorter side of it overs the fake carbon fiber back perfectly...ever think about that?

in that toy as kids where there's a triangle, square and circle, do you try and put the square in the circle? nope....that's all i have to say.

I'd love the black one.. I feel my bb looks naked without it. Also, the sleeper magnet function is key, and you can rarely get decent ones for $0.99 on eBay...

Thanks CB !

I would lovvvvvveeee to have the black case because I am constantly dropping or misplacing my phone. I love holsters. Good luck!

When I get my 9900 hopefully, this is what I would use but the holster is juust plaain I.e no place to stick it to a belt

The real leather is so much nicer that the synthetic one that came with my T-Mobile 9700. A leather one in dark brown would be excellent.

Panda's Mom
Looks like a good compact case. Is that a lovely brown one or is it just the way the picture came out? I like it! I also like my flat, horizontal case #30766LRP for my Bold 9000. it stays very flat on my belt & covers the phone well enough to prevent it getting wet when I wash my horse. I tried a 9900 in it but the sleep feature did not seem to work as it does on my 9000. Would it work better with the sleeve? If not, I will go with the holster you reviewed in that pretty brown color!! If it ever comes out on AT&T!! BTW, I am being patient as I hope by the time AT&T gets it all the bugs will be out and I can fall in love with my 9900 as I have with my old, slow, out of date Bold 9000!!!

I just broke the clip on the holster I got with the device today getting into my car...
Winning this holster would be very helpful!
(OEM Black with the red stripe on the side)

I just got my 9930 and the leather case is great. Works well to protect, yet leaves the phone ready to be pulled out and used when needed. I would like to have another one, so I have one for work and one for non-work. My work one gets beat up pretty quick. Black is always a winner.

Black Black Black. Why would anyone want any other color than that for a blackberry? With that said, I definately lost the case that came with my 9900 when I was at 6 flags (I let my kid play with it and he dropped it) so i need a new one, so pick me please lol

I have to keep my BB close, real close, like on my hip close. I know a lot of women either carry theirs in their purse or actually just walk around with it in their hand. I need a slick looking case on my hip and if it can come in red, even better. I like the world to know what I'm rocking :-)

I enjoy the holster to keep my hands free and pockets light. Black is preferred and the classic color. I enjoy the holster that came with the phone the biggest battery drain issue I see is keeping wi-fi on all the time.