BlackBerry Kopi gets comparison photos with Q5

By Adam Zeis on 8 Apr 2014 12:44 pm EDT

We've seen quite a bit of the unreleased BlackBerry Kopi over the last few weeks, and again today it has turned up in some shiny new images. This time around the Kopi isn't flying solo, rather it's standing in side-by-side with the BlackBerry Q5 for a bit of comparison.

There are quite a few similarities between the two QWERTY devices, notably the keyboard, button placement and size. When you break it down, the Kopi could very well pass for a Q5 variant (and vice versa) aside from the different specs between the two. It's still unsure if we'll ever see the Kopi hit store shelves, but we have been seeing and awful lot of it lately, so you never know. Hit up the source link for more photos.

Source: Via: BerryFlow

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BlackBerry Kopi gets comparison photos with Q5


Which is why it was a good idea to just cancel this project. BlackBerry shouldn't be wasting time on so many (slightly) different phones...


3 keyboard phones (classic, high end, low end)
2 all touch phones (high end, low end)

Keep the names for a couple of years to build device loyalty.

Too many new devices just confuses the average user looking for a new device.

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If possible I'd like to see 4 all touch devices updated yearly. High end big screen (Z30), low end big screen (Z3), high end normal size screen (Z10), low end normal size screen (tbd).

That's a better idea. No more of this Z10 noise without usb otg and miracast and all those features that we can't have because we don't want the big ass screen.

And now we have the Classic the Q20 to confuse users and I.T. Support just that much further!

- is it a high end or low end device?
- this requires it's own manual and documentation for end user and corporate support (different interactive and menu structure).
- this requires more $$ for specific ads and target marketing in the various markers globally and has value to only a specific demographic!!!
- now the KEY is what will be the cost per device to produce it, the expected quarterly sales volume per region, the expected profit margin and the price per region to price it at!!

Be VERY Careful with this product BlackBerry I honestly think this was a knee here reaction and BlackBerry ahem, Mr Chen did NOT think these points through when announcing it; only after! Hence why the launch date down to one month wasn't stated nor the price range.

BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

It's basically a Q5 with a removable battery...

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With the different colors on one device, the Kopi looks more exciting. I am thinking about getting a white Q5 withing a black snap-on case though. I believe one could achieve a somewhat similar effect going that route.

I also prefer the look of the Kopi. It looks like it fits more into the "family" with the Z10 and Z30.

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Excellent question. I have no idea what any of this is about. It sorta kinda seems like this project is still moving, but I don't... think... it... is?

I like the look of Z30 but really it doesn't matter as a case is covering it anyway

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How often do you stare at your phone finding it pretty? I honestly don't even remember what the back or edges look like cuz it stays in its case all the time. Then again I use it for work and could care less how it looks.

I do find the screen much less bright than on my previous Z10 though.


BlackBerry seriously needs to focus on DESIGN if they have any shot at a comeback. Not only is this an ugly, dated design, but it looks almost exactly like the Q5. The Q10 and Z30 were decent starts, but don't start going backwards. A slick design doesn't have to be expensive...

"Not only is this an ugly, dated design"

What is good or not good from a design perspective is pretty subjective. I think iOS 7 is ugly as sin, but I know people who love it. What makes me right and them wrong?

I would disagree. There is a difference between a quality design that I happen to not like and an ugly design.

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Fair enough, but even "CrackBerry" Kevin himself expressed a lot of disappointment with the Q5, echoing my opinions.

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A few reasons, it was planned pre-Chen, it's totally redundant, its counterpart Q5 hasn't sold well, it was already announced that it was cancelled, and if it were being released I don't think we'd see all these leaks.

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Jajaja Frankenberry. Good one! Ugly phone. I've got a Q10 but this Kopi is just ugly.

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The phones look almost identical. It appears to me on the surface that the Kopi was a mockup variant to decide how BlackBerry wanted what ultimately became the Q5 to look like.

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If that's true (and it sounds reasonable), they should have gone with the Kopi. Nicer back, two-tone, and removable battery. Of course, it's lipstick on a pig, but c'est la vie.

At least Crackberry posts once thing are confirmed. I know that I'm coming to right place for the truth.

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That's true, but come on... you think people are going to mistake that for the Q30? Lmao. Nothing to "confirm" if it's a leaked rumored device.

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Ugh what a strategic blunder. Don't ever make a cheap product that looks cheap. It's OK to cheap out on internals and specs. The Q5 is ugly and damages the brand. This must be am internal design.

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I beg the differ. The Q5 looks cute. I'm not sure we need Kopi. Why can't BlackBerry just keep selling the Q5 and focus on the Q20, Q50, and Z50?

 CB10 

BB is wasting time to manufacture many similar phones..This indicates lack of focus...
They make same mistakes again....
One phone with 3" screen with keyboard
One phone with 3,2" with keyboard
One with 3" without keyboard one color
One 3" witout keyboard but with color case

Jesus!!!!! Stop waiting money and focus on 3 devises
One full screen os 10
One qwerty os 10
One new qwerty os 7

And stop there and start investing in marketing etc

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I'd say NO more BBOS7 devices AND design an intelligent strategy to convert those users to BB10 - for some reason they're still way anxious BB1O is something scary, unknown, steep learning curve etc. Come one legacy users!

Having BBOS7 along BB10 is like a car manufacturer selling 2 stroke engine cars along with 4 stroke :)

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Microsoft just ended support for XP this week, BlackBerry needs to do the same with OS7.... give enterprises a cut off date and switch them over to BlackBerry 10, retain the existing customer base

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It's a delicate balance.

OS7 users provide high margin service revenue. BB10 users provide nothing much beyond the purchase price and some app purchases.

I've spent. 99 on one app since December, so I'm basically useless to BlackBerry's bottom line.

An OS7 user has contributed money to BlackBerry's bottom line this quarter while me as a BlackBerry 10 user has not. The incentive to kill BB7 is just not there.

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I handled a Q5 and Q10 over the last few days and while Q10 looks nice, I found the Q5 keyboard to be a bit more usable. And, I have to say, I don't find the Q5 ugly in the (plastic bodied) flesh. I thought I would but I didn't.

Yep! You have to hold the Q5 in your hand to really judge how nice it is in reality. It's a decent device. And I also find the keyboard of the Q5 a bit more usable than the Q10 one. I make less mistakes on the Q5. And for the price of 200 Euros it's a bargain! Go get it! Especially the white, red and pink variants are looking hot. Don't judge the Q5 by the black version which looks indeed a bit bland in comparison.

No way.
Q1O has class.
These are just cute as some mentioned.
I don't see how you can even for a second compare the keayboards of the Q1O and these, let alone the glass composite material of the back and the steel/alluminum frame of the Q1O

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No way. Lol Q10 is way sexier! The Kopi does look nicer than the Q5 though. I agree with a previous post that the Q5 looks like a prototype and the Kopi looks like the final device.

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

There is a lot of wasted bezel real estate on that device that should be screen only. I like the look, but the screen size has to improve.

if you're like me and have had issues swiping up from the bottom of the screen on a q10 to do the peek/flow thing, you'd welcome that extra bezel real estate on a q5/kopi...

When I first used my q10, I complained about the swipe up not working every time, and my IT implementation assistant suggested starting the swipe from the asdf row of the keys; it works! Every time. Actually, after doing that for a while, it seems that I no longer have to start so low. Seriously, try that, you should never have an issue again.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Look cheap, great for third world countries hope it's sells but I'll stick to full touch


Just the thing for the prosumer who likes to get things done faster.....a tiny display. The comeback begineth!

More like 'COPI' a re-hashed Q5... so in essence a remake of an already despised phone! out of the BlackBerry 10 series of phones the Q5 is the worst

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I honestly belive that the Q5 is better than its reputation. I've been a long-time Bold 9900 user but I prefer the Q5 keyboard (my gf's phone) over my Q10 keyboard.

It looks like a larger 9320

BlackBerry needs to up their game when it comes to design.

People have to want a BlackBerry. How do you create that desire?

Quality design and marketing.

It's all about Standards. You can't let them slip at any time.

BlackBerry's design standards have been slip too much. They have been mediocre.


Change now!!! Or suffer the consequences!!!

BlackBerry...Get it done.

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Maybe they have started upping the designs:

The Z3 looks better than the Z30 for example. (looks like a Nokia Lumia.)

The Z30 isn't an "ugly" phone, but it's definitely not a striking phone. It's just an uninspired slab.

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I disagree. Holding my z30 in hand, I think it looks very good. Beauty, meet my eye.

Seriously, I think both the Q10 and the Z30 look fantastic and feel even better. Can't speak to the Q5, but it seems to have its niche and people who really like it. If a phone does not meet your standards/taste/needs, it does not mean it is crap, it's just not for you.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

I hope blackberry doesn't release it. It looks the same as q5. It's low end like q5. Terrible idea in my opinion.

Good point.

Several colours to choose from like iPhone 5c or the Lumias, it might prove popular. Q5 is available in black, white, pink and red... dark blue and bright green might be interesting...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I thought the Q5 was great, and would have gladly picked one up if it was $199 at launch and not $399. Now it's gone as low as $150, but that ship has sailed.

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Myself, I don't get the photos of late? I really hope they concentrate on the LTE Z3 and launch it worldwide. A great looking phone at a great price is what BlackBerry needs now.

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So many varying opinions, feels like a fight might breakout in CrackBerrys playground. Based on that alone, seems like BlackBerry should continue with a selection from both form factors. As much as 5 months ago I might have said," I can't wait until they release the Ph-AT (Physical Keyboard and All Touch slider) at 4.2"", I love this Z30.

What do you want to run BB10 on?

What hardware functions do people want for their daily drivers?

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