BlackBerry L-Series to be named the BlackBerry Z10 at launch?

By Bla1ze on 20 Dec 2012 03:57 pm EST
BlackBerry Z10

Sure looks that way according to a new image posted over at Unwired View courtesy of @evleaks, who just so happens to have a pretty solid track record of info in the Android world. As you can see, the image also shows off the white version of what has better been known as the BlackBerry 10 L-Series line for the past few months. As noted by evleaks:

According to the marketing material pictured below, obtained by a reliable source, RIM is jettisoning the traditional four-digit model numbers in favor of a shorter, catchier nomenclature; the full-touch device, currently known by its “L-series” designation, should come to market as the BlackBerry Z10, in both black and white.

The jury among us CrackBerry writers is still out on whether or not we like the name but what do you all think of it? Sound off in the comments below and let us know.

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BlackBerry L-Series to be named the BlackBerry Z10 at launch?


Did anyone else hear a French/German guy's accent saying, "This is ze 10" as in "This the 10"? For some reason I always think of a French guy saying "the" as "zee" lol

That was EXACTLY my thought - especially from a company based in Canada, whose director of marketing is French.

Frank Boulben, you sneaky rascal...

Still not sure whether I like the name in general though.

Can't stand the name. I can just see the poking fun now. Canadians call it the 'zed-10' while Americans call it the 'zee-10'.

Plenty of cars/motorcycles have "Z" in their model name.
Hasn't been a problem for American/Canadian consumers so far.
In fact "Z" usually denotes a racier version of a particular model.

Actually, that kinda comes together, with X meaning 10 in roman numerology ZX = Z10. If they do that I will be forever thinking of the Nissan (Datsun??) 280ZX.

Why wouldn't they just keep it simple and call it L10 and N10?

that being said, the name of the phone isn't what makes it awesome, the hardware and software will do that on their own!

Completely agree with you, should have called it L10 and N10. That way when future versions of this phone come out, they could call it the same thing. That is what is great about product marketing names. For example, people know what an iphone is the same way people know what a samsung galaxy is. Other brands are catching onto this idea as well with their flagship phones like HTC with their One line of phones. It would make sense for blackberry to have keep the L-series name since they are likely to release more phones in both series.

On another note, calling it Z10 makes me think that this is should be a ZTE phone name. Anyone else?

Don't care about the name... But disappointed by the black bezel in the white version. I was really hoping that it would look like the rendered one...

Totally agree with you, if its gonna be white, then it should be all white with the logo and name in black, and exactly inverted version of the black.

BB by choice !!

Ya I don't really care either. The way of useing a word like bold, curve etc. Feels uniquely blackberry but whatever there marketing team comes up with should be fine.

Although were canadian so is it zee10, or zed10

I go for lunch and come back and this is what's posted in the mean time...


Is it Zee 10 or Zed 10?

Canadians say Zed. But Americans will say Zee. Then you have two product names and nobody knows which is right.

Corvette's top of the line cars seem to be doing fine bro.

When someone mentions a Z06 or ZR1, you know its a Corvette. Or maybe I'm just a car aficionado. I do like the move to alpha/numeric naming convention, like most high end cars. With all the phone names getting tossed around, it tends to get confusing.

they might be doing fine in the US, not sure on globally.

I totally get kevins point, you need a name that sounds the same the world over. iphone, galaxy, lumia they all work, so does bold curve and torch, z10 simply doesnt due to zee and zed.

P9981 worked because P is said the same.

Believe it or not my father has a zr1 and a zo6 and those names are sick!!! If i hate something when it first comes out i always end up loving it. Thats how i know i will love this name. Cuz i hate it right now. Im american and i like zed 10 better. Idk why but i was syarting to dig l series. My two cents.

"The New BlackBerry Z10, Elegant, Efficient, Extraordinary"

Would have been ok with L-series but hey its all good just get the damn phone in my hand.

I think BlackBerry Z (pronounced Zed) 10 sounds great. But I'm concerned when it comes to naming successive models. Would the followup model be the Z10 2? Z11?

I like it. When I hear 'Z' I think of a fast car (Z28, Mazda Z) It gives me hope that they aren't gong to recycle the old names.

I actually like it. Just the other day i was thinking they should so ditch the numbers thing. Was really unbecoming... On another note. I'm also liking the video chat show off.

They could dump the numbers and still have it make sense. Where did the "Z" come from?? Its been the "L-Series" up until now....I know it was a codename, but the "BlackBerry L10" would have been perfect. Also, the next one could be the "L11".

I just hope they take the approach of other companies and drop the differntiating names/numbers for the different cell technologies. The name does not need to be different for VZW and AT&T. The end user doesn't care (at least in the US), they just get the correct version from their carrier. That was always unnecessary confusion.

I am 100% sure they RIM will NOT call it the Z10. Thats just a place holder for the real name folks. Mark my words!!!

in the time it took for me to get from my phone to laptop i warmed up to the look of the black/white model, not bad but all black is still my color of choice

Out with the Old and In with the new. They can't afford for people to associate the new BlackBerry 10 with the old BlackBerry that got them in the mess in the first place.
I'm all for it !

I suspected L-series was an internal name... but Z10 sounds cheesy to me, and far too ripe for some parody French accent toking about zee new blackberrrry zee10...

I'm Okay with the Name.

I am in LOVE with the black one.

Why on earth do they have the black bezel for the white phone!!?!??!?? Please make it white to match!!


I, For the life of me, simply cannot come up with any inkling of an idea as to why they are doing that (the blck/white combo). I've been trying for a while to theorize some possible reasons they would do that but.. nada

Maybe they have a 'double agent" in their design department who actually works for Nokia--at the design meeting he's like "matching colors aren't cool anymore. People want to be off put and jarred by the look of their phone! That's the trend now"

That's the best they could come up with. Your about to launch the platform of the future and assign it a name like Z10. Not very Imaginative. BlackBerry should hold a contest for the name and give the winner a new phone. I mean really Z10!!!

Well I didnt think "L series" would be the final name, but I did think the model would be something more inline with L.... L10?

I am in the camp that says who cares what they name it just sell it to me :-). But I do like the sound of Zed 10.

They're setting themselves up for the trolls! I can just hear them now..."oh look, it's the Blackberry ZzzzZzzzZ10! "

:( I really wish they will not use that. Z is the last letter in alphabet, if they want to use alphanumeric names, they should start with A.

But I guess it's ok as long as all the future full touchscreen devices are named Z series. And not using any other nicknames because it will only make it confusing and harder to remember.

I'm not sure what to think right. Z10 sounds like a line of exercise equipment or system i.e P90X. What will the N-series be called? I'm guessing it will have '10' somewhere in the title. N10? Q10? Maybe RIM liked how people call the Galaxy phones S2, S3, etc.

What will the next all touch phone be called next year or the year after? Or Aristo? Interesting how this will play out..

Hate the name, why not just call it the "london"?? It sticks, its different and one would imediately think premium with that name. The camaro and corvette comparissons are terrible. The Z28/ZR1 have terrible build quality when it comes to the materials used excluding some carbon fiber I believe that's on the ZR1 but anyway I'm really digging the "London" name

Its a miracle we're even seeing this type of BB. Thanks blasille and lazardis............................. *_* If they change the Bezel on the white one, neither phone will ever make it to market. don't phuck this up!!!!

If it doesn't make dollars, how does it make sense????????

I don't really care what they call the L-series but if they're looking for a name for the N-series, I think since the keyboard is basically the same it should be called the Bold 10 !

I think everyone is missing the bigger picture (no pun intended). That there is a white phone! Sure it doesn't look that great right now but with high res pictures and a final product, I'm sure it will look just as good as the black. As long as they offer both colours I couldn't care less about what they call it.

It's Zee10. It's a name, there's no argument to be had. ie ZeeZee Top. It's not a stand alone letter.. Learn English.

Don't care if they take a leaf out of apples book at call it 'THE NEW BLACKBERRY'. Need one, Want one, roll on January 30th.

I'm assuming the only reason why the white Blackberry have a black bezel around it is simply because RIM wanted Blackberry to remain iconically black to match its name, rather than for example a white Blackberry Bold, which is fully white, it just doesn't match the name.

Not a fan of Z10 but you can call it the Blackberry BLTN (Better late than never) 10 or the Blackberry Not Gonna Have a Spinning Clock 10 or the Blackberry Not Gonna HAve To Pull The Battery Again 10 all I kow is that I want one (or both)

i dont know if this has been said by someone else yet but I think a great name for the new BB's should be the 'X' series. Kinda a play off the old BBX that cant be used anymore. But think of it like this....the 'New blackberry X" and then they could use the X1 and X2 and so on. sounds pretty badass IMO.

Agree--since X means 10 and the letter is rather sexy (as is the phone), why not? So long as they call it the "BlackBerry X-10", there'll be no legal problems with the name. If fans call it a BBX, well, that's our prerogative. And, yeah, badass too!

What do you have?

Iphone 5, Galaxy 3/note, Lumia*insert number*, Xperia, HTC One, motorola something, Z 10.

I think it works.

Not a fan of Z10 here, hope RIM changes it... I will be in line to get it first tho, probably just call it my BB10 phone !

All I can think of is WHY does the white model have a BLACK interior!?!

Also, still disappointed the N series--sorry--X10, have such a smaller screen than the Z10? The two phones should have been the same height, giving the X10 a screen size of (width x height) 720 x 1000 or something like that, instead of a square.

Anyways, will still be picking up a BB, but the X10 is ruled out--I can't go back to small screens.

As for the new names. I don't mind them. Z10 is bit weird (just the Z part), but X10 is cool. In any case, I think they're ok.

I think blackberry Apollo would be great and blackberry Lunar. But if they are sticking with the latter I'd go with Z1 and F1 just because they sound better and easier for when the sequels come out.. for example Z2 and F2 etc.

I don't care what name it's given. I think it's another internal name for the official one might be different.

Hey everyone, don't get your panties in a knot. Remember that you can do amazing things with Photoshop. Let's just wait to see what comes out Jan 30. Until then all the ranting and raving will do nothing.

Personally, I think it's a test name to see what people think. At this time, they probably have 2-3 final candidates. When they get the reactions of others, they'll make a final decision IMHO. It seems that most leaks are allowed out or we'd have seen some of those major apps they're holding tight to themselves.

ill be honest im ok with the name. seeing the white one is making me second guess if i want a L or N >.<