The BlackBerry Knight concept is the prime example of a great looking Z10 successor

By Bla1ze on 14 Jul 2014 07:26 pm EDT

In our poll earlier, we asked how many people were still holding out hope that BlackBerry would announce a new all touch device and thus far, the results show the vast majority still want to see BlackBerry announce something in that area. Looking through the comments, a lot of those who voted feel as though the BlackBerry Z10 needs a 'successor' device and as luck would have it, DHabkirk Designs had a concept in mind by way of the BlackBerry Knight.

Suggested Specs

  • 4.5″ 1080×1920 LCD (489ppi)
  • 3,000mAh Removable Battery
  • 13MP Rear, 3MP Front
  • Aluminum Housing

I can dig it. It's a nice cross over between the Z3, Z30 and the Z10. The only problem? Well, it's not real. Again, it's just a concept. A very beautiful one mind you, but still just a concept. What do you all think? If it were real, would you buy it?

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The BlackBerry Knight concept is the prime example of a great looking Z10 successor



I understand coming up with new specs, but why even bother with a render? All of these glass slabs look the same, lol.

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Please shut up and take my money....4.5 inch is a great size and the specs were impeccable

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Also I had a Z10 before the Z30....great form factor and I believe that a larger version of the Z10 would be the real "Blackphone"...

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Yup! I wish the Z30 was designed like the Z10.... beautifully designed device right there. don't get me wrong... I like the Z30 design too but it kinda looks like one of the HTC phones.

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Spot on, Trance...looking forward to launching "Club Z50"with this little honey.

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I actually love the form factor of the Z10. Just would have incorporated a little Chrome in the rendering. Yes Bla1ze I know it's a concept, :-)) wouldn't mind getting a refreshed Z10 with better battery life.

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It's nice but too much bezel on the top like the z10. Make the top more like the z30 with less bezel. That was the number one problem with the z10 too much bezel on the top. Even the iphones have too much on the top. If they make it less on the new iPhone 6's it ll look so good!

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I just get tired of the same old rectangle design. I'm ready for a full touch with the IA but wanted rounded like the Q10. Rounded makes it look sleeker, more comfortable - both to hold and to carry in pocket, and it cuts down on so much excess plastic and wasted space.

But yeah, they do all look the same. Lol

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I love when a friend gets the new galactical px6 phone running jello banana-split whatever OS, and they just show me the phone and go "look what I got?" I always respond with the same thing, "I'm looking, what is it? They all look the same." lol, and come on, I do keep up with the latest "cool" gadgets, but they seriously all look so alike, it's like who cares how they look anymore? :-D

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HTC, in my opinion, is the only company that doesn't make generic black slabs.

LG has done a pretty god job with the G3 though, it looks fantastic!

Samsung just makes the same 'galactical' phone over and over again just with different specs and screen sizes.

I appreciate some of HTC's designs, LG, I honestly don't care how they look, because my experience with LG is that no matter what they will break... lol

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Lmao, I mostly agree. However LG has really upped their game. My brother has the G2 right now and so far it hasn't broken but we shall see in time.

Hmm that's weird they still work on my phone's browser... The first was just a picture of the HTC one m7 and one m8 together, the second was a picture of the white, gold, and black g3. The international g3 has a metal-like finish on the bottom of the front to make it look more premium but there are some like the Verizon version that removed that part and made it ugly. The third was a picture of the Samsung galaxy s3, s4, and s5 side by side and its like the same phone but bigger and bigger

Or a Rhombicosidodecahedron. Nothing come close to that shape ever. Would be the most unique phone ever made.

And some people start frothing from the mouth once they see its got aluminium

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5" screen,13 or 16 mega pixel camera,2ghz processor,gorilla glass 3 and 3000mah battery should be the standards for full touch phones

I've seen the new sapphire glass that will go on the new iPhone 6 and trust me, this is wayyy superior to gorilla glass. Give me some blackberry !!

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I actually like it. It's bigger but not too big. And it has a better camera. And it's faster.

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I'd get it especially if it's comes with the removable battery and does everything that at least the z30 does.

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If an upgraded z10 came along that had the same specs as the z30 does I'd rather have the z10 because I prefer it's design and I don't think the larger screen is necessary. But hey that's just me :)

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Everything I would want, same form to the Z10, slightly bigger screen and a nice big battery!!

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Yes . A new touch phone should please the Apple IPhone generation. BlackBerry is not all about touch, entertainment. it's about efficiency productivity. BlackBerry Experience.

Let's hope BlackBerry gets it right like BB10 Classic & Passport. Always improving on predecessors.

Make it military grade dust proof & waterproof. Excellent camera. And BlackBerry Passport like trackpad/security pad. It will increase BlackBerry touch consumers.

A next generation BlackBerry 9860

Remember Apple has finger print security as well in 4.7 and 5.5 inch form.

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Looper Back Make Corleone Offer for TrackPad on BB10

Yep, my Z10 is still great. But would like to try something larger, with higher specs... so yeah, Z30 replacement

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I am totally getting one. :) like this Z30 is a little bit to big for me, Passport well I am not sure about keyboard

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Dylan Habkirk never fails to impress me. This device is just. Wow. Would buy in a heartbeat!

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Guys do you have to put concepts up all the time? It's not exactly news... sorry for complaining but I open CB10... here the notification for a new story go off, expect something good, but then it's only a concept :(

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Easy, are the Commander in do whatever you need to listen to these commoners.

I like concept phones over new worthless games any day.

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This could be awesome device! BlackBerry should listen people's voice as well. This is what people want actually. Very good design,Big screen with good PPI and reasonable battery.

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I own a Z30, and love it, and would definitely UPGRADE to this of it were real! Very nice concept indeed!

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Form factor fatigue for me but build it for the folks not on the hip to be square train.

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Make the BlackBerry logo silver and change the camera to something not hideous and you're golden

That's a pretty slick looking phone, if you ask me. I would definitely buy one.

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I do think I would love the 4.5" screen. I really like my Z30 but a slightly smaller screen might be nice, maybe 4.7"

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Jwy....I agree...the only thing I liked about my old Galaxy S3 was the screen size at about 4.7 inches...

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Thus us what I've been talking about in all of these forums. If blackberry released this exact phone I know 6 people in just my family who would buy one the first day.

Hats off to another great design by DHabkirk

I'd like to see less wasted space on the front. I want the entire front to be screen space otherwise the phone is just taking up extra space in my pocket for nothing. So the less frame and more screen space = better. It's one thing I hate most about the iPhone home button. The could eliminate the button and make the phone shorter yet have the same size screen (although that little screen on their phone is too small for me.)

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This is the phone to battle the iphone 6, SGS6 SZ3, HTC one.

Needs another speaker at the bottom for stereo output.

Differentiate or Die

Yes! I would like to see full glass face tho, even if the screen itself doesn't display edge to edge.

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It seems so easy enough to make a competent z10 successor, it is strange that BlackBerry is not making it. Why not do it in the vein of OnePlus One. A single global with all the right LTE bands, sold via their website direct.

We are all moving to BYOP plans, so tap into the z10 believers!

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Yea man! Now THAT is what I'm talkin about! With 10.3, Amazon and a bit of advertising..that is the type of device that could potentially lure some average users away from Android and iPhone.


We need phones with removable batteries. It's my only gripe with the new phones from BlackBerry. It's why I will always have a Q10 handy.

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If what n4bb said about all future BlackBerry 10 phones not having removable batteries then we out of luck, but then again if it's as easy as removing and replacing the battery on the z30 I'll be able to accept something like that.

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Would love this. Excellent crossover as a productivity and media device. Size is perfect

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Why are people drooling over this "concept" that looks no different than the z10, aside from the camera position?... whoever thought this up probably did it in 2 min.... give me something like that curved blade concept from a couple of yrs ago and then we can talk.

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True. Respects for the designer. But It looks no different from Z10, may be the bezels and chin are slightly smaller. What is the point of having those unnecessary top and bottom chins? Z3 looks far elegant without the chins.

4.5" is a little too small and 5.0" is a lite too big. 4.7" would be the sweet spot for me, and if the specs were better than my Z30 I would buy one today.

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Couldn't expect less. Waiting for this to pop up. But gots to have a classic beside me always.

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It's a pitty that the folks at BlackBerry don't pay attention to such designs. We the users want these designs but they are too busy redesigning old models into new old models

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I'm gonna blatantly say it again. HTC One M7 with a decent rear camera and BB10. Have a sleek industrial design and people will rush to it. 4.5 to 4.7" is really a sweet spot.

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Also if the rear cam is centralised like on the passport that would be ideal.

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They should just stick to one screen size on their all touch. Once you go 5" you won't go want to go back

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I disagree, I have a 5 inch device and often want something smaller- the z10 is a really nice size it just needs less bezel and more screen!

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I would love that especially if the battery life is a lot better! That's the only negative I have on my Z10.

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I would rather see this phone have steel and glass only, I like the look of the z10, but to call this phone and update just cus of specs and thinning edges is not an actual successor.... loose the top and bottom bezels and leave the black center and it will look modern

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That looks fantastic. The people that do these renders are so talented. I would get a white version of this in a heart beat if it was real.

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this is perfect ... The slightly updated look is much better. Looks really sleek and it'd replace my Z10 in a heartbeat. It seems to me that many Z10 owners don't necessarily want the Z30 but rather a little bigger Z10 and this is perfect for that.

I still have my BlackBerry Z10 since Dec 25, 2013... I want to see a concept Z10 Successor with removable battery. Enough with these seal type battery like iPhone.... The BlackBerry Z30, Z3 and the new BlackBerry Passport all look good but turn me off cause of the Battery non removable. Over time lithium ion polymer battery will swell up and loose there charging ability. BlackBerry Z10 came out in Jan 31, 2013 and with all the new OS10 updates it still tops these BBZ30, BBZ3, BB Passport in July 2014!!! BlackBerry you made a BlackBerry Z10 ahead of it's time :)

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6.5 inches. Built-in Laser pointer. Waterproof. Dual SIM. Dual SD slots (one dedicated for applications). Full Metal jacket.

The new BlackBerry. Ahead of the curve.

I would wait for the Z30 replacement as well. That phone all one is awesome so might as well wait for the next power house from BlackBerry.!

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Yes, I'll buy one today. I know it's not real. The suggested specs would be perfect. It's the "Z50" I always wanted. Just make sure that it is released in the United States. Hopefully it will have 10.4 OS. That way I can enjoy my Z10 a little bit longer with the official 10.3.1. Although I'm with AT&T.

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I would be very tempted! I'm a bit pissed still about the double typing issue on the Q10 that I'm seriously thinking about going all touch.

It looks sexy it needs to be built very quality (saffire crystal glass, waterproof, 3500 mAh battery).

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These concepts are nice for the fanboys (me included), but the real designers at bbry seem to be working from a different playbook and are instead designing square devices that garner a lot of press but no one will buy.

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Looks exactly like a Z10. Aw well physical keyboard for me please! Aka Passport

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Think I have seen this before. Oh, now I remember HTC. Sony, LG, etc have the same thing. Boring.

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Looks like a Z10 still. I would hope that it would set itself a side a little more.

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I don't want anything smaller (screen wise) then my Z30. Plus I really love the design of the Z30. The only thing I wish was that it was on the same level of durability ad the Z10 was.

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I like the beefed-up Z10 form factor. It should be quad-core though. As one of the comments said add metal trim and less bezel at the top. I wish it were real; too bad it's not.

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Looks too unoriginal. We need something new that stands out. They should put real gold or platinum. Hehehe.

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No offense but isn't time better spent on meaningful BlackBerry news rather than a tease followed by "it's not real"??

What a waste of time

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I would actually like a successor to the z30 same size higher resolution sapphire screen or some sort of scratch /shatter proof screen 13mp rare camera at least a 6mp front cam and we should be good to go a quad core snapdragon and 4 gigs ram 32 gb storage..i'll definitely dig it.

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I would pre-order that right this instant were it real and made available! I like the size of the Z10 and find the 5" phones too big. But I'd sure love a newer Z10 style phone with bigger battery, AMOLED screen, and 1080p resolution!

Z10 is a great phone been using one for a week now... still think the q10 fits me better but screen size is perfect everyone is impressed by it :)

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I don't want to sound negative, but how many devices does Blackberry REALLY need to make? I think that an all-touch and keyboard set for the low end and another set for the high end. Make the Passport for the business people (best of both worlds plus killer screen real estate). Beyond that, do we need a middle set? I have heard people call for a Z50 as the successor to the Z30, and now there's this. Personally, I think Blackberry should focus on doing a few phones really well rather than trying to blast out more devices. Stepping back, I really think that the Z10 will not be resurrected. The Z3 fills that slot at a better price.

Looks sharp but I think I want something more Z30 size. But my Z10 is still holding strong. I will see what comes to fruit.

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Hey Bla1ze how about taking some of these concepts to blackberry and possibly showing Mr. Chen so he could possibly make one or even make something similar like one

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To the guy who said HTC One M7 dimensions - yes agree.

But, I won't buy a phone that does not have a removable battery (passport is ok, because I plan on using it like a phablet).

But for a real business user, I need instant power with a battery swap. It's insurance.

Can't take the down time of recharging. And, not willing to use a stupid mophie pack.

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BlackBerry went square for the qwerty so let's go ROUND for the all touch.

Yup. Each of the 4 semi circles outside the square in the middle is a bezel with unique function. The inside screen is the 1:1 ratio similar to our existing devices.

Someone do a render and show me some love for the BlackBerry R100!

From my z30

The flash always goes on top of, or beside the camera. Aside from that, it's looks pretty much like any Z10 or Z30 out there. You can type in any specs you dream of.

My contact us up in February. I hope BlackBerry has a replacement upgrade form my Z10.

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I'm in. Still using Z10 but i am ready to move up. Thinking Z30 but would like to wait and see if BlackBerry is bringing a new design or a Z 30 upgrade.

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Looks a little TOO rectangular.

(Black Z10. Because the Blacker the 'Berry, the sweeter the use.)

Wow, this device is so handsome. If BlackBerry can produce both touch n qwerty, I think they will become the leader of smartphone again. Passport really innovative n the more u see it the more u fall in love. Cool N Strong looking. Let people find their device according to their needs and prestige and people will find it only in BlackBerry no more on Android.

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Applaud the effort but we need something more impressive... the Z10 design was safe for launch...I see the logic there... but now we need that bold look for the successor.. esp since BB10 has matured so fast...

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Will surely buy both the passport and this one. 4.5" is the perfect size. Not too small and not too big for a smartphone.

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love it love it.......... for Z30 lovers who really like the Z10 this the Z20 and call it a day, make it a high spec phone not a cheap phone.....focus on consumer and regulated industries

Not my ideal touch only phone. Looks to simple and / or basic to me. Inl would like a more premium look. Maybe some platinum / gold around. Phones like the Sony Xperias look premium, I believe. Also, I would like a 5" screen or something.

This pretty much looks exactly like a Z10.

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4.5″ 1080×1920 LCD (489ppi) ---> 4.5" Amoled.
3,000mAh Removable Battery ---> Great!
13MP Rear, 3MP Front ----> Don't care!
Aluminum Housing ---> Custom.

Damnn..that's great awesome successor Z10..
I will give the code name BlackBerry X

How much i must pay?$1000,$1500,$3000???
I will give that money

It needs to be different. These slab phones won't do it. If you cover up the logo it could be one of 50 different phones. It doesn't say different or blackberry sure its okay but if you want great numbers it has to offer more.maybe leather backed or some metallic accents. Nice phone but not a game changer in any form

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If the next gen Z10 has a larger device profile the this current generation forget it... make better use of the size they already have. if we wanted. Over-sized fone we would have gotten the Z30.

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I'm all in. Rocking my z10 love the keyboard and looking for a replacement as current z10 won't be updated past 10.3.


I love my Z10 but after rocking my Z30 I like this from factor. Upgrade the Z30 all touch this size and I'm in. Take my money.

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Z10 is a great phone just the price and battery is an issue. If there is a successor with great battery and specs i and my bro and sis will upgrade, all three of us uses Z10 and Z30.

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The slickness of the Z10 comes from its resemblance of a thinner rectangle. The width of new phones now is obviously a good idea to capitalise on screen real estate, however, not sufficiently wide enough for no-frills productivity like the Passport - yet too much to be practical with one handed use and pocket size. With a phone that is less broad, you can play around it with one hand, and also tilt it with one hand (made possible by the grippy back and the right amount of depth).
The Z10 has good form factor. They should not change it to appeal the masses that will come and go based on trivial features such as how thin the depth of the phone is (which does not noticeably reduce space occupation in a pocket or in a bag) but does have the disadvantage of being difficult to pick up, and hold without slipping.

Um refresh of the Z30 please. A lite chrome would be nice. Flash on the side not middle and hope 5" plus screen and Passport under hood specs or greater

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It's really nice of BlackBerry! Everything looks sober! I fell in love with BlackBerry since the first time I've seen. Keep dreaming!

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الافضل ان يكون حجم الجهاز اكبر بقليل من 4.2 !!
الاجهزه التي تحمل شاشه كبيره مزعجه ومتعبه لليد وكذلك لايمكن ان تضعها في جيبك

Yes, its a very sexy looking device, but it is the fourth item in the short list of specs that I am most interested in. The aluminum housing is a very good idea. Part of the iPhone's attraction for many is it's superb build quality. The current BlackBerry lineup features some excellent devices, but they are plastic for the most part. To really compete with iPhone and some of the better Android phones, like the recent HTC One, BlackBerry should consider more metal framed models.

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Superb build quality? I have two iPhones. Those things are built about as well as a raw egg.

Looks great until dropped once.

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I'm not suggesting that iPhones (or any other phones for that matter) are indestructible just because they are made from metal and glass. But they are more durable, generally, than those made from plastic. And more importantly, they have the perception of greater durability to the public.

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Well sir....2 people I work with had I-Phones, until they dropped them once. With an emphasis on "Once". They no longer have these I-Phones, because neither worked again afterwards. I have had the Z-10 for over a year, have accidentally dropped it 3 times, no dents, no scratches, no broken screen, and it works as it did from day one.

Z50 should be the next full touch BB10 device. A successor to the Z30.
BBRY should release a Z10 and Z30 successor with better specs so they may attract New Customers and existing Android/Apple customers.

The Passport is a great device from what we've seen, but it's not the device that is going to attract New Customers IMO.

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Ya ussssssssed me Skinner! Ya ussssssssed me!!
I thought BlackBerry Knight sounded amazing!!!

Posted via CB10 via my BlackBerry Z10 ;)

Will not buy, wish JC will not derail from his words. stick with enterprise for now is the way to go. people will always want but they will not always buy, and BB cant take another blow. They should concentrate on what they are doing now.

Where is the '10' in BlackBerry 10?

Add the 10 to the symbol and start up sequence.

Simplicity brings it's own reward.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!! ©

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Beautiful design but BlackBerry needs 2 shave off th edges n give us more screen wit in th limited body space, these a lot of space wasted on th top n bottom of th z10. I would definitely good 4 a full touch device

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Yes, agree with the former factor of z10. But please, why LCD? Why not go with AMOLED? Saves much more battery than the smartphone's old tech called LCD.

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A PREMIUM all touch phone is what I'm hoping everyone asks for..

1st requirement :p The Phone should stand erect by itself.. just love it when z10 does.. HATE the z30 looks.. it sucks hardcore.. we must remember it's not a Samsung phone.. BlackBerry phones always have an Edge in their designs.. Cut to Cut.. the z10 the z3.. they stand erect on a flat surface.. that's a sign of a wonderful design for me..

4.7" PLEASE - it's the Sweet spot of One-Side long Touch phones.. less than 5" atleast please..

3GB RAM, 13-16mp rear..

a minimum of a 5mp selfie-shutter..

Selfies are on the rise man it'll sell even if branded as the best phone for selfies..+ BBM Video, support ur own brand..

2+ GHz QUAD-CORE processor please..

& if u wanna go by trend ~ Water/Dust resistant, Finger Lock and all..

Hopefully between 600-700 USD :$ :$

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What would be the difference in blackberry and other companies if it also started fighting with them in the 'who has the best specs' race. If I were you I would solely leave that to blackberry on how they want to design the phone cause they've been so good at it just like you said. Every tiny thing that blackberry has has been thought of and is worth dying for. I would want blackberry devices to look a bit different cause that's how they stand out from the crowd and not like any other samsung or htc.

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I hate renders because they aren't real...just a product of people who have way too much time on their hands