BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects - Neil Gaiman episode 1

By Adam Zeis on 4 Feb 2013 12:10 pm EST

Neil Gaiman's first episode for the BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects has hit the air. The Keep Moving Projects are documenting Alicia Keys, Robert Rodriguez and Neil Gaiman as they each take on their own special projects using BlackBerry 10 with help from fans across the globe.

Alicia Keys, Robert Rodriguez and Neil Gaiman are each about to embark on their own unique, groundbreaking project with BlackBerry and want to collaborate with you.

They want you to inspire them, engage with them and impress them with your ideas. Watch the intro film to find out all you need to know.

It's a pretty cool feature from BlackBerry and we're definitely looking forward to seeing how it all pans out. There should be some great videos to come from the series, so keep an eye out for more. You can check out Neil's first entry above and keep reading for more on the project.

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BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects - Neil Gaiman episode 1


Very nice!

Before we start getting comments from the peanut gallery, I'll point out that these two videos are not commercials that will air on TV.

The chosen people are cool. If the ads themselves end up showing things that need to "get done" and how BB10 makes it easy for them to "do", it'll be golden.

Seems kind of similar to the "In the Right Hands" concept that was mentioned on Crackberry before. I didn't think a single day would be enough to do something spectacular so this gives them more time to do their thing. I don't know if it will be enough to sway users away from iOS or Android, but it should at least help get the Blackberry name out there in a more positive light.

i hope these are not for air on TV.

someone above commented that they're not for TV, so i hope that's correct, because there do not appeal to the masses and barely shows a glimpse of the phone.

if these ads are for special interest groups, then they're great!

ok the only part if this that i enjoy is the fact that they're backing the author of Coraline. i love that book!

I hate when companies waste their time and money on this stuff... It is completely useless. The only people that would watch this would be the writer's die-hard fans (small amount of people), or super BB fans that are going to buy the phone anyways. Need to focus all advertising to business-oriented newspapers, social media, and traditional media (tv, billboards etc.) and SHOW OFF THE FEATURES. This is just how they advertised before BB10 and how did that work out for them? Take a page out of Apple's book already geez

It's about depth. if BB could be endorsed by these elites in every different fields with all these quality ads. it'll meke more people to rethink this brand. i want BB to be like apple, not samsung. that's just my opinion.

It's about depth. if BB could be endorsed by these elites in every different fields with all these quality ads. it'll make more people to rethink this brand. i want BB to be like apple, not samsung. that's just my opinion.

besides this not even just a ad it's more like a co-op project with Neil instead of making some celebrities showing products, which is more in line with the image of an author and less purse proud.

These videos should air on TV, especially in the US. They are really intriguing, they really change the perception and image of BlackBerry for the good, they have emotion that makes the viewer very curious and the videos are a unique and different way of marketing a brand and product. The videos are very different than apple or samsung commercials. Maybe it's just me but these videos look really cool. Also, not only am I intrigued about the Z10, I am intrigued about the author and his work. This is marketing gold, it strikes a different tone than all the other noise.The style and production of these videos are amazing. I could see commercials like these definitely before specific shows or before specific movies in a movie theater.

Original, Odd and Inspiring. This is exactly the way to go.
Finally, something different than the same old marketing gimmicks .
Air this just the way it is, perfect in every way.

I think the way that Blackberry is aiming their marketing is spot on. They are hitting a lot of different of demographics - formula 1, music fans, readers, writers, etc - while still being committed to the business side of things.

To the people who keep saying 'Show off the features!', you aren't getting it. Blackberry has to rekindle an interest in their brand. By teasing the features, and using what someone referred to as a 'quiet confidence' in reference to the Super Bowl ad - Blackberry is achieving their goal. In less than a year we have been able to see people's perception's of Blackberry begin to change. I believe these commercials and mediums will help with this.

A lot of the features are too subtle to show in a short commercial. It's better to get people to a point where they want to learn more. There are tons of demo videos out there to show the features.

Agreed, for me if they really put that many efforts in "show off the features" kind of ads, it will be just as same as screaming " Look! I can do this and that too just like the others! please! watch me! give me a chance!"