BlackBerry Keep Moving ad spot debuts!

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Feb 2013 07:55 pm EST

Following up on BlackBerry's Super Bowl Commercial, here is the first look at BlackBerry's Keep Moving ad spot. BlackBerry's Chief Marketing Officer Frank Boulben gave us the heads-up yesterday that the Keep Moving campaigns would make their debut today. BlackBerry has also made this first commercial spot available on their youtube channel, in both the full 60s and shorter 20s cuts.

Compared to the Super Bowl commercial, the Keep Moving ad campaign will put more of a focus on the key features of BlackBerry 10 and the BlackBerry Z10, illustrating Flow as you use different features of the devices to move seamlessly from one facet of life to another. This is a global campaign spanning all forms off media - tv, print, online, billboards - and will initially start in Canada, head to Europe and expand from there.

Check it out above, and let us know what you think in the comments! 

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BlackBerry Keep Moving ad spot debuts!


was thinking the exact same. but although the commercial didn't really appeal to me, I can imagine BB wanted to target the family factor of the super bowl. (note: I'm european, so if the super bowl isn't really a family event, please be gentle. it was the first time I watched it)

While I agree something about the phone should have been shown, Super Bowl commercials are supposed to be eccentric and wacky. I think they could have accomplished everything in 30 seconds with the timeshift camera and some cute kid. Either way Super Bowl ads are not your run of the mill ad spots.

They should have shown someone snapping a picture of a football player catching the ball on the sideline. Both feet are on the ground, dragging as he is going out of bounds, but the ball isn't in his hands yet. When the ball is actually caught, his feet are already out of bounds.

Then, they show the picture on the Z10 and someone timeshifts the ball to be in his hands when the picture was taken with his feet in bounds.

"Wouldn't it be nice if life was a BlackBerry."

I like your idea but a better thought is having someone on the side line with a BB10 phone taking a picture of a wide receiver catching a ball near the side line market....then the referee rules that the player did not catch the ball in bounds.

The coach throws the red flag for a booth review....instead of the referee going to the covered instant replay machine he walks over to the person who took the picture of the receiver with the BB10. The photographer rewinds the picture that shows the receiver indeed secured the catch inbounds for a legal catch.

The referee runs to mid-field and announces, "The ruling on the field has been reversed. The BB10 time lapse camera confirms the wide receiver secured the ball in the field of play."

This idea could also be used for last second shot in a basketball game..instead of a television monitor review it is a BB10 phone camera review. Other commercial in Canada, baseball, etc. Come on Blackberry...this is good stuff here!!

I think they didnt want to show that much of the functions during the superbowl because its not availible in USA yes

There is a clear distinction between ads from Blackberry before and now... Love it. Awesome stuff.. They will only get better.

While I agree the ad is well done, maybe even innovative, what is it trying to sell? BlackBerry's advertising lacks an emotional connection once again. And why do BlackBerry and Microsoft always need a need a soundtrack in all of their commercials? Because Apple did it once. Drop the song in favor of some narrative for once.

Can you imagine BlackBerry's marketing meetings? "This was 2 years in the making. There's been a lot of blood, sweat and tears. But we have accomplished our goal. We have come up with the most advanced operating system in mobile. Let's raise awareness by showing someone hiking down a sand dune."

Check out the Dodge and Jeep commercials which ran during the Super Bowl. That's how an ad campaign is done. BlackBerry needs to come up with something that engages and resonates NOW!

I understand your point but I am not sure you understand BlackBerry's marketing strategy with this campaign.

This ad was designed for a global market. Scenes and people are from all over the world so that they will appeal to a wide range of local audiences. The soundtrack and limited amount of script means BlackBerry doesn't have to do a huge amount of editing to play it to audiences everywhere. It is an economy of scale, sending the same message to all audiences. It is exactly what the CMO wanted to do. Keep the message the same everywhere. Not only does that make sense from a corporate branding point of view, it saves money by reducing post production costs.

loved the superbowl ad, it was perfect for the superbowl, and why it will only have played during the superbowl.

This is the direction the NEW BlackBerry team is going!!!

New hardware, new OS, new way of doing things, new branding and yes, all new marketing! When they have said they have been in transition, it wasn't just about the devices, it was about the company, and we are seeing it unfold right before our very eyes!!!

These ads will resonate more then the super bowl ad I think. A good campaign that should really grab the attention of BlackBerry people. Even one's that don't know they are BlackBerry people yet.

I love it! Makes me wanna try the new Blackberry 10! Tomorrow's the big day for Canadians!! Picking up my pre-order first thing in the morning!

Now that's a clear and exciting way to get the message of what blackberry is about. The super bowl spot was to cryptic. My buddy who is a huge bb fan did not get the super bowl ad at all. This is more so to the point. Loving it.

Starting from cryptic to tease to clear demonstrations of the phone is a great strategy from where I'm sitting.

This is awesome, but I swear I emailed them the same idea a long time ago lol. I guess most people just think alike. Anyway I like it, good stuff. Just can't wait to get a black Z10 for me and a white Z10 for my girl.

Nice one! Does the photo options to go back in time just change the you can get a smile ( if you pick that )...or the whole picture back a few milliseconds?

Just the face...and you can even select individual faces, if there are multiple people in the shot, and leave the other faces untouched!

wrong, you have the option of changing the entire picture, or just the face's. So find a body position you like, then change individual faces or just the faces, or just the entire picture.

Loved the Super Bowl commercial, I love Tame Impala, but this commercial doesn't quite do it for me.

I like the subtle display of features while maintaining the theme of Keep Moving. Not as fluent in some parts but this is the commercial I want to see.

This commercial is awesome!

I have to admit, if Blackberry keeps this "Keep Moving Forward" ad campaign going like this they'll definitely have the USA MARKET onboard when March/April 2013 hits us...

Very nice commerical! Very nice!

on a scale of 1 to 10 (TEN)

i liked them both, funny thing is that the blackberry commercial is actually the number 1 ranked Superbowl commercial on

lol.. from this point going forward.. i will keep my opinions to myself and not questions blackberry.. hahha.. maybe just for today..

I do prefer this one to the Superbowl commercial, which I also thought was Ok, but I still would prefer to see more of the phone!! Grrr....

I like this ad and I'm adding my voice to the "Why the hell was this not the Superbowl commercial?" choir...

Levis and french perfume ads do these ads. The superbowl ad was a little out there for an American sporting events audience. Of course the Calvin Klein underwear spot was my personal favorite. My friends were all "Duuuuuddde"

I thought the BB10 SB ad was a bit of a send up of the ridiculous android sci-fi phone ads. Those damn phones run off your DNA and can blow holes through walls ---

more like it...

Name of the song is Elephant. Wonder if there is some tie in with the guy getting elephant legs in the Stuporbowl commercial.

Best commercial yet. I don't want to jump on the hate for the Superbowl commercial. I think it was sent in the right way to the right audience. It was more of a teaser for these ads that will be coming. I think this was well thought out. You got my vote!

This is a really nice commercial. I like the pace flowing from one scenario to another one - KEEP MOVING. It gives me a fresh feeling.

This ad is totally different from the super bowl ad. To me, the super bowl ad has an underlying meaning - Z10 is a neat smartphone designed and built to handle everything in order to meet consumers' expectations.

Now this commercial is something that should have been shown during the super bowl. I like this commercial then what was shown on Sunday. I am still getting the Z10.

Wow, this commercial really shows BlackBerry reborn anew! No longer the uncool but now totally cool! Keep up the great work BB!

Despite what some say, I loved the Super Bowl Commercial; it wasn't all spelled out but intellectual and sarcastic. Way to go!

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

love it, love it, love it.. have i mentioned i love it yet?

as many have posted, this should have been in the superbowl.

Great attention getter with the song, and the "Keep Moving" theme carried out all the way through the commercial. Very nice indeed!

Much better. This is ad that needs major push during American Idol, Grey's Anatomy etc. Z10 tomorrow wish me luck this will be my first ever full touch device!

Great ad, shows more of the Z10. As others have said, this, or some form of it should have been the Superbowl commercial.

One shot in this is something I wouldn't risk, using my Z10 in the pool.

This is a great ad.

This and different variations of this need to be flooding the airwaves - and on primetime tv.

This is a failure add campaign. What the heck are they showing the scene where the person is switching from work screen to personal for? No one but people like us have a clue what that is so it makes most people think that that is how slow you go from app screen to app screen. They need to get rid of this campaign and learn from Samsung how to make ads and make money! This phone is seriously better than the iPhone yet no one single commercial yet would leave you to believe that there is a reason to switch. There is zero reason to target blackberry users, they are all going to get This phone, they need to target iPhone and android users.

and regarding that superbowl add... doesn't matter if it was good or not... what matters is people are talking about it. It was all over the news... "mixed reviews", "it disappeared from the website"...

Perfect ad, perfect song.... I'm speechless.

This ad needs to be on constant repeat!!!


Perfect ad, perfect song.... I'm speechless.

This ad needs to be on constant repeat!!!


Based on how people watch super bowl commercials, in the middle of large groups, you need to have something to grab their attention. Sorry to say but a commercial to introduce a new product needs to grab the attention. Simple showing the features, like this one, would not hold party goers atention very well. My only problem with the super bowl commercial was as "creative" as it was you had to pay close attention to know what the commcerial was for.

Overall, everyone needs to realx a bit. As the old saying goes, this is a marathon, not a sprint!! People are not going to switch from an iPhone or Samsung because of these commercials, even if they were the best ever. They will switch back just like they left, one friend at a time. They will switch because someone they know has it and they see how great it is.They will switch because the phone is priced just right, hopefully.

Buckle up, we are in it for the long haul!!! BB forever!

I watched the commercial, and thought it was horrible. Not as obtuse, off-putting, and frustrating as the Supervisor commercial, but still pretty bad. Came here, read the effusive fanboi comments, and watched it a second time to see what I missed. Apparently, all I missed was the fanboi koolaid. This commercial is representative of everything that's wrong with BB advertising: it barely tries to sell any of the features of the phone; instead it seems to be trying to convince the viewer of the phone's value by merely stating that it "keeps you moving." The brief shot of the time-lapse photo feature was the only bit that the average, non-BB--expert might be able to understand -- and that's being generous; probably less than 10% of the target, non-BB-owning viewing audience will recognize it from their use of the similar iPhone feature -- and so will of course assume it's an identical knock-off feature. The message I got from the spot was "Hi, we're BlackBerry. You know how you have this impression of us as being behind the feature curve; as putting out already-obsolete hardware past its target release date and well behind the capabilities of current Apple and Android sets? How we're completely oblivious to the state of the current market? How we're desperately trying to claim relevance in a world that left us behind years ago? How we continue to release marketing campaigns that say absolutely nothing, engender no mystery or interest, and communicate nothing but disconnected, disinterested, abstract images unrelated to your life? Yeah, well, we haven't changed."

Please understand that I am a long-time BB user and administrator, and I continue to pray for BB to regain its perception of value in the enterprise and consumer markets. Unfortunately, I have seen fuck-all from RIM along these lines, and this is just more of the same nothing.

If they were fanboys they wouldnt have hated the superbowl commercial which was actually bad. This commercial shows off the distinguishing features of BB10.

As to your comments regarding Z10 hardware being "already-obsolete", and BB10 being "well behind the capabilities of current apple and android sets" I will enlighten you to the fact that the Z10 specs are similar or greater than that of the iphone5 and that according to many analysts BB10 is up to par (with exception to app availability).

You need to relax.

Good point on the fanboy thing. You misunderstood my meaning on the hardware, etc: I was giving my opinion of what I think the spot communicates to the non-faithful.

I love these ads.... I don't see any reason to take a advertising cues from the competition... What has always sold blackberry products obviously wasn't the ads...they get the brand awareness...what sells blackberry is that their products are different...If I wanted a product that behaves like the competition is would buy the competition...long live z10

Sleepless nights for the competition....loved the Ad!

FB you are world class my man. Mercedes F1 deal, absolutely spot on mate!