BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects - Neil Gaiman episode 4

By Adam Zeis on 11 Mar 2013 02:20 pm EDT

The next episode of Neil Gaiman's Keep Moving Project has been posted up for your viewing pleasure. Neil is hard at work finishing off his Calendar of Tales - a series of user-contributed stories based on the months of the calendar year. In the video, Neil talks about his love of books and reading as well as the influx of illustrations submitted by fans so far. The project seems to be moving along at an amazing pace and I'm super excited to see the end result. Check out the video above for the latest installment. Check out more in the BlackBerry Keep Moving Hub.

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BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects - Neil Gaiman episode 4


Look on twitter at all the awareness of the #keepmoving campaign. Remember BlackBerry has to build awareness of the brand before they can actually convince people to buy the phones and these content marketing seem to get more people involved than a 30 second advertisement.

I wonder why you say that? People communicate in many different ways. Here is a person who has mastered the spoken and written word. That's how he gets things done. How can that be a waste? Sure it won't reach everyone but neither do computer games, adolescent pop stars and other celebrities.

It's not that I don't think its interesting, I just don't find it to be a good way to promote a phone. Surely there is a cheaper way to reach the 300 people who watched that video today.

I totally agree to you. Wish the marketing money had been better spent. It makes no sense and the phone element is hardly covered. Its more like a promotion of an artists book. Same goes with Mrs Keys. Guys in place like India where z10 is launch I see not even a single newspaper ad or a TV ad. Sony Xperia has done and so has samsung and apple. Does BB think they can sell in India just like that. Guys please change your attitude.

This was amazing. I'm so glad about how this keep moving project is going! All of them are going well so far, however I feel Neil's has much more substance than Alicia's, you can really sense his passion.

This is a fascinating project and it targets the artistic demographic, a segment previously overlooked by BlackBerry. I think the social media buzz they are getting from this is an investment in mindshare that can only help them in the long term.

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I've not known of Neil until this project. I've previously stated my resistance to such a project months ago, before anything was officially announced; due to a possible mass perception of those of higher wealth/power/influence will be perceived as those being more important than the little person. I'm glad I've been proven wrong ... most so that this is done so exquisite & artistically.

Those that feel this is a waste of time, or waste of marketing dollars .... you need to understand one thing about Communication. The choices we use to communicate is NOT universal the world over:
Brazil, Ecuador, Costa Rica, etc will call you until you pickup (some 10+ rings), and will NOT leave you a voice message as it seems un-natural to people of that culture. Emails, chats, forums posts etc all done differently. These haters need to understand ... communication although universal is very personal and methods to communicate are unique. BB10, as highlighted in the Z10 or the upcoming Q10 are communication devices.

Get with the program!