BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects - Alicia Keys episode 2

Alicia Keys is starting out on her Set The World On Fire Tour and has posted up the next episode in her Keep Moving Project.

By Adam Zeis on 27 Feb 2013 10:13 am EST

The video gives a bit of a behind the scenes look as she readies for the stage and starts work on her project video - a collection of portraits submitted by fans that will be shown off during her performance in each city. A very cool idea that will give a unique view of fans and their cities at each venue. You can check out more on this and other projects at the BlackBerry Keep Moving Hub.

Want to get involved? Check out the video below for more.

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BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects - Alicia Keys episode 2


It could be just me. I still don't think that Blackberry or whoever they employ for their marketing has found a way to really grab the attention of the viewers. These 2 videos show no connection to the Blackberry brand nor does it show off anything about BB10.

the 1st vid we didn,t see much of the z10 now we see it quite often.someone is catching on, and i am glad alecia is cooperating .this shows me she cares,and thinks like a winner,a team player.dedication 4 the nation.

I find it really dumb for BlackBerry to have employed her to do a job that any thousands of more qualified women could have done, and she goes right out on tour and makes videos that are more about her and her music rather than the product. Sorry, hiring her if that's indeed what they did, was an #epicfail.

Do you even run a huge company and make smartphones? No.
Are you a song writer and possibly more? No.
You have no such say. Blackberry is doing the right thing.


I think we are not looking at why BlackBerry has put out these videos. It's not about the device. Its's more so about the people who rely on a device. As Vivek said during last years BlackBerry World, it is about attracting, "BlackBerry People". It is truly about creating an image of what a BlackBerry person is. The person who is on the go. About a person who has to get things done. I can relate to these videos based upon my projects and travels in my personal and professional life. These videos are about defining the tools that support people who are "BlackBerry People". We see that in this second video with Alicia as she was using the device to accept a meeting, record her voice with the voice recorder. These were tools that enabled her. I ask that you watch the video again and see if you come to a conclusion that might be similar to mine.

Happy Wednesday #TeamBlackBerry
Z10 and 64GB PlayBook owner

Perfectly stated, MidnightSociety! Perfect. BlackBerry's strategy is actually strategic. Remember. BlackBerry People are smart like that.

There's a clear difference between attracting your audience and just posting something hoping to attract that audience. This is clearly the latter.

Is this airing anywhere on tv? Is it showcasing any of the features of the phone that set it apart from the competition?

I get what this is intended to be, I just feel it was badly executed. The Z10 has to be on the airwaves: radio, tv, print, you name it. This idea of just posting a video to the web is not going to work (it didn't the first time either) as it will only be seen by those following BB, searching for BB on youtube, watching the video, and understanding it. Think about it- why would anyone who hasn't heard or cared about the Z10 want to search for it on youtube? You have to put it in front of someone for them to get curious, then direct them to these ads (or rather something more specific and better)

Hi Axe,

I think you have a very valid points. I will say this, as the US launch nears I think you will begin to see the whole plan start to come together.

Totally agree with your comments. This campaign is just getting started and will feature other people who keep moving. As you say, BlackBerry is not trying to attract everyone to BB10 because they know they can't do that yet. They are targeting specific groups, BlackBerry people as they put it. At launch, there was mention of going after working moms who are on the go and combine work and personal all the time. No surprise then to see the glamour part of her world (the photo shoot) and the motherhood part linked (among others, shot of her child at the photo session). Sure this may not appeal to teenage boys but that's what Robert Rodriguez will be for. It is an interesting campaign, just getting started so it should be fun to watch.

I think you have it right, Alan. There are different people in this project that allows others to relate to the, "BlackBerry Experience". Exactly why BlackBerry didn't have just one person. They have multiple. There were viral videos to get people in other walks of life to enjoy. I think this campaign is smart. Grass roots acceptance is more effective than aiming for the masses when you are trying to rebrand. The best advertising is word of mouth. You cannot put a price tag on that.

Yeah since she used a Iphone for the last 3 years or so .... and had to expose her Z10 at the NBA show as Thot and the other dude did. ... ... Nice aretit.... no Blackberry credibility for me

Yeah since she used a Iphone for the last 3 years or so .... and had to expose her Z10 at the NBA show as Thor and the other dude did. ... ... Nice artist .... no Blackberry credibility for me

If that's the case than why don't we see the celeb using the Z10 more often in the ad? Other than a couple of shots of her looking at the device you don't get the feeling she's even using it.

If Blackberry wants to attract new people to BB10, Alicia is not the way to go. Alicia was cool and hip and fresh back when I was in my 20's.

And you wonder why celebrities are not jumping at the chance to represent Blackberry. With this kind of criticism, press and users alike, why invite such "hateration".

Talk about eating your own. At least these people are DO'ing something with their Keep Moving projects unlike the couch coach's that are nagging daily.

I agree with most of you who do not think Alicia Keys is the right person. Who are they trying to target here? Definitely not the young people or non-BlackBerry users. I like her songs but she doesn't seem to connect with me. She just seems "boring" to me. I'm starting to think that Kim Kardashian would have been a better choice; not that I'm a fan of hers.

Blackberry should have use Rihanna to promote the phone. Alicia don't have a huge following.
RIhanna always have a blackberry. Alicia still uses her iPhone. Rihanna has 67 million Facebook followers 25 million twitter followers. she tweets a lot and people always interesting n what she tweets.Right now if rihanna tweets that she had the new blackberry it will have 10 times the impact of anything Alicia can do. Blackberry should be promoting rihanna upcoming world tour .
the girl is selling out stadiums Alicia cannot do that.

I think this is a smart campaign also. I can't think of a Blackberry campaign that could be better. I think people will relate to this. If you look past the fandom and into the heart of the campaign it is more like a movement. You can plug anyone into it showing what they do in life, work and art that the tools you use can help with. It isn't about the phone or the software or the pc or whatever, it is about what you are doing. I like this campaign a lot.

I think a lot of people like the idea of the campaign, but don't care for the execution/content. They need to do something that will go viral. Something funny and witty that’s not necessarily about the phone, but when you watch it, you know it’s from Blackberry.

Is it just me or is there an iPhone in the video...from 1:34-1:39 when she is on the plan look to the far right of the screen....pretty sure that is an iPhone...

They would have done better hiring Russel Simmons for the US and Usain Bolt for international attention....
Her videos are putting me to sleep and most people would not pay attention to the phone because it is showed ever so briefly.

Now i'm a little confused on her role as a blackberry "employee"... In the last few weeks i've seen her on several talk shows but made no mention of her role with blackberry...i think it wouldn't have taken much for her to pull out the z10 and say something along the lines of "blackberry. Is turning things around." " coming soon..." etc.... I thought she's supposed to be the global media director or whatever her "title" is...she should be pushing this thing by now as there are still people out there that don't know what it looks like.

Harlem shake or PSY? Gimme a break.

It's not about old school, car sales pitch spots anymore. That is why this video is so powerful.
It is unbelievably well done, intelligent, packed with subliminal messages, inspiring, motivational.
It is something we have not experienced from BlackBerry for ages.
Keys is a natural choice for winning back US market.

Its a different approach.....ya she sells herself, but she does portray a busy schedule, hectic, and her z10 is her choice to communicate......Blackberry always has persued those who need to get things done.....Is it the best it is a pc of the strategy.....and remember, one of the major strengths of the z10 is the ability to communicate efficiently through the HUB....which it does.