BlackBerry L-Series Device appears in video?!

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Oct 2012 10:57 pm EDT

I don't know what they're saying (my Spanish is bad) but it sure looks like it... that's not a Dev Alpha A or B... looks like Mexico has turned up a legit BlackBerry 10 L-Series phone on video. Or maybe that's a Dev Alpha C? Lol.. which happens to look a lot like this. ;)

Update: Reading through the comments to this post, it looks and sounds like a standard BB10 walk through like the many we've seen to date. Just in this case that's not the standard Dev Alpha hardware we're used to seeing. No mention is made of the hardware itself. 

Also Note - it's a Vimeo video, if you get an error hit refresh.

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BlackBerry L-Series Device appears in video?!


Is it just me , who thinks that the top and bottom bezel is too thick , well i know we need it to use bezel gestures but still i think they could trim a few mm's. But overall i'd still buy it..

As with most phones, the extra bezel space is utilized by other phone components (camera, etc)... it's likely not empty space.

Right, I dont want to be harsh, but the so waited BlackBerry 10 touch device looks ugly! I said the same about the Dev Alpha B device. Jut louse the top bezel only, if not both. Look at the Sony Xperia S - no top bezel, but there is on the bottom.
Knowing that "the final hardware is done", that makes me feel veeery disappointed. Useless designers at RIM, I swear!

Jesus!! ITS NO THE FINAL DEVICE!!! What word do u dont understood??!! Is the same DevAlphaB with another case, that case is not the final...

Live Long and Prosper!

No shit? How you know is not the final device? What is this then? Dev Alpha C? I dont think so. This is the actual BlackBerry 10 L series we are all waiting for.
So I m stick with my previous post! Useless designers at RIM!

I know, but like i said they can still trim a few mm's without sacrificing the camera, earpiece etc

To be honest he is just talking about the new things on BB 10 that we already know, nothing new, he says nothing about the device, just wondering, he names "blackberry store" and says its an upgrade for app world ... >.>

I confirm, he said they are re-branding App World to "BlackBerry Store" and will eventually include Videos and Music? or Music Videos? one of the 2, it was a little unclear.

Looks very nice! Can't wait.

Can anyone with a dev alpha tell me if we can still switch apps by swiping left or right, or must we swipe up and select our desired app? Thanks

on the dev alpha, you gotta swipe up to minimize and then select another app, the side-swipe gesture is now being used for peek and flow functionality

yea, no swipe left and right for app switching like playbook. but you never know what they may do. when you swipe up and right you open blackberry hub, when you swipe up and left nothing happens (i think they are gonna add something for this gesture).

I really like the swipe left and right. Having to swipe up then switch apps seems kind of backtracking, maybe that's just me. I'm sure I'll get used to it, we'll see what the final OS offers.

Not sure about the device, he actually does not talk about the unit itself but instead gives a run through of Blackberry 10 similar to those you guys had. Also, he calls app world the blackberry store.

The language is Spanish for those interested....

hahaha I just realized it has Mexico in the title so I guess you guys already knew it was Spanish.

The PIN is visible in the video. Leads me to believe it's another Dev Alpha or else the uploader is as dumb as the one who uploaded the last video.

I noticed this as well, but then I realized that he was trying to do what most other people previewing the device have done and was using his index finger instead of his thumb. Shouldn't be an issue, but I guess it is. Also, as what was likely done for emphasis, he completes the full gesture rather slowly, so perhaps in its current iteration the software has trouble registering the gesture if it's not performed fast enough (since it seemed to work better when he did it in one fluid motion?)

I thought so as well but when I watched it a few times it looked like he first showed the guesture with out touching the phone, then he did it

Unless the guy has the steady hands of a surgeon, I disagree.

To me it looks like his finger was on the phone both times; the way he hold his hand indicates, to me, that he is applying pressure with his finger.

Not the end of the world, there's a reason why this is "Beta".

He is Efrain Ponce, Channels Sales Director for Mexico and Central America at RIM.
He's giving an OS walk through

I sure hope they tweak the UI before release. That app grid looks pretty bad. Still have every intention of buying the thing though!

They are, the grey boxes will dissapear at launch and i want them to round the edges of every app. Makes all the app icons and homescreen look nice and unified. Or even if they leave it square and have each app have a top left corner flap and bottom right corner flap - the bottom left could be an icon to show what kind of app it is, i.e. game, media, utility, productivity etc.

That definitely is a L-Series! The guy is talking about the previous mentioned features, like Time Shift (I think that's the name), Peek, BB Hub, etc.

It surely is the BlackBerry L-series based on what we have seen. I'm an Spanish speaker and he was just explaining the basic features of the OS, nothing new from what we have seen from RIM in the BlackBerry Jam Americas. I love to see that the OS running on this phone is smoother than the one the Dev Alpha B is running or at least the hardware seems to be more responsive. The bottom line: The OS needs to be 100% responsive there shouldn't be 2nd touches for displaying actions and swipes. I really hope RIM gets this right because the hardware look very sleek and professional just like the iPhone 5 and some of the high end android devices.

The increase in responsiveness would correlate to a blog posted on CB about how the casing for the DEV ALPHA B device somewhat interferes with the bezel and swiping gestures.

Seeing that keyboard makes me want the L-Series even more every time! But then again, I'd find it hard to text without looking at the keys which is very important when I want to text under a desk or while I'm walking down the street. It's easy to do this on my 9900. I guess I'll have to see which one works best before I walk out the store.

I really hope they use the same material that is on the PlayBook!!! It's so nice, nobody wants a plastic finished phone unless your into android ;)

This looks exactly like the one that was on the patio floor. It has the same "sticker" on the bottom right.

It doesn't look FULLY REFINED so it probably isn't a final, but could definitely be a Beta.

i really hope bb has the ability to capture photos while capturing video like the samsung s3. its a really cool option and would go great with the time capture bb10 is releasing. come on rim, MAKE IT HAPPEN, I BELIEVE!

Hilarious when then were giving the demo of the time warp camera. Girl kept smiling, not knowing he already took the picture. She finally realized, pretended to look at her phone and walked off.

BTW this is Kevin telling us that this is the final version hardware that they were privy to, witohut actually telling us...

Better not be, because it still seems to have that lip on the bottom that prevents smooth swiping, like with the Dev Beta.

Roger Cheng from CNET already said that the phones leaked in the previous marketing video were the same ones that RIM showed them:

"Several renderings have popped up for the two phones, which include one full touch-screen device, and one with a Qwerty keyboard. CNET has seen the devices, and they match up with images posted on CrackBerry's Web site."

Note that he's not talking about this video but about the one from Sept 27.

Hopefully Mexicans will get Kevin's Attention, he is even coming to Mexico in february right Kev? We are stuck with Telcel carrier recstrictions and kev never leaks any OS update for our 9900.

That guy whistles a lot when he speaks. LoL

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

"Blackberry store that is a renovation of App World, .. , it is really a radical change from what we have now"

I like that!!!

Introduction: "My name is ------, Director of ------ in Latin America. Today, I am going to introduce to you our product, BlackBerry 10 [unsure if refering to new platform or actual device] *cut in video* ...a completely different experience from the current [BlackBerry] phones we have at the moment on the market"

Regarding BlackBerry Store: at 1:50 in the video, he says, "Blackberry Store is an innovation-a renovation of App World we we have access to applications, and in the future we will be able to buy videos and music..."

The rest of the video is just demos for BB10 OS functions.


I am curious to know whether he is indeed holding a final product; and whether the BlackBerry AppWorld will be renamed to BlackBerry Store (which makes sense in my opinion). Guesses?

Wow... It's really thin! Looking good so far. Whether it's an Alpha B sans casing or something closer to the final prototype, I like it! :D

I entered to the "HolaTelcel" page and select the BB10 demo... And it actually says that... (Not textual... But it says) that... This the new BB OS... And... "AND"... This is the new devide that RIM will bring to sell...

Therefore I asume... That, this is already the L-Series Device that we were waiting for...

Mexico Rulz!!!!

And sorry for my grammar... I'm a little drunk!!! Cheers

I suspect you are misinterpreting his comment:

“You’ll probably see within an eight-week time space, a full touch device and a QWERTY-touch device,” he said of the first few models which would hit the shelves.

So this means that when the touch device launches (in Q1 of 2013) we will see, within 8 weeks of that all-touch launch date, the qwerty-touch device launched.

This does NOT mean we'll see the all touch device before mid-December 2012. All touch = Q1 2013, qwerty = Q2 2013.

Anyone else notice this...when he was taking the picture with time warp...the phone he was holding looked really long and thing, and the rest of the video looked wider!

Yeah he opens the camera app and then there is a cut in filming, and when it's back the phone is long and thin, not well proportioned like the device before the cut hahaha

Thanks for posting the unlisted YouTube link. Looks awesome!

BB 10 - The Resurrection! Coming to a pocket near you (Q1 2013).

The vimeo isn't playing at all, or loading at all, just a farmland image. Thanks for the youtube link and for the people assuming/saying/prematurely judging it...


A really thin Dev Alpha device...Also, the DevAlpha doesn't have Blackberry written on the lower end of the screen.

Dev Alpha C? I doubt it!!! It's definitely the real thing, it might be not completely finished hardware, but it's almost what we will see next year.

Whinging people......stop whining.....a rectangular phone can only be a rectangular phone. Sony Xperia T is an awesome bit of kit but doesn’t look exciting. It ain't what you do but the way that you do!!

That is NOT a DevAlpha Device. It IS the final hardware that WILL be the BlackBerry L-Series. Like it or not (I like it) this is exactly the finished hardware running non-finished software.