BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects - Robert Rodriguez Act 2

By Adam Zeis on 5 Apr 2013 10:02 am EDT

As part of the BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects, director Robert Rodriguez is making a short film with the help of BlackBerry fans. Dubbed Project Green Screen, the film will add in photos and ideas from fans to create a final product. For the next portion, Robert is asking fans for their crazy ideas for a weapon that will appear in the film.

For Act 2, we need a creative genius with just a hint of madness. Watch Act 2 below and you’ll see a villain-slaying weapon, still partially in green screen. Tweet your wackiest ideas for what the weapon does, and you could help shape the story.

You can tweet your weapon ideas to @rodriguez using the hashtag #KeepMoving. The ideas must be submitted by Wednesday April 10th.

Head over to the Keep Moving Hub for more details

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BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects - Robert Rodriguez Act 2



For some reason, I can't get the video to play as it says the video is unavailable.

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On my beautiful Z10. I've tried a few times now and still get the same results. I'm on LTE btw.

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I'm trying to add a pic of my screen and can't access or get to post it on here. Am I missing something here on how to...?

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Yup, that worked!!

I still can't seem to be able to post pics straight from the CB App when replying to posts on threads. Any I'm missing on the How to? Suggestions?

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That's a known issue
My avatar doesn't show either...suffice to say, we can see it.

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I wouldn't go as far as "retarded" but there is definitely a lot of cheese. I'm usually a sucker for this kind of thing, but I've watched them all and I'm just not connecting to what they're doing. The narration is always overly dramatic and I always think I'm listening to Sarah Connor narrating in Terminator 2 (especially on Alicia Keys' stories).

I think they're going to fizzle out quietly after a while unless they can get some other people on board to target some different demographics like technology/business (which I could better relate to), sports, and something that would reach out to young adults (16-25 years olds) like following someone struggling with sex, school, finding a job or drugs. Maybe go for something change to tone to a little more upbeat. Get some humour.

Also agree. I am sure the money could of been spent more effectively.

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