BlackBerry knocks Knox in its latest blog post, reminding customers Samsung's vaults have faults

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Jan 2014 03:01 pm EST

John Sims is BlackBerry's newly-appointed President of Global Enterprise Services, and he's wasting no time in letting customers know why BlackBerry trumps the competition in managing mobile devices in enterprise.

Following up the news that the Pentagon is getting hooked up with 80,000 devices, Sims took to the Inside BlackBerry Business blog and tore into shortcomings of Samsung's KNOX offering, which is trying to make inroads for Samsung into enterprise. 

It's a great write up, which you can read in-full below:

Enterprise Mobility Should Not Be Risky Business

Enterprise and governments’ use of mobile technology has changed drastically over the past few years, but at the same time cyber attackers and cyber criminals have become increasingly savvy. A solid security foundation is essential in such an environment and while BlackBerry’s history is rooted in security our competitors can’t say the same.

Most recently, researchers at Israel’s Ben-Gurion University of the Negev announced that they discovered a major vulnerability that allows a hacker to easily intercept data of a Knox-enabled Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. Ultimately, Samsung provided a statement that the vulnerability was with Android, but this shows the challenge that Samsung has with continually developing Knox to survive in a hostile environment.

Coupled with previous issues that have come to light regarding their security, this critical vulnerability calls into question – is Knox ready for the enterprise and government customers who cannot risk the security of their mobile data?

With Samsung still battle testing its enterprise platform and fixing security bugs, industries that require the most stringent security needs can trust that there’s nothing more secure than a BlackBerry device managed by a BlackBerry Enterprise Server – period. And that’s why we are the only enterprise mobility management vendor and handset maker that has received the Department of Defense “Authority to Operate” certification.

Blue Hill Research reminds us that Samsung announced Knox at Mobile World Congress in February 2013, and nearly a year later customers are still waiting to go into full production. Frankly, this is because security is hard and it is not possible to condense thousands of person years of learning into 12 short months.

Furthermore, Knox only works on select Samsung devices. For those highly “regulated” customers – those that require the strictest security levels – bring your own device (BYOD) is not an option. However, there are a significant number of enterprises where BYOD is the way forward. Knox has no flexibility for the BYOD trend.

As we take a step back and evaluate the mobility management landscape, there are clear reasons why achieving enterprise-ready status is no easy feat. First, analyst research shows that BlackBerry has almost 61 percent of MDM market share in large enterprises. This point highlights that we have the trust of our customers and the experience when it comes to managing large, complex mobile environments.

Second, security is paramount. BlackBerry is unmatched when it comes to security, which is why for more than a decade we have worked closely with governments around the world, including all seven of the G7 countries.

Finally, BlackBerry continues to evolve, but as we do so we will keep the needs of our core customer segments at the center of all plans. Enterprise security, productivity and communications will remain fundamental to all that we do.

These are the reasons why BlackBerry has earned the trust of more than 80,000 enterprise and government customers worldwide – four times more than the “pure play” MDM vendors combined. That means we’re still the industry leader in mobility management. With the recent changes in our leadership team and our strong commitment to our customer base in the regulated industries, we aim to continue to be the leader.


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BlackBerry knocks Knox in its latest blog post, reminding customers Samsung's vaults have faults


This "New BlackBerry Team" has been more aggressive in delivering articulate, clean, and "to the point" messages in the past few months then Thor, Balsille and Laz were in the past few years....

The last message batted it home. I was worried about the pure play MDMs stealing BlackBerry's business

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Superb article, you think the press will talk about it or even mention it when Samsung is "so much cooler than BlackBerry "?

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I agree 100% these new Guys are really good so far.

Now how do they let the masses know the good news... so the blind stop Blindly following the blind and all the lies that are spread get destroyed by the truth...the problem is if you are fed lie after lie you start to believe them as takes a strong person to get up and turn around and walk in the direction of the truth and no longer be blinded to the truth...

Hmm the story of life...


P.s. Nice title Kevin

Maybe Samsung will go for a third time and try a new approach with security and fail for a third time.... Nothing beats BlackBerry security. Not even the Blackphone

"Not even" !? :))) those guys at the notsoblackphone are nothing more than one nice website and a vast number of good intentions. IMO

We have seen that Samsung is definitively interested on the business market, but they are also aware this also mean that security is not an option, the main reason for Knox.
We've also had the feel that Samsung had some difficult times with Google/Android, and even they were possibly willing to develop their own OS.

Just my two cent; Samsung should look to develop (or replace) new product lines running with BB OS10. As a end results of winning situation for both Samsung and BlackBerry.

It doesn't matter if KNOX is on all Samsung phones if the security is bad. Bad software on all phones doesn’t make it better or a threat.

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Ok, I'm just going to go on record here and say this might be the best title that has ever appeared on an article in the history of the world. :p

Haha re-read it twice to make sure I got everything right!

Nice one and nice article Kevin keep it up!

Posted from my Q10 with only 1GB of RAM

Great title but why the BB7 device in the photo. - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8

Why not a BB7 device? BB7 or BB10.. it's all better in enterprise! And hey, I still do love me some BB9900 from time to time. In white.. such a hot phone.

9900 still beautiful, I let my 7 year old use it to get used to BlackBerry...

OT: very nice title, great article. The battle continues!

Posted via CB10

I totally agree, it's stunning in white, particularly at night with the keyboard backlighting on.

I had to read the title out loud to laugh hard at the title... Good job on the titling of this article Kevin

Hey kevin,

I'm sending a proposal to TAT bout smthg we came up with, would love your take on it, plz can u pm me with details on how to contact u (pin email etc...)


Tried to pm u, but don't think my pms are goin out.

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Sweet, direct and too the point. Don't pull any punches and tell it the way it is. Now hammer the message home.

Love the title for this article!

I have Knox a try on my Note 3 and it had some nice features to it. I don't think Samsung is anywhere near the security that BlackBerry offers, but hopefully they will he someday.
I like that Knox is available to average user. I didn't have to go and pay some ridiculous amount of money to have Enterprise on my BlackBerry.
Blackberry has Balance, which should have been open to the general user. That would have been great.

Bah.... Why can't Blackberry just come out with a Android device that offers the great security of a Blackberry device....!

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That sounds like a horrible idea. BB10 Is awesome. I would hate to be using Android. - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8

The best deadbolt in the world is useless if the door frame is rotted. BB does security right down to bare copper, through supply chain audits.

The problem is Android. If BlackBerry came out with an Android OS on its phone, it wouldn't be as secure as a BlackBerry with BB7 or 10.

The point is that you don't need the kind of security that Blackberry can deliver to DoD. If you need that kind of security, why even considering Android on top of a BlackBerry device!? The single most important reason for BlackBerry to keep producing smartphones is that security has to be (apparently ) delivered trough end to end solutions. So, if anyone can build a secure, Android powered device is Google owned Motorola. Not Black, Brown or Pinkphone...or Samsung..

I literally paid only $19 for a one-year CAL for my Z10 (using BES 10, which itself has no other fees). It was so cheap I didn't even bother trying to get reimbursed from work for it.

It would be cool if balance could be expanded to allow separate perimeters without a BES. It could be used for more than just a work perimeter without a BES - imagine just having a separate more private (secret?) perimeter or use it for multiple users. Lots of possibility there.

Better yet,how about Samsung comes out with a phone that runs on BB10 so they can have great security and dump android.

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Actually BlackBerry is exactly doing this with the 10.2.1 OS upgrade. Native APK support means security of BlackBerry OS 10 with capabilities of Android or as I call it: BB10 the professional business android phone ;)

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...Yea mostly horrible idea.

BUT I do agree with allowing balance for non BES users... I could think of a few uses for Balance outside of a business; ie, regular and child partitions... make sure the kid isnt downloading paid apps and calling a bunch of people... etc..

It is so nice to see someone with BlackBerry just coming out and saying it like it is. Time for BlackBerry to fight back and grow some balls.

BB Uniq BB Bold -Z10 with 1925

They never really took advantage of the security issue before,time to yell it from the rooftops,WE'RE FED UP AND WE'RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

Knox is a joke, sounds like a joke and looks like a joke!

That being said, BlackBerry needs to make sure to keep the peddle down on the innovation so that the industry keeps playing catch up. They catch up, BlackBerry is already on to something else new and exciting.

Don't take Samsung lightly because they will buy the talent to get a foothold.

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Yes BB, stand up and fight your battles. Ain't nobody else gonna do it for you.

STL 100-1 OS

BlackBerry needs to use the security issue as a marketing feature and push it. How about a super bowl commercial where one team is constantly beating the other one on defense, sacking the quarter back, intercepting balls on every play. Then we see the losing team shaking their heads discussing what could have gone wrong and show them using the completions phones. Then show the winning coach with a big smile on his face with a Blackberry in his hand. It could go on and on with a series of commercials showing how somebody is being taken advantage of due to the lack of security with their smart phones.

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+1 and don't forget great offense with Peyton Manning "going short with Welker and deep with Thomas " on productivity :) Go Broncos! Go Blackberry!


BB10 for life

+1. this should be the next superbowl ad.. olympics, world cup,.. whatever. all of them.

Nice idea but too costly, BlackBerry has been there and done that! That's over $10million for 30 seconds last year alone. Not worth it.

Waiting for  BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

Good to see BlackBerry fighting for itself again!!! Now let's just hope some of those IT guys start listening

Posted via CB10

Great title Kevin! I'm glad to see BlackBerry fighting back like that. They can't just talk the talk though. They have to keep moving. Go BlackBerry!

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Remember BES10 offers BYOD to the office and still gives your device the BlackBerry security this is where BlackBerry will makes its gains! Good on BlackBerry for finally standing up and letting the world know. This new set of management is not going to take things in stride. Love it!

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'A battle is won but the war continues '.

Now is not the time for BlackBerry to rest on their laurels.

Mr Chen knows this. Time to go into Global Enterprise overdrive . Secure as many huge corporations as possible.

Then release the devices. Time to go hardcore on design.

Make all the critics do a double take.

BlackBerry needs to release devices to make people spill their coffee or tea.

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BlackBerry should make the security even more secure.

The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement....

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Knox can't even knock at the doors of any enterprise working in IT never seen a single person want or say it's cool.

Posted via CB10 on my blazing fast Z30

My biggest fear is that blackberry gets hacked hopefully that doesn't happen ;)

Posted via the amazing z30 from @BlackBerrygrow follow me on Twitter

sit down son, let me tell you about "protection".. protection is not that shitty antivirus you use on your android, protection is more than that... you wouldn't be here if it wasn't for aunt Lea, who used an "android like" protection instead of the real deal BlackBerry Trojan...

Wow stackberry, you're all over these comments trying to make yourself heard but you're not saying anything worth listening to. BlackBerry IS secure and that android device your using is plagued with malware.

Posted via single-finger-flickin fun on the best damn virtual keyboard in existence....The BlackBerry Z30 Everybody!

I don't expect that BlackBerry actually read our comments here at CB.. but it sure sounds like they do! - a very well articulated article.

Perception is changing BlackBerry!

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I don't like to hear stories of people losing money or confidential info but, I'll thoroughly enjoy reading in the news of business' who cry after choosing someone other than BlackBerry. I'm not saying that Blackberrys the best and can't be matched, just that they are proven at the moment .

Posted Via my second Z10

Superb delivery, very raw in setting the record, it was about more than time.

Posted via CB10

Why is cb always so late on reporting the news. I mean I just read about another 38 K devices between two companies in Europe yet it probably won't be displayed on cb until tomorrow and then it will be the next big news old news if the day.

Classifieds Canada App

Maybe they want there ducks in a row, they don't want to jump the gun and report it inaccurate and look like idiots

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"That means we’re (BlackBerry) still the industry leader in mobility management."

Not to long ago in the forums, I made a similar statement. A few bashed it but couldn't come up with the adequate proof to counter my statement.

Why some people feel the need to veto this statement or those similar? Until other mobile companies decide to put security first and play later, this will hold true. BlackBerry will never compromise on security. It's how they started and how they will continue.

Nice article Kevin.

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BES security is indeed still best-in-class! Keep that up BlackBerry!
But they could do better on the reporting-front: I still can't see my BlackBerry user's MAC adresses via BES10 dammit!

This reminds me, I still got to update my BES...

I don't know if someone said this before.
Samsung name there Knox, could it be they meant Fort Knox?
Wasn't Fort Knox Robbed?
Just asking.

Onvisa,have you even used an android phone?If not stop bashing that which you don't have a damn clue about. And I still have my curve and playbook.

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First of all I made a comment.
Second yes I also have a Galaxy S4 phone.
Third I also have Blackberry Z10
Fourth that should keep you quiet.

I really am pleasantly surprised by the forthright nature of the BlackBerry team in recent weeks. This is really a good sign that the new management team have a clear vision of what they are about, and what they will be about moving forward. I was worried that they would just ignore the articles or blandly repeat that there is no backdoor, but this is great to see.

It's obviously still way to early to get too excited about anything, but hopefully we will see news within the coming months of some big contracts for BES10, which will go miles towards settled all the uncertainty and discomfort around the company over the past two years.

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How can they even try to secure Android?

I believe it's googlified through and through. Anything Google is a data leak just by definition, I reckon...

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Would Samsung do such a crazy thing as to 'throw in the towel' so to speak and ditch Android altogether for BlackBerry 10 (licensed) and then put Knox on it?

Go Black and Never Go Back.

I've never wavered from from being a true blackberry fan for the last 8 years. With news like this, it confirms why I've been loyal.

If blackberry had a flag, every morning I would give it a salute, and pledge my allegiance.


Role on great news

Catapulted from my Z10.

Good read. The problem with Samsung is the do not make there own operating system. I like how the security breach they had was blamed on android duh they all run android. Until Samsung develops it's own os. That they can control they can never be taken seriously in the enterprises market..

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Now blackberry has a huge platform to Financial Services :
Mobile banking
Internet Banking
Data protection
Etc.... so the potential is beyond Government & security services.

Catapulted from my Z10.

I will make sure my friends ( the Android candies + Rotten Apples) see this article, i'm tired of schooling them about BlackBerry.... Hahahaha it's about tiiiiiiiime!!! Hit em where it hurts!!! #LoL

Posted via my sexy QTEN (the BOLDIER BOLD) :D

Surprise! Google chairman Eric Schmidt uses.. a BlackBerry ...
www​ .

BlackBerry should use this marketing advantage to their use, above is a link from a British newspaper, Guardian, states Eric Schmidt, of Google uses blackberry, what an endorsement.

Catapulted from my Z10.

Eric Schmidt used his old Bold (that he was used to - he admitted being stuck in his ways) until the Moto X was released, and now he carries that instead.

I think Samsung will eventually cease development of a secure version of Android. I am no expert but my guess is that the KNOX fork while more secure than stock Android simply will not withstand concerted attempts to circumvent it. Security can not be an after thought.

Same old drivel, again

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Next kick some MobileIron ass BlackBerry, those guys are BlackBerry bashing vultures.

Posted via CB10

OK now we seem to have the right team in place... I think M. Watsa knew what he was doing when he hired J. Chen!!!

Posted via CB10

I like this "take it to the mattresses" approach, but this time let's make sure we're not caught off guard by anything Android throws at us. That being said, BlackBerry still trumps the competition in security and the Pentagon along with other secure enterprises know this. Thank God were starting off 2014 with people who have the stones to get that message out.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

61% of MDM market for large enterprisea. Wish he cited a source. Good blog, need to get the message across. Two great wins to start off the new years!

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No more Mister Nice Guy
No more Mister Cle e e eean
No more Mister Nice Guy
They say he's sick, he's obscene

That was playing in my head the whole time I was reading the article. \m/

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

I said it when Mr. Chen came aboard...he is a beast(of a good kind) and BlackBerry will only move up ( Moving Forward) has a great ring to it :D
Gonna take time but I am as excited today as I was when Mr. Chen came aboard...actually when I received my new BB10 QNX bitchslappin Z10
Moving Forward

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And that's how you sell yourself! Because you know the media isn't going to help..

Posted via CB10 using my new Zed30 check out my channel @ C00121C1B

I'm not sure why everyone is happy about this. So what that blackberry is more secure. Great,they do one thing right. "Target businesses" i will give them that. Yet they are 5-8% of the market share for consumer smart phones meanwhile Samsung has more than 30%. Blackberry should have never targeted consumers. I had a blackberry for 10 years and switched in June for the galaxy S4 and I will never go back to blackberry (unless my company "GIVES" ME ONE FOR FREE"). The support from various vendors for apps is quite lacking for Blackberry and it has no advantage whatsoever over the S4. I find that blackberry is a great company that I personally will continue to follow but will never come back to.

Android phones get viruses. That makes them unusable to my standard. They slow up and crash just like a Windows computer.

Posted via CB10

Any phone gets viruses... but my new Galaxy S4 does not because I'm not downloading anywhere but the playstore. and I even downloaded a virus scanner just to verify because I heard of some "misconceptions" about viruses on Android phones. I had a virus on my Blackberry 9850 when I first got it.... All I have to say is Blackberry does a good job on security and Email, Great phones and support for that. but takes a 0 grade for the consumer market. We can argue all day on this....

BlackBerry will be the winner I think. Enterprise is obviously the specialty of BlackBerry, but Samsung wants every piece of the cake. Sooner or later they will try cars, ships, planes and go to Mars, lol...

Posted via awesome BlackBerry Z10!

Love these updates stemming from BlackBerry's new senior management team. So far no "sugar coating" just straight "right in between the eyes" delivery.

Posted via CB10

You guys were creaming in your pants when marvel comics superhero THOR came along.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

It's about time BlackBerry grew a pair of nads. Time to fight and protect your turf.

BlackBerry finally getting back to work. Time to kick some ass.

Go get em, Chen and crew!


Posted via CB10

Android phones get viruses smh like a windows computer. That make Android unusable to my standard

Posted via CB10

My note 3 doesn't have a virus because I don't download apps from non play appstores. Saying that blackberry can't be hacked is like saying that the ugly guy can't get his ugly girlfriend to have relations with him because she's securing it for marriage. Lol

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

K where did we find this guy and how can we get a few more of him!?? Hilarious! Haven't heard an analogy that bad since bush was in power

Posted via CB10

Lmao! Wow really?!

1 blackberry OS has yet to be hacked as far as I know, sms not a hack and that was quickly fixed never to re occur.

2. Ugly guy and girl comment, really? I'm not gonna even try understanding that one lol.

Waiting for  BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

This is actually a STUPID and incomplete move.

Samsung has huge $$ to entice staff away from BlackBerry, make devices very cheaply even future cpu/ram that BlackBerry will need. BlackBerry, now is NOT the time to pick a fight with a larger opponent.

Especially by omitting "BES and BlackBerry devices, each in their own, and together present and represent a robust PROVEN secure solution on a global scale with a variety of industries that make security and reliability their upmost priority when protecting their corporate data when mobile. We've been at this for a long time, we created mobile security and we're the standard by which all others try to emulate. We're flattered but this is what we do best, security we eat sleep, breathe and focus on it with everything we do, before you begin to do what you do, our customers, clients and partners. BlackBerry and BES = security, no if's ands or buts! "

Of course spelling mistakes aside THIS is how I'd start the middle and finish his public letter blasting the competition! I would not even mention specific competition because it infuses their product name beside BlackBerry's and creates an ongoing notion of comparing by customers media and corporate clients, maybe edging the latter on a wait and see stance. (something you do not want).

Waiting for  BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

That's why all users of BlackBerry, and especially the new ones, BlackBerry 10, must "fight" with all "toyphones" like iPhone or Samsung involved into serious business activity. We all together have the possibility to show them what powerful tool we have. And this because they started to claim that their toys are sure and sure devices, and IT S NOT!

Proudly Z10 owner !

BlackBerry is getting way better at communication right now :). Good job

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)

Good! BlackBerry is ahead of all in terms of security! "Knox"?? Sounds cheap... just let BlackBerry do the job!

Posted via CB10

Nice but BlackBerry please don't be complacent. the pace of technology is unimaginable. Who would have thought that BlackBerry would loose out to Android and iPhone in such a short time. BlackBerry holds to enterprise superiority but please keep awake and innovating or the space will soon be Samsungs!

Posted via CB10

+1. This was a pretty bald move by Blackberry, knoxing down the competition. Samsung might have problems at the moment with Knox but eventually this will be ironed out. They are selling roughly 1 million mobile devices daily and have a lot of resources. So, 80,000 devices sold by Blackberry is a drop in the bucket.

Blackberry dismissed other companies before and they went down extremely quick in a matter of a couple of years. It's great news but don't be too confident.

As long as Samsung relies on an OS they do not own or develop (ie Android), they will never be able to fully control the security on their phones. And Android being an open-source OS doesn't help either.

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I still want to see TV ads that show what BB10 "Can Do", compared to the Superbowl "Can't Do" ad. Show us BB10 and what it does best - a series of 30 second ads that can change the game and level the marketplace.
I know Chen is about selling the enterprise in the U.S., but BB10 has so much going for it including Android support in 10.2.1 that folks need to know!10.2.1 has lots to be proud about, but they've got to show folks how good it really is!

Between this, and the latest success with the Pentagon, I dare say this is the most substantial good news for BB in quite some time. Hats off the the company for still making valuable strides! And so the mobile landscape just became a little more competitive... Good times.

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It's well past time these guys went on the offensive instead if sitting back with that big target on their back. Love this.

Posted via CB10

Kevin, there is an article out today that says that the DOD did NOT place a purchase for 80.000 BB devices. Do you know if this is true or not?