BlackBerry L-Series gets sized up next to the iPhone 5, makes homescreen buttons look silly

BlackBerry L-Series gets sized up next to the iPhone 5, makes homescreen buttons look silly
By Bla1ze on 14 Nov 2012 01:02 am EST

We've seen plenty of the BlackBerry L-Series already but there hasn't been really any size comparisons done. Luckily, a new image has now turned up and we get to see the L-Series sized up next to Apple's iPhone 5. As you can tell, the L-Series does have a somewhat larger footprint all around including the slighty larger display size. Depending on your tastes, that may be a good thing or a bad thing. Personally, I see it as a good thing.

The other obvious item here is the fact the iPhone 5 still has that homescreen button in place. Unlike BlackBerry 10 which makes heavy use of bezel gestures, the iPhone 5 doesn't make use of system-wide multitouch gestures for navigation, the settings are actually hidden from users. Plus, due to how iOS handles multitasking, the homescreen button has to remain there until Apple either changes how multitasking is done or fully enables multitouch support.

I much prefer the buttonless look myself, it just looks more modern to me. But, I can also understand the need for it. Needless to say, we'll do a real comparison once BlackBerry 10 devices become available. How do you all feel about there being no buttons on the front of the L-Series? Love it or hate it? Wish it had one? Sound off in the comments.

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You'll have gray hair before actually getting one in your hands.


I don't want to spoil the excitement, but the iPhone 5 is "real" regardless of what... while the BlackBerry L-Series "looks real"... even the author needly said that we'll do a real comparison once BlackBerry 10 devices become available...

And please stop giving Apple hint about their dying iPhones... if Apple Executives are reading this, it is a free consultation that they really need "innovation" than "improvement"... one factor that BB10 will surely succeed is when Apple stop innovation... people is getting tired... the "WOW" factor has gone... most "i" users I knew stick on "i" devices because of applications and games that are very important and helpful to them... which also means that, there would be lot of "jumpers" going to BB10 if these quality important and usable Apps and games will be made available in BB10...


the L series looks way too much like the iPhone that i wont be surprised if Apple sued RIM once it hits the shelf


What if the L-Series we're seeing isn't even the phone. Its a fake device to keep us salivating until the release. Far-fetched? Yes but entirely possible. Either way, its working and its a beautiful phone. I want my BB10 and I want it now.


I just hope, Blackberry wont be sued by the Apple. That is the last thing Blackberry needs. I know that by looking at the two devices side by side they do not look similar, but if you just look at the contours - it is the same round squared rectangle. By the way regarding this, in the comments of one CNet article I found a link to a petition to reconsider awarding Apple extremely broad patents.


It's a good thing apple didn't make the Droid X or RIM would be in trouble.


I'll agree that in passing looking straight on with the Droid x has a passing resemblance but if u put the pics side by side,mthen see the profile and back og the droids x, they look nothing alike.


From the front, the resemblance in the image is uncanny. I am looking at this on a Droid X2.


.....still waiting.... RIM will surely deliver....


I like the L-Series! I just hope its not a concept!


I think this is the first time that I've thought that this phone looks even halfway decent.

Marknel Pineda

This is the real touchscreen :))
button less very cool.