BlackBerry Launches Tech Center in São Paulo

By Adam Zeis on 6 Jun 2013 08:01 am EDT

BlackBerry is going strong on the developer front and has launched another tech center, this time in São Paulo, Brazil. The tech center is BlackBerry's third and will serve Brazils large developer community. As with the other centers, students and developers will be able to go to the center for training and help with development and it will also help with business opportunities for them. The tech center is located at BlackBerry's offices in São Paulo and will be open weekdays.

Press Release

BlackBerry Launches Tech Center in São Paulo

BlackBerry Tech Centers Deepen Commitment to ICT in Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil – May 29, 2013 - As part of the BlackBerry® Academic Program, a global outreach and support program aimed at students and mobile application developers, BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB) is opening the doors of its third BlackBerry® Tech Center in Brazil today. The program will serve a dual purpose: to provide ongoing training and the space and resources necessary to help students and developers create and test new mobile applications, and to nurture their entrepreneurship by helping to generate business opportunities for them.

“Brazil has one of the most active and passionate developer communities in the world, and there have been more than 1100 apps for BlackBerry 10 developed here,” said Alec Saunders, Vice President of Developers Relations & Ecosystems at BlackBerry. “The new BlackBerry Tech Center will welcome students and entrepreneurs in Sao Paulo to become specialists on the BlackBerry 10 platform and gain insight into the opportunities in mobile app development.”

Joao Stricker, Managing Director for Brazil at BlackBerry said, "The new center, BlackBerry’s third in the past six months, reflects a deep and long-term commitment to the country. São Paulo is known for its well-educated and skilled mobile developers and we want to bring the community high-quality training, tools and support to help them innovate for the future of mobile computing. BlackBerry is also working closely with University of Sao Paulo, and is selecting 10 top students from USP to become BlackBerry 10 Development Specialists.”

Through the BlackBerry Academic Program, BlackBerry is committed to strengthening the information technology industry in Brazil, broadening and empowering the local developer community, and fostering the skills and competitiveness of local providers. The program is intended to help drive innovation, increase the number of local BlackBerry developers, and nurture local business growth and entrepreneurship.

BlackBerry is also supporting the Government of Brazil's commitment to expand the country's ICT capacity. BlackBerry is proud to be participating in the Science Without Borders initiative and has recently welcomed the first group of students to its headquarters in Waterloo, Canada.

The BlackBerry Tech Center will be located at BlackBerry’s offices in Sao Paulo. It will be open weekdays, has complete office facilities, and staffed by technical leads who can provide support to developers working on the BlackBerry platform.

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BlackBerry Launches Tech Center in São Paulo


What are the locations of the other two tech centers?

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Too bad BlackBerry doesn't set up local cafe style kiosks or shops in the GTA where they have technical experts in person to help BlackBerry users work thru their issues. BlackBerry doesn't need to have permanent ones, but have ones for finite periods of time at different locations. What better way to help your core BlackBerry users and have them feel supported? Telephone based service can be frustrating at times. These experts don't have to field all questions, but at least select and walk thru the most common ones. Just an idea.

Brazil, really need a special attention. Has a a major smatphone market in LatAm. 190 million people and a huge ~210 million cel phones actives. IDG reports Brazil top 5 market for smartphone in all world ( ) (China, USA, Brail, India and UK) But in Brazil BB lost market share (now days only ~3-4% see: ), mainly for cheap android phones, in last few years and legacy BB was almost entirely in corporations. So BB need a solid comeback in Bbrazil with BB10. Unfortunately Brazil taxs area crazy crazy. Z10 here off contract is ~1.000 USD in Claro Carrier (Carlos slim owner). In this level we need urgent, really, low-end and mid-end devices. Go BB. Go Brazil.

Amazing moments! Congrats BlackBerry for the great job and incentives. I'm the coordinator of the BlackBerry Tech Center Maceio, the first one in LATAM, launched in December, 2012. We are very happy to contribute to BlackBerry and support the community developers.