BlackBerry launches Secure Work Spaces on BES 10 for Android and iOS

By Bla1ze on 25 Jun 2013 01:27 am EDT

Back in February of this year, BlackBerry announced they would be introducing Secure Work Spaces for Android and iOS devices that were placed in BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 environments. At the time of the announcement, no official date was set for release of the secure container system aside from setting the expectation of Q2 but with the apps now available in the Google Play Store as well as the Apple iTunes store, IT admins running BES 10 can now download the full suite of offerings. 

When fully put into effect, Secure Work Spaces for BES 10 will allow IT admins to control such things as email, contacts, calendar, memos, documents and various other managed applications so that they are secured and separated from personal apps and data thus, allowing for both consumer and corporate aspects to run on any single device be it, Android or iOS. Rather than having multiple IT consoles to handle these operations, BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10 allows all devices, BlackBerry, Android or iOS to be controlled from within one management console. You can jump below for a demo video of it all in action.

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BlackBerry launches Secure Work Spaces on BES 10 for Android and iOS


Great. Another BlackBerry promise fulfilled ON Time. Take that nay sayers.

Typed via BB Z10. Can your touchscreen type faster than this? Didn't think so. Find me on Twitter @ahsonn_carter

Excellent... Entwine those fingers in Android and iOS, BlackBerry, and soon you'll have your hands heavily ingrained in their platforms mwuahahahaha!

Erm... uh, sorry about that, cool story bro!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 & loving it!

This is great. I wish I was still working at my advertising firm. This will get rid of all of that iOS with Google policies.

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Looks fantastic, I can't wait to get rid of Good!

My organization already has bes 10 running with trial bb10s. Perfect to support the rest!

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There is probably a crap ton of organizations that are using Good and are trailing BB10. We are one of them.

Crazy~ if have it on ios and and u think other non-die-heart fans would still buy BlackBerry phones?

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Yeah it's pretty much do-or-die on their MDM solution, because every month or week they delay, their competitiveness in that market slips away.

Let's hope it's not full of the usual boatload of bugs... ;)

It's available now. Nice to see people are keeping consistent and commenting before even reading the posts? lol.

Wow... Keep up the great work! In no time there will be no need to buy a BB. You guys just keep giving it a way to Android and iOS. Thanks for making it easier :)

Actually if you are using this app, then you just bought in BlackBerry ! Lol!

It's lots of service revenu for BlackBerry, which is a steady, high margin income as opposed to headsets that has at unsteady and diminishing margin

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BlackBerry is just getting their hold on the other platforms with this release and BBM, once the enterprise gets it all installed BlackBerry cam increase the fee for non BlackBerry devices. That's the game plan, wonder who would then remain on other platforms and pay more.

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Wow, when you think about all those per-device fees almost falling straight to the bottom line.

I kinda mean that they initially didn't have official release date and then release it just like that. Still way better than setting a date and then missing it though. :)

Z10 Rocking!

Pretty awesome!
I was wondering why do these icons looks so good in Z10, then I realised that the shadow block around icons is not there anymore and got pretty excited, then I realised it was an iPhone....

Nice nice, does this also brings bes im to android / ios?

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They'll support it eventually but like everyone else they are supporting the largest number of phones with the least amount of work. Right now windows phone offers little return.

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Good news! Excellent that BlackBerry is addressing their promised proposals in a reasonably timely manner!

That said, fantastic they're dealing with the corporate environment, where security is concerned: what about private personal users. I would wager the majority of users do NOT have access to bes or specific harfware for vpns.

What about access to commercial vpns? Openvpn please!

I want security on my Q too!

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Because you still need to secure those devices.. BES 10 is a MDM. Its alot better then other MDMs (I manage them) and Blackberry is missing alot of that MDM market by not controlling IOS and Android Devices. This is a similar but different market that making handsets.

I'd be curious to know your opinions on how this works vs. Good and other MDM solutions. Presuming BES 10 does a great job at MDM for iOS and Android, it could open many more avenues of revenue for BlackBerry once you have BB, iOS, and Android (and presumably Windows) managed from one software solution.

We haven't used good technologies. We were using trellia for ios and android and has since been bought buy wise and then dell. I found that updating policies etc were very slow with trellia. Uds with ios is super fast but I found updates to my s3 to be very slow but that was via wifi. Updating to 10.1.1. This afternoon to checkout the work spaces and will role that out early next week.

So far I really find bes 10 easy to work with but wish the interface was the same between bds and Uds.

It's all about preferences. Some like to drive Mercedes instead of BMW (or vice versa), but want some of the same features.

I question how this will integrate into BES 10. As it stands now, the universal device services (UDS) part of BES 10 is nothing short of a piece of shit. Weekly support calls, along with the interface dying, is all in a days work with UDS.

If this software services solution is adapted well and you get even 20 million subscribers at 8.25/subscriber per month ($99/year),you're looking at $2 billion annually. And subscribers can be of any OS since this is a BYOD corporate IT solution! I don't understand how the analysts that bellow about lost subscriber service revenue don't see this coming. Chris Umiastowski might have some insight on why. This is one of several new service revenues to come on stream.

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The evolution of BlackBerry Connect evolved, reinvented, re-engineered. Soon with BBM coming to all platforms with bi directional BBM this will dominate!

YES ... this is the news I've been WAITING FOR! Just before Q1 results as well this will bode VERY well.

Anyone notice the slight hint to the "flow" in this? Very well done BlackBerry, well done!

This might be a REALLY silly question - I watched the video that Supa_Fly1 posted, and wondered 'whose browser is that?' It says it's a fully featured HTML5 browser. It is really safari, or is it BlackBerry's browser made to look iOS-ish?

Anyways... maybe a really dumb question...

Anyone with existing CALS for UDS doesn't get secure workspace. You have to buy new, different, more expensive CALs. Trying to get more details. I wish I would have known that ahead of time Blackberry!

I need my Z10 BOS update to 10.1 from Verizon. If this months goes without an update to 10.1 I'm out on blackberry. #BS

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Download a leak which are 100% stable, it's not blackberry's fault that Verizon are morons and don't support blackberry at all.
Every carrier in canada/uk has had it for months and Verizon is one of the last ones to get it in the US.
If you don't want a leak then complain to Verizon or don't complain at all.

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Installed this yesterday and I'll be installing Good and DME today to embark on a 30 day trial across the three Sandbox offerings.

First impressions are promising and I have already found it easier to install than Good.

I've heard some suggesting that Blackberry will struggle to break into this market but I don't understand that statement as Blackberry have been doing this for years and only Good and DME offer a similar, fully secured, Sandbox on an Android and IOS device.

BlackBerry are going one better... because they already support BlackBerry devices so to add Android and IOS gives them a very strong advantage. One server to handle all your corporate and personal (BYOD) must be a winner!

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You managed to configure it successfully? Were you able to enable WorkSpace? I upgraded my BES10.1 to BES10.1.1. I am unable to enable my Secure Workspace. Had a case open with BlackBerry.

My prg using GOOD and I can tell you the solution is crap and their support is not helpful at all. So many dependencies such as user cache in device, GMM and GOOD NOC. Hopefully my business will approve Secure Workspace once I managed to fix it and get rid of GOOD.

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Well... I got BES 10.1.1 up and running and tried to get an IPAD and Samsung Galaxy S3 up and running with the Secure Workspace.

The IPAD won't download the secure workspace and I have raised a support call to BlackBerry for this. The android worked OK and pulled down the secure workspace, I managed to get emails working too. Secure Browser works and calendar and contacts too.

However I have to say the install for BES10 client is WAY more complex than Good or DME ... in fact one of our IT users couldn't get it to work on his phone. In addition to this you HAVE to install an MDM onto personal devices... For most of our users this is unacceptable.

So, in short... I can't see us going forwards with the Blackberry solution at the moment. I'm upset and disappointed, however, I will give it more time to see if I can iron out the bugs... but at present it isn't mature enough for us.

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