BlackBerry Keep Moving Tour hits Canada all summer long

By Bla1ze on 27 Jun 2013 10:28 pm EDT

If you've not checked out the BlackBerry 10 Keep Moving Tour van yet and live in Canada, there will be plenty of chances to catch up with it over the summer. At BlackBerry Live we got to check out the van and needless to say, it's pretty awesome. You can check out the video above to get a walkthrough of it all or check out the locations listed below for where you can find the Keep Moving Tour over the next couple of months, it even includes a stop in NYC for Canada Day International which I suggest looking into as well, as you can win a BlackBerry Z10 for snapping some pics in Times Square.




  • August 15-18 – Taste of Calgary
  • August 14-September 3 – University Tour (Specific school details TBC)


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BlackBerry Keep Moving Tour hits Canada all summer long


Too bad they aren't coming to Manitoba or Saskatchewan.......

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As stated in some of the other comments, I can't understand why they will drive past all these cities without stopping in and running some promotional events.

Heck you could even just park outside a mall or sporting event for the day and gain some major exposure.

Having worked in media and promotions I can honestly say it's that kind of base level marketing that people take to heart.

Why not get a fleet of 10 of these vans and visit as many sporting events, festivals, fairs, and town celebrations as you can???

People are always looking for media support for these types of events, and it would be as simple as a website/facebook/twitter/bbm campaign to garner exposure.

Financial impact would be minimal. A full time summer gig for 1 or 2 people per van , a few vans, gas, and promotional giveaway items would be all it would take to regain some of the fanfare blackberry once had.

Especially in the us where they need to gain consumer level traction.

Come on BlackBerry you can spend millions on a superbowl commercial for a product you will launch several months after the fact.

But you can't spend a hundred thousand on getting feet in the streets.

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Leave it to BlackBerry to bungle a brilliant marketing opportunity such as this one. Starting to feel like pre-2013 all over again.

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Whose the head of marketing again for BlackBerry? That should explain why most of Canada seems missed on this opportunity. Frankly even GMCR Canada has a better marketing strategy and they make coffee!!! Coast to Coast in multiple Keurig branded vehicles showcasing the products. BlackBerry needs to take some serious cues from them

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Completely leaving out the maritimes too...BlackBerry is a major employer in Halifax, would be nice to have some publicity here.

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Living in Toronto I would suggest that maybe BlackBerry wants you employees to do the marketing for them :). But seriously I think BlackBerry has a failure here in marketing. A few vans, stops in all major metropolitan centres as well as some small ones would do much to raise the awareness of the product in terms of the radical difference from the legacy device. Maybe a email campaign to get BlackBerry to revisit this issue?

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How do I sign on as a Roadie? I'll be at all Ontario events for sure. Giggity.

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It is a van i.e. travels by ground. So you plan to just drive through the prairie provinces like we don't exist? In Manitoba alone the Trans-Canada goes past Winnipeg, Portage La Priaire, and the second largest city in Manitoba, Brandon (where I live). Come on-Crackberry Kevin lives in Winnipeg and no tour stop? What about Regina? Blackberry, where is the prairie love?

How about expanding the schedule. Northern Ontario is a potential market and heavy users exist all along the TransCanada highway. If your traveling West you will be driving through Sudbury. Science North would be a great spot to stop! (even for a few Hours)

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Have you seen the lineups at Weber's? A captive audience with nothing to do for the 30 minutes they stand in line. Too bad the burgers suck.

So they are coming to Calgary which is great. But why aren't they coming during the Stampede? I think they are missing out on a huge opportunity

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They do an NFC game which has you try to get a pair of BlackBerry icons by tapping your phone to two boxes . I won a BlackBerry water bottle

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Good thing you don't come to Winnipeg, it's not like we have BlackBerrys. Or the NHL. Or CFL...or hamburgers...z>:(

Not wanting to be negative, but that's a bit underwhelming. Toronto... Vancouver... Calgary... Montreal. You'd think those were the only cities in Canada. What about Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Halifax? To me a tour is more than four cities.

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Yep, they should actually have a fleet of these things solely going to events and areas of high visibility. I know it's an underwhelming list, but it's a start.

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You're right, there is no Montreal on the list. I went on autopilot as it's usually Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver that are the only cities in Canada, doncha know.

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They better have huge stacks of notification coasters...

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In Vancouver July 27 when the UK is doing their fireworks thing and then on the 31st when Canada competes. Good choices but are they taking some time off in between? May try to find them on 27th

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No Love for Montreal either...A hot summer night on Crescent St. may be just what the BlackBerry van needs.

So my wife sees the Keep Moving Van today in Vancouver and I go cool! Let's go find it! So I go to their website to find out where it will be next! Only to find out their website only had US locations! Hello Canada?!? WTF?

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Hmm I think those US locations are really all the places that Mr Harper and President Obama agreed should become Canadian sovereign places :).

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I just don't get it. BlackBerry needs to be marketing to millions at a time. Not hundreds or thousands or however many will be attending these events.
In my part of the U.S. I have noticed a few mentions of BB. But nothing like the competition.

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One stop in Toronto, and a massive amount of Canada forgotten....the North might not be the largest market, but at least put a bit of effort into this Canadian tour. very disappointed.

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From the looks of it they must have more than one vehicle involved if the tour will be in Ottawa, NYC. And Vancouver on the same day. July 1st. If that's the case then seriously they should be seeing a lot more of Canada than a few major cities. There cannot be any excuse for BlackBerry to miss so much opportunity to capture and showcase the new BlackBerry to as many Canadians as possible and even extend this into the much needed United States market by doing a full on tour there. Something like what Keurig/GMCR did for the Vue and they used Jenny Garth (90210 fame).

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Looks like they ran out of budget for marketing and spent too much money developing bb10.
After using the zed now for 3 months the only other person I see using the z10 is my wife.
Marketing big time!

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Maybe BlackBerry felt it did its marketing in Montreal during the F1 weekend. Still...a lot of business here and Quebeckers are very loyal to Canadian products (some would say ironically)

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Come on guys no Montreal!!! This weekend would have been great, especially with the Jazz Festival in town...bad move BB!

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Why are they in Canada? BlackBerry is good here. Go back to the states where blackberry desperately needs their market.

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I echo the comments that they should come to Montreal...There was one van that was around town for about a month following the launch but then nothing :( ..and the van did not have the NFC Prize (?) game on the back of it ....In fact have either a van permanently or a retail store :)

Seriously? 2 scheduled stops in Calgary and none in Edmonton?? They know we're only a 2.5 hour drive away.

Even my BlackBerry 10 dictionary knows that's silly because Edmonton was in my dictionary and Calgary was not!

1.2 million people is far from the biggest city in Canada but is still respectable. I think that someone booked the stops around their family events... weddings, reunions...

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