BlackBerry lands another legal win over Typo keyboard

By Bla1ze on 24 Aug 2014 06:46 pm EDT

While BlackBerry has been busy winning some longstanding legal issues, they've also been taking care of some more recent ones with pretty good results as well. As noted previously, BlackBerry recently went back to the judge in the BlackBerry Limited vs. Typo Products LLC case to ask judge William Orrick to uphold a preliminary injunction preventing Typo from selling its iPhone keyboard in any form, be it their old version of their 're-vamped' Typo 2 version and this time around they've won.

Judge Orrick denied Typo's motion that the keyboard doesn't infringe upon any BlackBerry patents, ruling that the introduction of a "new keyboard isn't grounds for lifting the preliminary injunction." On top of that, BlackBerry will now also have a chance to prove Typo violated the preliminary injunction and continued sales of the device. "BlackBerry has raised significant questions suggesting that Typo's sales to foreign retailers after the injunction went into effect…violated the preliminary injunction."

Typo's argument on the matter has been that they didn't violate any previous terms because the keyboards were "sold and delivered entirely outside of the United States and were not or intended to be sold in the United States," If the issue continues to go on like this, we could be waiting for a while before we see any real winner here or you know, probably about 10 more different versions of the Typo to skirt injunctions.

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BlackBerry lands another legal win over Typo keyboard


I won't be satisfied until Ryan Seacrest is in prison and they have auditions to replace him on American Idol and Jezebel leaves N4BB to be the new host of AI and he introduces all of the Hollywood stars to his past friends of N4BB and Cage Michaels And the rest of the CB crew get hosed by Jezebel, again.

It could happen...

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Remember when Cage Michaels was the spokes model for Typo....

That was definitely his "Jump the Shark Moment".....he hasn't been around much since then....hmmmmm

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Jump the Sheep Moment?

(I had one, when I was about ten years old. Silly. Jumped on one, held on, until it managed to throw me off on the paddock a few hundred meters later... no injuries)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

"Jump the Sheep Moment?"

From Happy Days. When the Fonz jumped the shark the show was said to have gone downhill from there on.

This is on the TYPO website as of 8/25/14 9AM EDT

We're thrilled to announce that for a limited time, we will be able to fulfill all online orders of our Typo 2 for iPhone 5/5S the same day. For customers in the United States, this means that any order placed before 6PM PST will ship THAT DAY via USPS First Class mail and will arrive on your doorstep in 2-5 business days. As always, shipping is included in the cost of your Typo 2. We will only be able to provide same day fulfillment to a limited number of customers, and based on our past experience we will sell out quickly.

International Orders
Please note: Typo 2 is happy to ship to certain countries outside the United States. However, purchases sent to addresses outside the United States may be assessed local taxes, duties, etc. upon arrival at the responsibility of the buyer. The shipping firm that delivers the package may likewise impose additional brokerage fees or other surcharges as part of the customs and tax process.

PS, let us say they have 10,000 units in stock. They apparently are taking the viewpoint that they don't want to throw out their seemingly worthless merchandise. Therefore, it is better for them to take in a million dollars in sales and pay the consequences. Perhaps their main cost will be for legal fees. It may be hard for BB to obtain cash penalties against them.
TYPO can only do direct sales. NO legitimate retailer, like Best Buy or Staples, would take a risk to carry a product with this kind of court order.

Time to start clawing back some of the 600 million or so they were fleeced of by a patent trolls in Thomas Campana's loving memory.

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Another great victory for BlackBerry. They should be going after the profits!

Seacrest out, of at least a million dollars!

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Shop CrackBerry still selling this, too...

Or has it been pulled?

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

That has to be a joke, can't believe shopcrackberry was selling it...

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This was out on other sites on Friday. Do you really think that the courts work on weekends? Haha

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Troll? Did you even click links or check the dates?

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They have their own lawyers and they pay them quite well to win. I'm sure they can write it off!

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Glad to see them putting up a fight and not taking any BS. You can't kick them while they are down and just expect them to take it. Go get em' Senior Chen!!

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That Zipperstein is a bad mother "watch your mouth"...

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They know how. But it's not just hardware.

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Well said. Some jackasses live in a world of half empty. I think you spotted one.

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They have been building them since 1999. They are called BlackBerry smart phones. If you want the best physical keyboard experience on a phone, don't buy some accessory, buy a BlackBerry.

Umm, Bambino usually the losing party pays for all legal fees.

Nokia to LG to Motorola to Z10, Next up Passport or Z50

Not true in California civil. Federal cases typically don't award legal fees anymore either.

CA civil court cost such as filing fees are one thing but the only time legal fees are awarded is if during appeal... if appellant in a CA civil case looses then the opposing party can be awarded legal fees. Keep in mind this is only for the appeal and not the legal fees associated with the lower court ruling.

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Needs to be the case that if you want a keyboard phone then it needs to be a blackberry not a ripped off keyboard on an iPhone

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I don't understand Typo fighting so hard for a product that would be a very niche market at best.
If people want a keyboard they'd get a bb10. And the average iPhone user I can't see wanting this stuck to the or phone.

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Business People want apps as well as a keyboard to bang out emails on, so with the iPhone they get apps and not the keyboard so the Typo keyboard made the iPhone essentially a BlackBerry with Apps.

Now that BlackBerry will get the apps from Amazon they will be the business people's best tool again. That's the hope of John Chen and his new team.

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I see where you are going with this. It does take more than just a slide on keyboard to make a iPhone fit for business.

IMO, an iPhone should never be used as a business tool.

As for apps, it's a spiral concept.. iPhones are being advertised heavily, so it's sales are heavy, so the app development is heavy. Replace iPhone with BlackBerry and I'm sure we would see the app advantage.

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Hate to say it, but I don't get BlackBerry this time around. The Typo 1 was a complete copy of the 9700, so it made sense to go after them. But the Typo 2 is just a mess, revised layout, key shape, no more spacer between lines. By doing this, BlackBerry is saying that ANY keyboard on a rival's phone is subject to litigation. If they want to protect their interests, I do get it. This time though, they come across as a company looking desperate to get settlement money.

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It's not about version 2, it's about the fact that they kept on selling version 1 even if they where not allowed to, this opens the door to prove that, it's in the article ;-p

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Huh? The Typo 1 was not the complete copy for the Bold 9700 but BB10 keyboard instead (Q10). Now, the Typo 2 is like the Bold 9700.

Good on blackberry. Seacrest is covered in muscles now. XD

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Thanks for posting that. I was doing the "ohhhh" sound from the audience after someone gets an uppercut in MK. BlackBerry just landed an uppercut against typo.

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Seacrest made several million dollars selling these keyboards while knowing full well he was in contempt.

Don't fool yourself he knew what he was doing was wrong; he also knew he would make a lot of money doing it.

The court ordered him to stop. How much money has he made off this so far? Millions.

Blackberry MUST go after financial compensation and DAMAGES. Please Chen go after thus aggressively, otherwise Seacrest has alteady won.

What does a Blackberry keyboard look like? What? Say what again I dare you MF.....What ain't no county I ever heard of......say what again I dare you!!!!!! Bang!

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Somebody needs to put the crack pipe down and step away from the keyboard.

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Someone just take Seacrest to the vets so they can put him out of his misery!

My lubbly jubbly Z10. Shine on you crazy BlackBerry

Someone should send Ryan Seacrest a BlackBerry Q10 and have him do the BlackBerry Challenge. He loves a keyboard on his phone but apparently can't live without an iPhone. I bet that if he spent a week with a new BlackBerry he'd see the error of his ways.

In other news world peace has been achieved and dishwashers automatically unload themselves.

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@Bla1ze I see you got my Tweet. Good write up.

BTS should start monetizing BlackBerry's patents and go after those who are infringing on them. No one at BlackBerry was able to focus on this before now.

Go BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10 <<<< Dumb azzes still have their order page up and running. 4% order returns on faulty keyboards,lol. That's just the ones who took the time to complain, so defective product could be 10-15%. Anyway, I emailed these fools to ask why their order page is still up after Blackberry kicked their dumb azzes yet again. Ryan you are one MOFO arrogant fool,soon to be departed of some of your $$$$. So fitting!

Since BlackBerry won't make a slider could they please make a Typo for the Z3, Z10 and Z30?

I want a physical keyboard but a nice big screen. Is that too much to ask?

Z30STA100-5 / / T-Mobile USA

The passport has a square screen. That means you don't get to use a nice big screen when you really want one like in games, videos, certain websites, etc.

I have more friends because I do drugs!!

I gotta agree. The passport to me isn't as good as a Z10 to Z30 sized 16x9 screen that is optimized for viewing video or playing games.

I'd prefer a Torch™ type slider. My 9810 was built like a brick s-house. The screen could have been bigger. But give me. BB10 slider and I'd be happy.


If they are not going to produce a slider then how about a Typo type keyboard?

Obviously there is a demand for such a device.

It's not what I want. But if I can't get a slider I'd snap on a keyboard.

As far as the passport. Maybe if it had a traditional keyboard and not half virtual. And had a tool belt like my 9810..and a rectangular screen.. I might like it.

My biggest mistake was getting the Z10 then the Z30. because I love the physical keyboard. But then after 18 months of typing on glass I got a Q5. Had I went from a bold to Q5 I would have been ok.

But now I miss the screen size. Basically that means I don't see.myself getting any new BlackBerry to replace the Z30 unless they make a slider or a Typo.

Does anyone at all feel what I'm saying or am I a lone wolf? Any slider lovers? How can a passport outsell a Torch?

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Really really freaking awesome!!! Nicely done BlackBerry!! Keep up with ass wooping!! Hhaha!!

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Nice to see this news come up.

I'm curious if this was cross posted on Connectedly and iMore? Considering it is a Bluetooth of for the iPhone.

I'd check myself, however, there is no BB10 app for either of those sites. :(

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

No way!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe what i am seeing is it so...? am I really seeing a Typo for sale on Crack berry....... SMH.... So not cool..

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Pretty sure apple and all the rest of the phone making company's sue all day long for stupid *#$! ....even with the new version it still tries to be BlackBerry keyboard. so let them sue and hopefully win :-)

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Typo knows they are going to loose this case so they are trying to get all those sales in ASAP! As much as possible because they will be paying a hefty fine! That's why they don't care what the judge say because the judge won't be paying that hefty fine Typo will be! So I would say it's little disrespectful to the judge and BlackBerry but I'm sure Typo don't ish..Lol...

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Ryan Seacrest has already made several million dollars selling these. Even if he closes the compsny today he still walks off with several million, which was probably his plan all along. Having it available for purchase on likely helped him make some of his money too!

"New" indeed does not warrant a change is strategy from Typo.. and as I see it, Typo's strategy is clearly to rip of BlackBerry via their imitation products. Nice one BlackBerry.

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Ultimately, who cares. If Blackberry wanted to one-up Typo, they should come up with their own version, naturally much better and higher quality than Typo.

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Of course this Typo product was intended for the US market, in other countries if people want a keyboard they get a BlackBerry, next Typo will say they were aiming at the Nigerian market lol.
Also, one of the Kardashians (Kylie or Kendall) was pictured with this typo on her iPhone, if this wasn't intended for the US market then Ryan seacrast Wouldn't have given one to her to be photographed using.
Find the paparazzi shots of this and typo's new claims are destroyed yet again.
Why can't the judge see that all typo keep doing is making excuses and lying, surely That's a crime of some sort?

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This whole debacle shows what massive tools Seacrest and his cohorts are. They clearly prefer the BlackBerry keyboard user experience but are too chickensh*t to go against the flock and just use a BlackBerry.
Same goes for the few yahoos who bought a "Typo" when they were available.
People wonder why I call them iSheep...

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What makes me lol is people have been say blackberry was going to die long time ago. Hmm Strange to me that I have been a blackberry loyal fan for ever and I all ways said that they are not going away. Haters of blackberry do not like to see blackberry making a come back in some of the purchase that they have made. People blackberry is still alive and will be for time to come. I wish I could meet the man Mr Chen who took over for BlackBerry ceo he is a very smart man

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Flat out direct COPY of the Iconic BlackBerry Keyboard. Typo should be forced to go out of business and fined.

While I definitely love my keyboard, I stick with my blackberry because the OS is the cleanest thing since Howdy Doody's room...

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Hit 'em where it hurts....

Right in the profits...

The Zipper and the crew are rolling up their sleeves for this one.

BlackBerry...Get it done ©

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Who really wants to plug two cords into your phone to charge the phone and the keyboard.. all real aftermarket products that are granted access to Apple's technology will plug in directly to the phone. These guys are a bunch of bums. Get a haircut and get a real job.

I am floored that this was EVER for sale on Crackberry, and is still listed, even though noted as sold out. I know it's only business, but it's not right.

white Z30 STA100-5

I tried a Typo keyboard and it was not very easy to use way to narrow in my opinion. It also made the Iphone a very long device.

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Hello Everyone,
Blackberry is a company determined to survive, determined to revive the QWERTY keyboard, and thank goodness for this. I've been using Bold 9900 since 2011, great device, I tried Z10 with QWERTY keyboard, but it clear wasn't well designed with swiping to two on/off and the functions for multilingual input were a joke, and I will not go into it too deep. I've been impressed the CEO, John Chen has created the BB Passport because I believe many business users will buy it. Blackberry has good security, the QWERTY keyboard is for business, but actually to be honest and fair, the speaker and audio quality on my Bold 9900 are excellent, I also like the media player, the camera and video recorder are excellent. I keep hearing from so many friends the QWERTY keyboard is old, obsolute on Smartphones, however, it never fails you can go into any company in the World and they are typing away on QWERTY (English) keyboard Computers, even the technie geekie types. I do not think we will do away with QWERTY keyboards as long can we can produce quality design and usage for them. tapping a piece of glass is an alien concept still and schools demand keyboard input. The great thing about the new Passport Smartphone/Phablet is it's keyboard + touch, which is an excellent design feature. I would prefer the Q20 or Classic as the right upgrade for Bold 9900, however, I'd keep an open mind before testing the Passport. Maybe those I have to go all the way up to Vancouver to see one. No USA MNO seems to be carrying the Blackberry Passport to my knowledge. If anyone knows which wireless operator will carry BB Passport Smartphone, please let us all konw for the Seattle marketplace.