BlackBerry KickStart - Some REAL Eyecandy

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 May 2008 10:44 am EDT

We have seen restroom pictures and marketing phamplet pictures and now the Boy Genius has posted yet another shot of the BlackBerry KickStart clamshell... this one shows the KickStart smartphone in Black and looking pretty "final form". It looks like the BlackBery Bold's guitar fret inspired separators have made it onto the SureType keyboard (looks sweet - I hope RIM gives the employee who thought up that concept a raise!).

I wonder how long it will be before we see this officially get announced? I wonder if it will actually hit the market under the BlackBerry KickStart name?!

Next we need to see some shots of the KickStart adjacent other BlackBerry devices (the Pearl especially) and other clamshells currently available on the market. It's difficult to tell how this will actually feel in-hand when looking at photos. I have a feeling it's going to feel pretty darn good though.

The BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry KickStart, touch screen BlackBerrys... this CrackBerry Addict is Jonesing!! (click the image for a larger view) 


BlackBerry KickStart in Black

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BlackBerry KickStart - Some REAL Eyecandy


That is interesting that redirects to RIM's site, and it does seem to suggest that will be the name of an upcoming BlackBerry, or at least that RIM's considering it--or was in the past.

If I remember correctly, if you surfed to before the Bold was officially announced, you were redirected to some weird random site and not to Seems funny that redirects to when that device hasn't been announced yet.

Did anyone else try to visit before RIM announced the new smartphone? Were you also redirected to some random site?


When you went to it took you to a site saying the webpage doesnt exist yet, however it was a official blackberry site that said same thing basically

My God.

This phone is horribly ugly.

And besides, I dont like the idea of a bajillion children having a Blackberry.

Because surely thats what this phone is intended for.


Blackberry has a connotation for business professionals.
(Or people far to busy to keep track of things for themselves)

Id hate to see that stigma ruined by a Horrid Childs' toy like this.

Thanks Tmo

i receive 300 emails a day. am i supposed to open it up 300 hundred times a day? will it resist? naaaaahhh

I kind of like it. I went with a Pearl because I preferred something small, and I definitely would have preferred clamshell to protect the screen from scratches and the trackball from lint.

I can see how this device wouldn't fly for those hardcore BB users who get 100s of emails a day. But for those of us who are "lightweight" users looking for a lightweight business solution, the KickStart looks perfect.

The majority of comments on here are so off. BB may HAVE been oriented to the buisness sector but nowadays every second person i see has a pearl or a curve and its mostly TWeens that carry them. Im sure Buisness is still their bread and butter, but this phone will appeal to many mant people especially those who liked the look of the pearl but wanted a flip that they are used to

ok well based on these comments the majority think the phone is lookin ugly and i agree so your saying that now that rim has the buisness men they should just concentrate on the kids sounds like bad buisness to me and that phone is ugly kids you can have it

So, it's another flip phone ?
What's the big deal ? My LG CU 400 has more tools than the blackberry does. Sure you can buy them for the blackberry but why should we ? They should have those tools as part of the software bundle. I love my LG, I also have the curve 8310, but it's for work and that's all i use it for. Other than email what else is the blackberry good for ????

seriously dont buy this because this is just one new model of the line soon to be released so obviously there is going to be better.. like the bold.

I don't think that haveing a blackberry that is a flip phone would be very ideal. I really don't care much anyway for the pearl but i would really not like to have a flip phone that is made by blackberry. I think the peal is way to small to type messages and email to so why would they make a phone that is smaller than the pearl?

Please tell me they are still going to make more pearls, as in like Pearl 3, etc. I dislike flip phones and I dislike big phones so the pearl was my #1 choice for my all in one powerhouse. :(