BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects - Neil Gaiman episode 2

By Adam Zeis on 19 Feb 2013 12:47 pm EST

BlackBerry has posted up the next episode of the Keep Moving Projects with Neil Gaiman. In the video, Neil talks a bit about how he has progressed in his work on a Calendar of Tales thus far. The user-contributed work is a collection of stories - one for each calendar month of the year - and the ideas and stories have all been collected on Twitter and through the BlackBerry Keep Moving Hub

Now you can check out all the stories as well as submit artwork for them should you feel up to the task. All of the stories need to be illustrated and it's you who gets to take on the challenge.

Check out the video above then head over to the BlackBerry Keep Moving Hub to get in on the action. 

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects - Neil Gaiman episode 2


Rather self defeating - He is shown hand writing notes, organizing post-its, scanning library shelves and using a laptop, all things he could have done on his BB Z10, but he opts to forgo that technology. Brilliant subliminal messaging!!!!

I was going to say the same thing. Why not use the Z10? Isn't it the whole purpose of this moving forward project?


The cool thing could be that in the first videos he using the oldschool way of things and that he develops a taste for working on the Z10, discovering that the Z10 is indeed a tool and not a toy!

I respectfully disagree. As a professional, I use LOTS of tech tools: Blackberry (of course), desktop, laptop, tablet (Playbook), Moleskin notebooks, pens, highlighters, etc...

"Children" (adults and minors), whose lives revolve around their cell phones because all they care about is Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, have no idea how real work gets done.

People who actually deliver a product or service to customers/clients use any and all tools that make them more productive and efficient. For many of us, one of those tools is a Blackberry (by choice), but it's not the only tool. My 9900 is with me 24/7, but I also rely heavily on other tools as well.

I can understand califlefty's initial response to the video, but upon further reflection, I hope all Blackberry users and Crackberry fans can see the bigger picture: my Blackberry is a tool to get work done and make me more productive, not a magic wand fulfilling all my wants and desires.


Uhm, who is he? And what difference does it make if he uses a BB10 or not? No, I'm not being cynical or sarcastic, I'm serious; who is he?

Way to go BlackBerry for bringing on another powerhouse to promote phones...

Apparently, I'm too dense to know his work lol. Or maybe he's just not as well known in the US? Now I'm just making excuses...

He is one of my favourite authors!!

Maybe you have watched his movies? Stardust / caroline? He is also the writer for Sandman ages ago. Not sure if he is still doing it.

The only reason I know this guy is cause he wrote 1602. A Marvel Comic book that places a bunch of Marvel Heroes in 1602. Steve Rogers plays a blonde Native American man.. its a pretty sweet comic..


I didn't know who he was either so looked him up. I had heard of some of his works. Cool to learn about in the Keep Moving Projects and even cooler to know they use a BB.

I saw Neil Gaiman at a reading in Toronto many years ago. I was new to his work and went with a fan of his. He captivated the audience for two hours. By the end of the evening I couldn't tear myself away.

He spins tales across many genres. So his following is huge.

I think he was a great choice.

Look at how BlackBerry is bringing substance to the table! What other phone manufacturer is creating a foundation this deep with their brand and the products they sell? This is what sustainable business looks like. Connecting with the consumer on an intimate level. Giving you validation in the product that you buy, what it means to own a Blackberry...what it says about the kind of individual you are to choose a BlackBerry device. "Movers and shakers of the world...not those being shook."

I am glad blackberry has endorsed artists in such meaningful projects rather than have some them perform some slapstick humour. This is just classy.