BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects - Robert Rodriguez Act 3

Now we get to take a look at a bit of the post-production... 

By Simon Sage on 25 Apr 2013 09:53 am EDT

Robert Rodriguez' crowdsourced action flick is still a-rolling on the BlackBerry Keep Moving campaign. Though the submission cut-off to participate in the project is long gone, it looks like they're still wading through concepts of faces, guns, and monsters to fill in the various green screen elements in the short film.  You can take a look at the submissions at the Keep Moving page, This latest clip finishes off saying that we'll see the final product "soon", so expect a grand finale in the next couple of weeks.

I've been pretty impressed with the Keep Moving project as a whole. It's got a lot more public participation than a straight-up ad campaign, it tells a story rather than sells a product, and you get a very personal look inside the heads of some pretty high-profile people.

Did any of you guys participate in the Keep Moving project, either with Robert Rodriguez, Alicia Keys, or Neil Gaiman?

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BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects - Robert Rodriguez Act 3


Will this be used as a movie theater commercial providing pre movie entertainment?? Reach such wider audience ....I love the creative nature of these projects. It's like 4-D immerse marketing

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Just got my software update notice for my St100-1 can't wait to get home to update. Yeahhhhhhhhh

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You need protection on your Z10 to be the real deal? I have a holster but no protection does that count or am I just a fake? :-)

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I participated in Neil Gaiman and Robert Rodriguez' projects. My drawing made the website final for November and will be published in the on-line version. I have a couple of auditions up on RR's project as well as a drawing for a monster design and a dozen weapon concepts.

The strange thing about my monster design is that I received a response that my art was received but the images never made it on the gallery. I am hoping that's because it is the monster and RR doesn't want people to know what's coming.

I thought the Calendar of Tales was supposed to be out sometime in April. Do you know?