BlackBerry L-Series appears on camera once again, looking mighty fine

By Bla1ze on 17 Sep 2012 07:13 pm EDT
BlackBerry 10

We've seen some BlackBerry L-Series leaks in the past but a new set of images are now making their rounds. Like the other leaks, it's hard to say how final the hardware is here but the devices are still carrying the serial numbers and such indicating they're certainly still test units.

While not a whole lot is revealed, you can see the battery door and where the NFC contacts appear to be like on current BlackBerry smartphones. Again, not a whole lot can be taken from the photos but we're only mere days away from BlackBerry Jam Americas where we're hoping RIM will share some more details. You can catch one more shot below.

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Source: BlackBerryItalia; Thanks, ad19!

BlackBerry 10

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BlackBerry L-Series appears on camera once again, looking mighty fine


Are you actually judging based on a low res picture?

This picture does nothing for what it actually looks and feels like. Its actually quite stunning in person. Especially when it is turned on and you see how amazing the screen looks.

U mean the plastic wrap???? Puhaha u are a tard... U can't event tell what's under that plastic wrapping... And if u look at the second pic the top and bottom look matte black.. Retard

Oh yeah... That ugly Playbook was made out of cheap looking Black Plastic too. Remind me how many Playbooks did RIM sell?? Oh yeah, not enough and it almost broke RIM..

So why-o-why would they make their new full screen phone out of the same cheap material on their failed Playbook??

Like I said below.. This is the mistake of the century. I really feel bad for all of RIM's poor employees that are relying on this ugly, flat black plastic, cheap looking device to drive sales.. :(

Right, it looks like any other Android phone from 2010 or early 2011 with dull black plastic above & below the screen. It's a carbon copy of the Original Motorola Droid 1..

I just can't see how RIM thinks this design is a good representation of the BlackBerry Brand. Nor can I see how RIM thinks this design is going to save the company.

This is the mistake of the century..

Given every iphone looks the same - I don't see much wrong here. So long as the function is there and the apps are there, I think it's just fine.

I agree, this phone looks outdated, +app world can't match the competitor, +it has no physical keyboard = RIM is dead… I’m starting to plan which Samsung will replace my 9900.

How does this look outdated compared to any other phone out there? If you want outdated then look at any HTC phone, or even iPhone. Besides - who said this isn't still a concept design?
Oh and on a side note, please follow up on what is going on in the world. There will be a version with full qwerty keyboard - this is the touch screen model.

Enjoy the Samsung and Android experience. While you enjoy that also enjoy the waiting for the next Android update which will probably be 6-9 months after the announcement. Also, enjoy the life span of your new beauty which for Android lasts 6-18 months before it is no longer supported. Also enjoy the same styling that you are critical of RIM for, basically all touch screen smart phones are slabs. Have fun.

So, being the genius that you are, exaxtly what should an all touch screen phone look like??
Everyone here has no problem telling us what it shouldn't look like, but, ask them what it should look like and what they would like to see and silence ensues.

At the end of the day, you have a 4" =/- screen that you have to work around which leaves little room for revolutionary designs.

Now since iphone 5 is out, everybody think that all the smartphones companys have do do the same....common, apple have a lot of money why the dont do platinum or titanium ????? Or all of you out there, do you have a aluminium lcd tv in your home??? Rim try to save the company is not easy to sace a company sorry....if you like to have the same phone as millions others, then yea buy an iphone 5 , 6 , or 7 blackberry bold 9900 still a fantastic high end device ....

I dont mind the look of it. Reminds me of the playbook.
Also blackberry looks pretty awesome in its minimalist design- very professional, just what they're aiming for. know that plastic overlay protection comes off...clearly you can't be talking about the actual phone! I mean who in their right sane mind judges an unofficially test product from a low-res photo? Oh, right...that would be you!

As far as I can recall, there have been no QWERTY BB10 leaks. Whose in charge here?! Get on this ASAP! We need QWERTY leaks!!!

Yep, I agree too. I'm kinda glad to see some hot news about BB10, makes me feel it is really close. But at the same time I want to keep some tension and secrets for the D-Day once it comes :)

I was wondering what the white shape was on the bottom of the phone in the past leaks...the phone looks great in the bottom pic! Can't wait to see the keyboard version

It looks like an IMEI sticker for quick reference network setup.
Of course I doubt there's anyone gutsy enough to verify/deny that out there......nudge nudge wink wink.

Flip over that battery door! I want to see the back of the device

I like the camera placement means we can use those addon iphone lenses with the L series.

I want the new one with the keyboard.
I am excited about the BB10 phones to come. I hope like hell they do it right and kick some butt in the market place. I love my 9930 and discover new things it does all the time.

I wonder whether it is screen from side to side, or it has a small touch bazel like the PlayBook. I watched all of the demos and am not sure how those gestures are performed - directly from display or from a bezel?

Looking really nice!

I want it! That and the qwerty version!

We need pics of the qwerty!!!!!!!!!

I totally understand your POV.

NOT. Dude, you replaced your 8330 with an S3. I mean, no duh it can do more.

It's people like you that are so closed minded and with old hardware that doesn't even compare to the new one that make me lose hope in humanity.

/end of feeding troll's unfair for someone who's owned 3 year old hardware/software to get a new non-blackberry phone and then to make a valid comparison between the two.

Of course some would say even if you compared BBOS 7.1 to recent oferrings BlackBerry comes out the loser.

IMHO, comparing the stock OS and capabilities I think BBOS is just as functional as any other OS. It's when you bring an ecosystem (apps, content, cloud, etc.) into the fold, that BBOS shows it's age. To this day, emailing, texting, instant messaging, and notification handling on iOS and Android are worse in comparison to BBOS.

Unrelated, but it's funny how apple and google tout the cloud like they invented it b/c BlackBerry pioneered cloud solutions before they were even called "cloud." (Hint hint, BES and BIS). Apple and Google do deserve credit for consumerizing cloud computing though.

Honestly, BlackBerry comes with more core OS functions than any other OS.

With iOS and especially Android, you need a bunch of apps to do what BBOS does natively.

BB10 is going to take what BBOS has and make it with a sleek new interface and a totally new Base Operating System. It'll be like getting an Android, iOS, WP8, Blackberry phone but without the control of Apple, without the lack of organization of Android, without the (no clue what WP8 has and doesn't have) and without the aged OS of BlackBerry.

But honestly, BBOS7.1 is really the best and I wouldn't trade it for any other phone.

I'm even scared BB10 doesn't come with the same "productivity" the BB7.1 does to me and others.

exactly!!! i stumbled on a youtube video where they were comparing the Blackberry 9900 with the galaxy S3 and iphone 4S i mean they have got to be kidding. no $hit the S3 and 4S are going to outperform the Blackberry


Don't be daft. The Bold 9900 is the premium Blackberry out there...and the 9900 came out around the same time as the 4S.

That was utterly the worst post I have ever read! Your post was filled with too many "I's" and the fact that you refer to your BlackBerry device as if it was a romantic partner rather than a tool makes you sound like a pathetic wuss! Grow a pair! Your complaints on battery and signal are ridiculous. If you are actively using your device that means you are charging it a new battery and check with your carrier on signal coverage before playing the blame game on RIM's BlackBerry and comparing an older BlackBerry to the latest Samsung...what were you even thinking?

Yes, that's me. Right behind Kevin on being a BlackBerry Fanboy lol. I hate those trolling comments. And it will be the TK Justice that you'll want to see!

Justice 'coming soon' - both for your concept design and RIM i hope!
can't wait to see it. . for now I'm a qwerty keyboard guy and love your designs on that as well. only quesrion I've had - the edge to edge design looks cool, but do you think some kind of 'border' would be needed to protect the keys from snagging when going in and out of pocket? I'm sure you've got it covered, just can't see it in the concept.

I have fully addressed a number of issues which include the curved screen to keyboard. The overall look has been updated, but keeps the same awesome BlackBerry personality of design for the most part. I'm working on the write-up and should be done fairly soon.

sounds like he wasn't thinking at all. i always try to compare things that are 2-3 years old to a newer device. makes perfect sense.


The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.

Hard to give up the trackpad.... sometimes I find myself reaching for one on my PB! Even though the new pics look slick and streamlined, it still looks a bit Droid-esque.

I totally agree! I do like the look of it, but it doesn't seem like something new. it actually looks like the Dev Alpha. It just has the word BLACKBERRY on it. However, I still can't wait for it to launch. This will put the BBFam, back in the Royal House!


Not overly impressed by the design to be completely honest. The top of the phone seems so empty without the Blackberry logo but the internals is what really matters. The phone itself is just what you end up breaking :p

I remember RIM saying that the first BB10 phones were going to come out with a colour never before seen on a BB. But it seems like this phone is black, a colour seen so many times. I know this might not be the actual phone that comes out but I was just wondering if anybody had any news on the colour. Besides that, the phone looks good for a full touch screen berry.

thorsten has said it, i think it may have been at the BlackBerry World keynot but i can't say for sure as i don't fully remember

perhaps it"ll be the color of an actual fruit, the blackberry which is liek a DEEEEEEPPPP purple almost black, which you really can't tell from the pic

I think you're referring to the limited edition BB10 phones that early devs will receive in exchange for turning in their dev alpha devices. RIM has stated it will offer to anyone who returns the dev alpha device and submits an app to app world a limited edition BB10 phone in a clolr never before seen on a BB.

The more photos I see of the touchscreen device, the more I am tempted to get one of them instead of waiting for the one with the physical keyboard.

what is that sticking out of the bottom of the device on the first picture. and no, not the label on the bottom right.

I'm with you but I want to know the overall dimensions of this device. Particularly the height and width. Why can't that be part of the leaks?

It just looks slick! I'm loving the clean button-less face. Sure it looks like much out there as there is only so much that can be done, but we all know that it will certainly act completely different. If this test unit becomes final I will be about 90% happy. I'm having gripes on the fact that the whole back comes off!?! I would make it more in line with the battery door of the 9810. This would be one of the last exterior changes I would make.

Why are these leaks coming from so far away? Why isn't anyone questioning that?

Since you crackberry guys have actually seen the final hardware you mind giving us some more info about how final this hardware is? Lol.... I CANNOT wait for BB10! So excited!

I guess that would get Kevin (and other editors who got to see the actual BB London) to quite a lot of trouble with RIM. Believe that it is as hard for Kevin to not tell us anything more as for us to wait for some trusted information :)

I like it I wish we could see a picture next to something like a soad can or a hand to give it size prespective

Apps plus OS, if there is nothing compelling about the OS I can't see apps sellng it. They never catch iPhone in Apps, so i still say its the OS.

Most important of all it's advertising and PR who will sell it. PlayBook is one hell of an awesome tablet, but RIM failed to advertise it properly. I know it's more complicated, but I believe it was the main problem, so I hope they learn from their mistakes and will rock n' roll the media once BB10 devices arrive :)

I like the leaked photos I have seen of the full touch version and it does look a little like a Droid as mentioned.Any leaks on the qwerty keyboard versions? Would like to see what changes if any are forthcoming. Will it resemble other current 99xx or will it be totally something new?

I would like to see a side shot to get an idea of the thickness of the device. I hope this phone brings the thinness only for the sake of limiting the criticism of the iPhone crowd. We know that this phone will easily wipe the floor with the iPhone 5 as we know the hardware is at least as good and BB 10 isn't using an Adobe Air UI and will utterly fly on modern high end hardware. But iPhone 5 and it's 7.6mm profile will be a source of criticism from the to little to late crowd if this phone comes in on the thicker side of the spectrum.

Personally, just launch it already and take my money!

I'd bet on it being in the 9-10mm range, Rim are never one of the absolute thinnest and having a removable battery always adds to the thickness of any phone as well.

i hope it doesn't have the same type of interface as in the playbook. i'am not a huge fan of that interface.

I hate to be Debbie Downer but it looks like a bootleg iPhone 5. There's nothing unique and interesting about it. People are going to walk by pass.

I don't see a home button do you?

Plus, it's the UI that will impress as long as there are posters or sales people giving basic gesture instructions people will be WOWED by the UI.

Plus, minimalist design is in right now and Apple makes billions by being minimalist. If this phone is classy, reasonably thin, and the UI is fresh and intuitive, then many FORMER BlackBerry users who are currently iPhone users who passed on the 5 because it offered more of the same, may very well take a real close look at this phone.

Marketing is key and RIM needs to convince consumers and Wall St that they are not going anywhere and can deliver the next 10 years of growth in mobile computing as promised. RIM is the only company in the world that like Apple, owns the complete ecosystem. If RIM really hits it out of the park with BB 10 they will rise back to their former glory as long as they don't get complacent again.

Hmm, I really hope Apple doesn't sue because this looks too close to the black iPhone 5 (or very nearly so)...just without a home button. I do hope RIM's final design will be more distinct and different because RIM can't leave any possibility for Apple to sue them; RIM can't withstand Apple suing them for millions at this rate.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

This almost certainly is the final design, they won't be changing anything major at this point in a project, final hardware might have a different finish or something, but not major design changes.

To the people that says 'it looks like any other touchscreen phone' what do you expect, it's a touchscreen phone! How different could a slab with the front being all screen can actually be? It's when the display is powered on & the actual OS is what will set it apart from the rest.

Honestly, there's not much you can do with an all touch device. They're all almost alike. Especially droid evices. I can't tell which is which! Hopefully the L will have a chrome bezel to stand out from the rest.

LETS SEE THAT N SERIES!!!! Thats what everyone is REALLY waiting for!!! I'm just hopeing the screen size will be significantly bigger to support the os! Something along the lines of that titan tk2 victory! I know the res is 720x720 with 53mm width. And there's talks of 3.1 inch diagnol. That's not far from the torch's 3.2 inch diagnol. Ill take that with the classic 9900 qwerty! Run it Rim! Let's see it!

In Other news Yahoo is dropping RIM services and giving their employees a phone of there choice the new iphone 5 ,windows 8 nokia 920 , the S3 or HTC evo i believe. While we wait patiently on bb10 the world seems to be moving on .I really do hope its worth the wait and they are able to regain some market share hope its not a big disappointment..........

Yahoo, a supposedly dead company, evidently considers RIM to be a dead company :) that´s what you call an irony :)

Would be very disappointing if the BB10 phone was mostly made out of plastics like all the android phones.

and whats a curve made out of or the 9700 bold, or the torchs. the only metal trimmed BBs have been the 9000 and 9900, yet they have always been pretty tough and resiliant

the fact is plastic or polycarbonate has more flex and bend to it then aluminum so when dropped there is not so much shock spread through the guts and Glass screen. the plastic sort of acts like a shock absorber

The fact is that, weight for weight, modern plastics are stronger than aluminum. Apple have made a marketing advantage out of a feature that is not, in fact, particularly good. Aluminum is better for laptops because it is more rigid than polycarbonate or filled epoxies, though IBM for years had a magnesium chassis with overmolded plastics, that was very strong. Phones are smaller and rigidity is much less important.
My next boat is going to be polyurethane/carbon fiber/kevlar composite. It isn't cheap, but it will out-perform aluminum in every possible way.

The things on the battery door are giving me some hope that the new devices will having charging contacts! I hope that is what those dots are, landscape charging contacts.

they're for the NFC radio built into the battery door. Doesn't mean there won't be charging contacts, but those would not be them. (

It is actually the antenna for the NFC that is in the battery door rather than the radio itself, but that will be the point of those contacts.

Odds are that there won't be any charging contacts, maybe if we are lucky it will include the playbook charger along with normal microusb, but the odds are that they won't since it would take up more space than they could spare.

I like it and I want it now!

I can't understand why people whine about it being similar to any full touch phone out there. If that's a bad thing then you'd be b****ing too about the back iPhone, the black Nokia, the black Galaxy, the black HTC... Seriously, how different can this style of phone be? A super exotic design can be hardly conceived, but RIM has not the same available money as Apple to come up with an exotic BlackBerry.

So, inside what's reachable for RIM, this phone looks pretty nice.


I hope he next Bold has an elongated screen so we can view pictures horizontally and portrait if we want.

I've given up hoping this ugly thing isn't the real deal, and moved on to hoping that it's better in person than in these pics

Notice how Bla1ze didnt refer to this as the London this time? Just L series...I dont believe this is London. Maybe Louisiana?

If the top and bottom has that coarse texture, which seems so on the pix, I think it would be a unique feel. I just hope that the screen isnt really as reflective as the 2nd picture is currently hinting at. I don't feel it would be plastic anyhow, they have taken design elements from the playbook which has a solid and premium feel. Ideally they should/would follow that :)

Looks like the iphone 5 if you ask me. Though it's only a low resolution photo it just looks cheaper. Hoping for a better finish and build quality to match my PlayBook

Looks cool ! Hope it does take to long to land in South Africa !

Thank you
Bold 9700; Playbook 16Gb 0S 2.0

I truly hope this is not what RIM is bringing to the market as a flagship. looks too narrow and that screen doesnt strike as being anything more than a 4" awful reminder of the iPhone5

Pls RIMM, don't come to town with anything less than a 4.5" on your full touch screen line.

It looks good, which is to say that it looks exactly like half of the Android touchscreen phones out there. I'm not getting the "Wow this thing is awesome looking" vibe that some of you others are getting.

I m sue it will be a great oh and I will own one but.... I Don't like what looks to be the flash and camera lens In the middle side I would prefer it at the top, with the PlayBook its fine cause that's how u hold it but with the ph u ussually always have it up the other way so ur hands will be covering it up, what do u think

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errrr is it just me or does it look like the phone has been photoshopped into the photo onto the desk..looks really dodgy/2D? anyone else see it?

the second photo that is..

I love it, and as others have been saying, the all touchscreen device looks more and more tempting every time a new leaked photo is released.

I hope it looks better then this,.. been waiting too long for bland!! I went to Verizon and all Blackberries are cleared from displays. RIM needs to do something to keep the people informed there still in the game. This has to look better then the average phone and work better then any phone. I hope this isn't final product. Im slowly being swayed by other products. The Nokia 920 is a nice device, I 5 is sharp. S3 is classy. COME ON RIM!!!!!!

Hardcore BB user here, I'm still the only guy my in regions IT staff that has a BB. Boss gave us all free reign over which smartphone we wanted. I am holding out for BB10.

BUT, gotta be honest. I am really disappointed by the leaks and REALLY hope they are still early samples and not final product.

I mean come on, it looks like a mini-playbook. We all know how well that sold compared to the other tablets (which all had inferior hardware) I own two PB's so I did my part but seriously, unless there is some drastic change in the hardware design we are not going to win this in the long haul.

I know RIM's bread and butter is enterprise, who want a solid system and not purdy phones, well guess what. That is no longer the case just look at the yahoo announcement yesterday.

On top of that you are never going to convince the kid demo to switch from an Android or Iphone to a BB with a design such as we currently have.
I really wish RIM would go out on a limb and make one of the concepts we have seen on CB.

ARGH so frustrating RIM.

Why are they leaking so many photos of the full touch device? When i think of blackberry's, i think of qwerty. Its nice to see a full touch bb10 being made, but if i wanted a full touch one, i would be looking at dif companies and os's. Full touch = entertainment, qwerty=messaging/business device. Since bb aint kown for their ''entertainment'' value , why don't they leek at least leak one photo of the n-series? That's prolly the major factor why ppl prefer blackberry's over other devices cause bb exclusive services like bbm aint enough to get the crowds crazy ,,,, (whatsapp +- the same thing.....). Its a plus dont get me wrong but if bbm would be that ''majestic'', every other company would do the same thing. Just my opinion though.

L-series is looking nice and will prolly be a good competitor for the ones intrested in full touchscreens ^^

Is there any photos properly taken? most of the photos have the shadow of the camera and reflection of light. I think these pictures are morphed. They are using the Dev Alpha device pictures to manipulate people like us.

This one looks like any Android phone exept with a Blackberry logo on it ! Now we have to wait 4
(6 ?) months for it !! :(

Looks stunning! Swear to god if i see the hour glass...ill be the 1st one to throw it in the garbage.
RIM live up to the expectations of your lovers.