BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects - Robert Rodriguez Act 1

By Adam Zeis on 18 Mar 2013 02:10 pm EDT

We've seen plenty from the BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects with both Alicia Keys and Neil Gaiman, and now Robert Rodriguez is kicking off his portion of the project as well. Robert has just finished filming a short movie that involves two ice-cream serving, monster fighting twin sisters (what's more fun than that?) and is inviting BlackBerry fans to submit their piece for a chance to be in the movie. You can score an actual acting role or just get your face in the film - either way it's pretty awesome. 

You can check out Robert's intro video above and the movie trailer below, then head to the BlackBerry Keep Moving Hub for more on Project Green Screen with Robert Rodriguez.

Enter your submission to Project Green Screen

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BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects - Robert Rodriguez Act 1


This is a really awesome idea. It'd definitely make people feel connected to the project, and it utilizes social media in a great way!

I really like the way this project is including people and pulling people towards BB10. Hopefully they get some really good submissions!

Oh my god that's amazing, sexy and cool. Aimed at both the younger audience and men (check out the babes!!) with such genius ideas we've been seeing from blackberry recently, I think it's safe to say blackberry will be BOOMING come the US release.

BlackBerry for life.

Posted via CB10

A BlackBerry sponsored grind house movie directed by Robert Rodriguez and starring the crazy babysitter twins from Planet Terror!?!?! I must be dreaming! My mind is blown!

I wonder when they do the "create the weapon" part if it has to be a fake "futuristic" looking weapon or if a real current one will do because I have a really unique and cool looking rifle I would like to submit for that part...