BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects - Neil Gaiman episode 3

By Michelle Haag on 4 Mar 2013 06:58 pm EST

BlackBerry has now posted the third episode of the Keep Moving Projects with Neil Gaiman. In this video, Neil talks more about the Calendar of Tales and his feelings on the collaboration with other artists. The user-contributed work is a collection of stories - one for each calendar month of the year - and the ideas, art, and now films are all being collected on Twitter, DeviantART, and through the BlackBerry Keep Moving Hub.

Check out the video above then head over to the BlackBerry Keep Moving Hub to get in on the action.

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BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects - Neil Gaiman episode 3


I love reading, but had never gotten around to reading any of Gaiman's books. Thank you, Blackberry, for choosing Neil Gaiman to do these videos, and introducing me to this wonderful author.

These videos of Gaiman are far better than the ones with Alicia Keys, they are more interesting, more peacefull, and you can really tell that he is really using the Z10 for his project.