BlackBerry Z3 rollout continues with release in the Philippines

By James Richardson on 18 Jul 2014 03:39 am EDT

The end of the working week is here for most of us and what a good way to end things for the people of the Philippines. BlackBerry have announced the Z3 will be launching there at authorized retailers at the price of P 10,990.

With the latest low cost BlackBerry 10 device selling out pretty much straight away in the other countries it's already become available in, it'll be interesting to see of the good folk of the Philippines go the same way. Historically the country has been a productive market for BlackBerry and with the Z3 hitting the shores I expect this to continue.

Cameron Vernest, Managing Director for Singapore and the Philippines at BlackBerry said, "The Philippines is a key market for BlackBerry Z3 and we are excited to be working with our partners to bring this new BlackBerry to our loyal Filipino customers. This device gives users more ways to connect, share and communicate, providing the best tool for secure, reliable communications and collaboration with friends, family and co-workers. Priced affordably, the BlackBerry Z3 will extend the full capabilities of the BlackBerry 10 Operating System version 10.2.1 experience for a new generation of customers in the Philippines."

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BlackBerry Z3 rollout continues with release in the Philippines


Sure he is. I'm positive that Fox Comm does batch runs of a 1000. Oh yes, that makes sense.

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It's great to see the Z3 launch in so many countries, it should be available in South Africa within days. P 10,990 may be about $50 higher than the first price of $200 but it's less than the South African price as far as I can see.

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Good move, BlackBerry needs to increase the market share and rest will follow. That is how most Internet companies grew, by offering free or low cost hardware

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Contracts is ripping yourself off: if you can,
buy outright and grab Boost $40/month or Optus $2/day no contract, better off.

A lot of contracts have a handset repayment fee ON TOP of the usual $60/month, which is rather ridiculous.

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So what's going to happen to consumers who buy this phone and then a few days later the video download part of Blackberry World goes dark? Won't they be disappointed? Won't some phones get returned?

What video download part? We don't have that here in the Philippines. The stuff that we can download from BlackBerry World are games and apps only.

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What's the point of getting a z3 when you could get z30 for $230 from ebay?

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Great! I'm a Filipino and proud to have z30. Good news my kababayan to release z3 in our country!

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Nice john.. I hope BlackBerry team have a grand opening for the Z3.. but now I don't see any advertisement here in Philippines.. people are need to see this..

Powered by Q10 Philippines :-)

Good news, hope the local telcos will carry this phone, with affordable plan,

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I went to SM Manila last July 11, only one shop knows BlackBerry 10 but they don't have stocks. And the rest of the shops don't carry BlackBerry anymore. So which authorize shops will carry BlackBerry Z3 in Philippines? Might be the Telcos?

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This isn't even classified as an offensive comment. But if you were going for retarded.... Nailed it.

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That would be interesting, how the Philippines will to BlackBerry Z3. I live here and I am BlackBerry addict since Nov. 2004. I have rarely left home without my loyal BlackBerry devices. Either my BB8900, Curve 8520, Z10, Pearl 8100, or a BlackBerry PlayBook, or combination of either two devices. Thank you, BlackBerry!

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I'm in the Philippines and I'm sticking with my Z10, since it's a way better phone.. spec-wise... Will be getting the Passport soon!

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Hahaha passport dre XD i heard konting stores lang mag poprovide. But i think magiging available to sa kimstore or hotgadgets

Indonesian sales probably sucks. They dissapointed customers for putting too little stocks when all the hype was going on.

250$ for this phone???? The only place it was sold for sub $200 was in Indonesia. I'm very scared to see the price of the Passport. My gut tells me the Passport will be > $600. We live in a time of extreme price sensitivity and BlackBerry doesn't have the brand equity in the developed world to sell a lot of phones at that price.

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You shouldn't be surprised. The supposed $179 Moto G 8GB sells for roughly $220 out here.

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Thanks for killing off these dream weavers before their nonsense gets started. At 250 dollars, the Z3 is a steal compared to the Moto G with its poor internal spec, lousy screen and glitchy Android platform. Go BlackBerry .

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BlackBerry continues to release the Z3 in many Countries. This is an indication that the device is selling quite well and that BBRY is also profiting from it.

People that claim BBRY is going bankrupt are pretty much delusional.

Now let's see the Passport, Classic and rumoured game changing device, the Z50 in action.

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The model of introducing country by country with available miniscule resources is commendable against "Big Bang" approach of Z10 and then the pathetic write-off.

However IMO the success of Z3 is when there are no more curve in those countries and in the target demography

No more low cost competitor phones, you mean! Curves still throw off the recurring revenue of BIS fees to BlackBerry, which can go on forever as far as I'm concerned!

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

This is, the business model, what confusing me.

How can BBRY expects Curves living out there in the wild for generating BIS income but still want to sell tons of new BB10 phones?


I would love the US get the LTE version of the Z3. Like it or not but the average American is very price sensitive as mean income hasn't changed in 15 years. The market is ripe for this sort of phone. Price it very aggressively and this thing will fly off of shelves. The days of a 700-900 dollar all touch device are coming to a close.

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Yeah! People want to pay $200 for a phone now.

However, they will pay up to an additional $700 to have an Apple logo on it, even if they have to sacrifice on usability.

BB announced this as a $200 sub $200 phone for emerging markets - no 4g, no LTE, no Miracast, QI charging or high end specs. Similarly situated phones in these markets range from $100-$200. Grow up! The purpose of the phone was repeatedly made clear during development and launch announcement. Market share. BBRY felt there was an opening in the consumer market for countries with emerging economies. Huge populations with a growing interest in cheap smartphones. The idea was to push up the market share numbers - not profit! This was to be a long play, not a short one. As market share rises, the calculus for developers change. If over 2 years BB could gain back as much as a 5% market share worldwide, more developers would be attracted to the platform, and in return, more users. $50-$80 US may not mean much to US, Canada and European markets, but to those in India, Packistan, Phillipines, etc.. it means a tremendous amount. Folks get comfortable very quickly with brands (think Coke v. Pepsi) and they stay with them unless there is a compelling reason to change. The Z3 was intended to get into place prior to brand self-recognition hardened among these consumers. And remember BB10 is a whole different experience from IOS or Android. There is a learning curve. So what is the incentive in these markets - a sleek, well built, name brand device at the same price or lower than its market competitors.
BBRY's failure to deliver a $200 or sub $200 Z# to these markets hasmany folks complaining. Some I'm sure because they feel entitled to a cheap blackberry. Many, because BB failed to deliver what they promised. Many shareholders, because they fear that not only will sales not generate any real revenue, but they missed a golden opportunity to gain valuable market share, while those opportunities are quickly dwindling. And many, many more like myself, who fear the continued piling on of mistakes leads to one end result, the end of the handset line, leaving those like me tethered to a BES with limited choices, hold on to an aging BB device until it no longer functions or switch to an enterprise supported I-phone.

Z3 should not be in the US as dozens of android devices there will easily take away it's thunder in price and tech by the time it rolls out.

I rather see the classic and passport land in the US instead of the z3.

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I hope it will become $180 and color White BlackBerry Z3 also please. Guys check also Kimstore online store maybe they will have this phone available and they offer cheap prices there. Maraming salamat BlackBerry!

yes! This is what I've been waiting for. I am currently using my z10 now and it works perfectly. Hopefully in Z3 it would be much exciting. yeah!!! Philippines :)

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I hope they are selling in more countries because of successes rather than trying to get rid of stock. So far I've only read rumours and opinions on the phone.

BB Proud

This is great news! BlackBerry Z10 user here from the Philippines. This should bring the BB10 OS magic to more people.

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Finally! I need an all touch phone. I used the Z10 for 6months only coz I hated its battery life! Then I switched to Q10. I'm probably gonna keep both the Q10 and the Z3.

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I hope BlackBerry makes a good marketing plan for this. I wont buy one (since i'm happy with my Q10 and I hate using 2 or more phones) but I hope all touch screen users would get to try this out. :)

I've asked some people to try my phone and here's what they love:
1. Keyboard (yes to tactile feedback!)
2. Camera (time shift)
3. Android Runtime (I have Instagram and Radio)
4. Battery Life
5. BBM

Filipino. 23. Q10 user.

Not worth it. I was excited for a second but... still too many z10s avail to go for such shit specs. I can't speak for India and Africa. but the people I know in philippines are not gonna like them camera specs compared to say an O+ or a Cherry Mobile. But everything else about it is worth the price. No LTE or 4g?

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Exactly, most of the people I know goes with the camera spec first before anything else. 5mp will not attract a lot of smart phone users here.

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That price is edgy, you could get a Z10 STL100-2 at the same price from a local online store. Further, an influx of cheap (let's say below or at the same price) local android phones, Xiaomi Mi3 and Asus Fonepad makes Z3 integration quite difficult.

I love the Philippines, makati, greenbelt, boracay beautiful places full of wonderful ppl


$252.00 US. Same price I found both my Z30s for. Well it's almost $200. What's $52 between you and blackberry?

Thinking of buying one for my lovely wife. Me, I am sticking to my amazing Z10.

Awaiting for Passport...

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Well if it comes to Canada I'm going to be picking one up that's for sure! Nice addition to my Q5. Z10 and Z30.


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Mabuhay, BlackBerry!

I'm a keyboard fan, so I'll be sticking to my Q10 while waiting for the Classic. But I hope the Z3 sells well here, and attracts both new and former BlackBerry users.

I'll try to spread the word to my friends about this phone, and to tell our Marketing Department that maybe we could buy a few Z3s as raffle giveaways at company events.

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Amazing that Z3 was made for Indonesian market and now is launching worldwide! Don't forget about Latin America, BlackBerry!

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Finally. Been waiting for Z3 to become available in the Philippines. I'll buy it for my mom (to replace her problematic 9860 Torch) and mom in law (to introduce blackberry to my in-laws' side) . They don't care about specs or any apps. They, being in their senior years, just need a big screen, good battery life, some Facebook, and bbm to connect with me (Z30, Q10) and my wife (z10). My teen kids (already using bbm through their entry level samsungs) will also likely get the z3 too, but later.

People ask me: "why Blackberry?" One important reason, among many, is that Blackberry gives us that private family space thru bbm interconnectedness. Me and my wife love video-chatting 24x7 (I work in Qatar). Simple and basic need which blackberry more than satisfies. And we want to spread that experience to our loved ones.

I hope the Z3 will help reestablish blackberry presence in the Philippines, especially in the face of chinese and Indian android invasion. Good luck, my dear BlackBerry. Let us fight the good fight!

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Where can I buy this without having plans to globe and smart?!? I want open line hahaha

Destroyers 2014 Co, TH8 babyyyy

IPhone fans never talk about specifications, y BlackBerry fans always talk specifications just like samsung fans?

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It's great to know the Z3 is going to be released here in the Philippines. I want one, but I don't need one. I just got my Q10 last year and I'm still loving it, besides the fact that I'm looking forward to the BlackBerry Classic. Need a keyboard obviously.

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Frustrating...haven't seen any commercials or tv ads about its release..even the telcos that were rumored to give support to its launch here in the PI hasn't posted any introductory ads

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