From the Forums: The BlackBerry L concept with a twist

By James Richardson on 21 Aug 2014 08:14 am EDT

With all eyes being on the BlackBerry Passport recently it's been a while since we've featured a BlackBerry 10 concept. Jumping into our dedicated forums section I found the above images that have put together by AndrewZhilin and although he has done some great design work I'm not so sure I can see BlackBerry making this one.

Although I kind of like the look of the BlackBerry L concept I think it's pretty safe to say we won't be getting our hands on a device like this anytime soon. Although BlackBerry have been down the 'slider' route before with the BlackBerry Torch they've not yet gone for this 'twist' design. Others have though in the past if my memory serves me right. I think both Nokia and Motorola had similar design ideas some years ago with limited success.

I'm not a gambling man but if I was to put my money on BlackBerry introducing some mechanics once again to their BlackBerry 10 designs I would put my money on another slider rather than one like this. Either way, it's great to see some new ideas so many thanks for the contribution Andrew.

Let us know what you think of this one in the comments or discuss in the forums?

Head on over to the BlackBerry L concept forum thread

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From the Forums: The BlackBerry L concept with a twist


I get invalid file too when I try to play it. This same article was also posted yesterday on along with like 5 other news articles crackberry posted. Where's the originality.

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This issue is resolved. Clear your data cache and reopen the post. It will now play the video.

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Issue was fixed. I clear data on the app and works perfect now. Still, it took some time for the app to clear data and then acted a little funny and had to close and reopen two times. Working fine now!

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Interesting idea for sure and props to the guy who rendered this because it looks great but its a little far out there

I'm not one to judge often, but why bash the crap out do the guy's work in the post. Why not just keep it to facts and let all of us readers debate it in the post.

And for the record, I like the design. However, the twist mechanics are a bit slower a bit more awkward than a slider.

"Bash the crap out of the guy"?? Really!? I said it was a bit far out there but I gave the guy props for making it because it looks great! CrackBerry posts articles so we can discuss our thoughts in the comments. If you don't want to hear anybody else's opinions don't read the comments.

And for the record, the phone looks great and I like the idea :)

No one has invented a screen slider yet. That would be cool. It would be a huge engineering challenge; but, picture a device that at first glance is a Bold. You pull the screen down OVER the physical keyboard. Now you have a Z10/Z30! This is a paradigm shift from a slider. The BlackBerry Trick.

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Hey, don't get me wrong we need designers like Andrew to push the looks etc , but this one is not for me.

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Just go back a week or two... this is the second time writing about this twist concept. slow news day I suppose :)

Invalid file

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Why wait? If you don't mind the bigger screen, the battery life on the Z30 is awesome. And if you live in Canada, you can get it for $0 on contract.

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Neat idea but the engineering is much easier in Photoshop than it would be in a manufacturing process.

I would love to see the return of a keyboard slider. The torch is my favorite HW design by BlackBerry yet.

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I get the error too. To watch the video, hit the discuss in forum link in the post. Once in the forums hit the vimeo link.


No offense to the designer on a fine job, but for me as a real phone; ugh . . yuck . . no thanks . .

There's no advantage to this. You might as well just get a passport. We want a slider! Say NO to square screens.

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It's cool design, but flex problem. Who needs dat. Just like u said Nokia did it and it nvr made waves.

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Cool, but the mechanics have to be sound with all metal hinges and the phone has to be light!

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The Motorola Flipout was an idea something like this. It was too low spec, but it wasn't a bad idea in itself. The big problem with sliders is that being thin is now seen as essential, to the extent that battery replacement and life suffer.

[edit - the Flipout now sells for ridiculous money, like €180, much more than equivalent all touch phones. Some people obviously liked it.]

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Forget about normal keyboard devices. There are so many users that switched to virtual keyboards so it is obsolete now to promote hard keyboards....BlackBerry can't afford to make experiences, it must to hit the bulls eye!

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Yuck, too small/square, screen. A slider like Torch but with at least 4" screen would be better i think.

Ugly as can be. And it's super thick. Phones coming closer to paper thin, who would want one as thick as a paperback. I didn't need to see the file here as I saw it elsewhere yesterday.

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With all due respect to the designer...HEEEELLL NOOOOOO!

Enough with the physical keyboard phones. We've got two coming out this fall.

How about some new designs for the Z10 and Z30 replacement phones?

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BBRY doesn't need to make ANOTHER new device with specs that are different than everything else they have. It's what drives app development crazy

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Nice render job, but although I am a big fan of sliders and the like, it's only so we can benefit from a full sized screen. I don't see much point in having a square phone with a twist out keyboard when we have the Passport.

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My wifi entered the BlackBerry world via the old 8520 at work, but when she switched to the 9800 she fell in love with the brand. Now she uses a Q10 (real keyboard is a must) but she misses the flip solution like this concept.

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Interesting concept, but I would actually prefer a slider design. I do like the look of the phone and the silver trim. I would love to see what AndrewZhilin could come up with as a slider concept. Nice work.

Personally I would buy this phone! It looks awesome, maybe not a square screen though maybe a 4:6 screen one that's rectangular so we don't have bars when watching films or videos. I like the look though and if it came out I would buy it (500$ price range Canadian)