BlackBerry KickStart to sell on T-Mobile for $49.99?!

BlackBerry KickStart for $50?!
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Jul 2008 02:05 pm EDT

You may want to take this news with a grain of salt. I know the first time I heard this information I was skeptical. Then I heard it again, and again and again. And now that I've heard the same bit of news from multiple sources / informants / ninjas / tipsters / little birdies I can't help but believe it to be true. So to the best of my knowledge...

the BlackBerry KickStart will sell on T-Mobile for $49.99!

50 bucks on a standard 2-yr contract and T-Mobile is apparently aiming for an early-September launch. We've known for a while now that the KickStart will be a low-cost entry into the smartphone market with a real consumer focus (lots of accessories and doodads to dress it up), but I for one wasn't expecting the low-cost to be quite that low.

At $50 the KickStart becomes a Palm Centro killer and a viable option to all of those current feature phone users out there looking to upgrade but are not quite ready to endure the $100 - $200+ sticker that is typically attached to a full-blown smartphone. $50 is CHEAP. Let's hope this info holds true as it will mean GREAT things for RIM.

As more photos of the KickStart have surfaced in recent weeks, it seems to me that people have become a little less excited about it. This pricing makes it a whole new ball game, so allow me repose the question... At $49.99, is the BlackBerry KickStart a Yay or Nay? Beauty or Beast?

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BlackBerry KickStart to sell on T-Mobile for $49.99?!


At $50 it will seriously hurt the Centro for anyone who doesn't hate flip phones, or non-vintage OSs.

Some people just love the candybars, though...

i think it is a great alternative to expensive smart phones. i can see this phone being huge, its almost tempting to buy myself but i must hold strong for the bold to come to the US

That is one bada$$ entry level phone!!

Shoot, to think I paid that price for a Moto Razr!! AHHHHH!

This will definitely get people hooked on Berries if it stays at that price point... then they will move on to bigger and better things!

Excellent price point for the flippers,, I just hope that the Kickstart is not T-mobile's fabled new BB. I really wanna see the bold, or at least the Javelin hit their network.

Being with T-Mobile, I've been waiting for something new and exciting. So this is definitely a thumbs up! :)

In my opinion, this can only be good for us, the people in the Blackberry community.

...But I do think registering those names is a good idea lol

I guess only high class citizens pay $400 dollars for a Blackberry (and this is coming from a someone who owns a T-Mobile branded 8800 at retail) but each person lives how they live. *telling all my friends in my old community to get a BB and check out* But the Kickstart is growing on me the more that i look at it. I may consider getting one, especially since they are selling it so low. But I'll just try to hold out and see if the Bold will have AWS capabilities.

I must live in a bubble because I didn't know that Blackberries are only for snobs. I'm just a lowly stay at home mom with four children and since I got my Blackberry I am so organized. No more searching through my purse for the crumpled up receipts and scraps of paper that I was trying to keep track of our lives with.

This will be great for people who dont want a flown blown Berry and still attached to the idea of a flip phone for some reason. I am all for it.. the more ppl I know on a blackberry the better i would say. once they fall in love they can upgrade. Great for RIM. I am loving this industry war.. its great for consumers in general and finally the US can start getting cool phones like they do in the rest of the world.

If this device is selling for $50, there is a reason for it. It probably means its going to be a limited edition. Or maybe RIM fears its not going to sell so well at the pricey rate at 129 so they lowered it to 50 bucks. Look at the sidekick ID, it got pulled off the shelves fast.

kinda alme, you would think that a major carrier would market more to adults. This just seems to be something that you would give your kids. Why can't they get the Bold, they always let the other carriers lock in the great phones. T-Mo lets get some better phones.

I was gung-ho for this berry but now that it's such a low price, I'm wondering if it'll have even less features than the Pearl at release. GPRS anyone? Ugh. I hope not.

How intelligent are you? I mean really?


This is the same innards as the Pearl, for all intents and purposes, with a fancy OS and a fancy form factor, and what I hope is way better build quality, because the Pearl's is shit.

It's nice to see RIM covering all the bases with a flip-phone, touch-screen Thunder, & the Bold...but doesn't this seem a tad bit low price wise?? I haven't really done a whole lot of research on the Kickstart...but $49.99...WOW

I think it's great! I have a friend that can't really afford a blackberry right now but wants to get away from WM and this would answer his need. Of course he could get a good deal on a Curve if T-Mobile will get the Bold soon!

Yay, Beauty, it's like a normal flip phone, but on steroid's (Steroid's are bad). I'm definetly getting this, and for T-Mobile, and to top it off with a $50 price tag. Whoo! You had me at BlackBerry.

How come Verizon isn't on the new Blackberry tip? First the Bold (9000) goes to AT& this to T-Mobile?!?! Help..what is a Verizon customer to do???

Switch to another provider? GSM carriers get the phones first, most of the time, due to the fact its a more widely used phone standard.

I was at a Blackberry device meeting, and I saw this product. This is going to be more than just a Centro killer. This will be the handset to have if you cannot make the jump from a flip to a bar style handset. It has all the data features that a regular business user likes with a very robust set of sw features. It will be packed with the 4.5 code. This is new code has more bang for the user than anything that I have recently seen. This is expected to launch very soon. Be on the lookout for more details,