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BlackBerry Knowledge Base offers a further look at how 'promo codes' will be used in BlackBerry World

By Bla1ze on 22 Apr 2013 08:07 pm EDT

As BlackBerry Dev Alpha C devices were rolling out to developers not long ago, it was spotted in BlackBerry 10.1 that BlackBerry was exploring the idea of 'coupon codes' or promo codes as they're now described. As an example of their possible use, developers could give out special codes as part of a promotion so you can get their paid app for free or with an discount just by entering that code.

A new BlackBerry Knowledge Base article has been published that offers up some further details on the matter. More specifically the error codes that are possible in certain scenarios, which in turn offer up a look at how promo codes could be used once made available to everyone:

  • Redemption per code limit is reached - The defined redemption limit for the specific promo code has been reached
  • Total Redemption limit is reached - The defined number of downloads for the specific promo has been reached
  • Promotion not supported for this Content - The promo code does not apply to the content you are accessing
  • Promotion is not started - The promo code being used has not yet started
  • Promotion is expired - The promo code has expired and is no longer valid
  • Promotion is not active - The promo code is not yet activated
  • Invalid Promotion Id - The selected application is not part of the promotion
  • Promotion Code returned null - The promo code is not valid
  • Promotion Content returned null - The promo code is valid but the promotional content is not supported by either your device or country or wireless provider
  • Promotion id or locale is null - The required locale is not specified

Looking at the error, it's pretty easy to place some situations behind them. Codes can be limited to a certain number, time, locale, device and even wireless carrier and more.

Additionally, the document also notes 'Once a promo code has been entered tapping the Promo Rules button will display specific rules about the promotion such as promo time duration, number of redemptions per code, total number of items available per code.' 

Read the full BlackBerry Knowledge Base article



Cool . . free everything would be cool

Posted via CB10


That is very interesting, can keep one very excited to get these codes. Achieve an app for free; awesome.

Posted via BlackBerry z10


I am very surprised that you cannot SCAN a Redemption code. Dang.


Great option for developers. Hopefully it proves to be an effective incentive.


Does any of this mean that there is a possibility of BlackBerry World Gift cards or no? Cause that would be very exciting. If not that would really blow.


BlackBerry GC is great idea! I would definitely go for that!

Posted via CB10 | Z10 & PlayBook


Anyone else excited to have CrackBerry app contests again? The one and only good thing about Mobihand were the CrackBerry contests! This will allow CB to have these contests again.

Posted via Z10

The Me

I want to buy BlackBerry Gift Cards. BlackBerry, take my money!!!!!

Posted via CB10


I also would love to give BlackBerry instant revenue by purchasing BlackBerry World gift cards at the same places I see cards for every other brand. Seriously needed. I would buy one or two per month. Hope that's in the works.

Posted via CB10

Louis Belshaw

I don't get why they don't do the obvious like Sony on play station, and make it so you can buy and build up credit in your online BlackBerry world account. Because I'm in Qatar and here you can't use debit cards online, which means I basically cannot pay for any app on BlackBerry App World.. even though I DO have money, think how frustrating it is.. D:

Posted via CB10


What type of phone is that in the picture??


Good eye, camera is too high to be a zed... dev alpha maybe?

Posted via CB10


Dev alphaC

Posted via CB10


I like it. Would give me a chance to post a "special" free download to first 100 people before price kicks in. Then I can get some reviews and a user-base to create buzz to promote paid downloads.

Posted by CB10 on Dev Alpha C


Sounds like a cool tool!
Meant to say sounds TOOL COOL!


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