BlackBerry joins us for #CESlive to discuss BBM 2.0 and more!

By Bla1ze on 9 Jan 2014 08:33 pm EST

If you didn't catch the #CESlive show with our special guest Alex Kinsella from BlackBerry earlier, now is a good a time as any. Alex stopped by to give us all a first hand look at BBM 2.0 for Android and iOS and walk us through some of the great features that are coming with it.

One of the most notable new features of BlackBerry Messenger 2.0 is Quickshare which lets you share pretty much any kind of file you'd want to a BBM contact including Dropbox files, contact cards, location information through Glymspe integration, and more

Alex also walks through an explanation of BlackBerry Channels. While that's not unfamiliar for BlackBerry users, Channels right now is not yet available to Android and iOS users but is currently in beta and will be out in the next few weeks. Make sure you check out the entire video and for all our CES 2014 coverage, check out our #CESlive page!

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BlackBerry joins us for #CESlive to discuss BBM 2.0 and more!


When it arrives from the 4th and irrelevant ecosystem (BlackBerry) onto the third, and very relevant ecosystem (Windows Phone)

*sigh*..."Missing Plug-in". Would be nice to be able to watch this on BB10. Oh well, I guess it doesn't hurt to dust off the PC every now and then.

Eh? Enable Flash. If you're using the CB10 app, open the page in the browser or tap on the image and it will load in the browser itself.

Did I hear Alex correctly...BBM 2.0 will go public in the next couple of weeks???


Hopefully the next few weeks won't be like 52 weeks in BlackBerry's dictionary lol

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Anyone who can't watch the video isn't missing much. It's not like you really get a good walk through.

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Also I don't like the quality of wallpapers when sent to someone, although I know that I can request it as HD, but many people don't, why just don't send it as HD.
And the Display picture, some Display Pictures when set become blurry, that's really frustrating as I am a bbm dp's designer since the old bbm, and it was really nice, they didn't get blurry, and you can post it in any size, not just square.

C001230B6 New wallpapers for your BB10 device

I feel things about channels are very informative and powerful , I would miss it if I don't watch the video. ,very good walk through. "You can instantly see how many people read your message in channel " cool and useful .

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@abal24..TRUE-10,waisted precious time,usally they would ask their guest about what they had for breakfast before the actual!

In what way? They moved it where it should be. The only annoying part is the voice note doesn't load up inside bbm. But I'm sure if ENOUGH PEOPLE USED BETA ZONE.... they would know about this mistake.... and how users want it...


Kevin needs to spend more time on his channel. It's pretty much a ghost town. I enjoy many others though. Go BlackBerry!

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So pretty much this video is everything we already knew? Oh wait! I did learn it's coming in 3 weeks.

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Really need the feature of sending multiple photos at once, no mention of this so far.

What's the hold up?

From the Q10 Until the Q30

File sharing through BBM . Very cleaver. There is a certain irony that iPhone fans will have to download BBM so that they can do something as simple as a file transfer.

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They need to roll out these services slowly. Remember they are not trying to bring through all the cash they have left. With downsizing and not spending money on upgrades, they need to stagger the release of all the features. They will get there. Hopefully sooner than later.

On my Z10

If it's on an upward spiral, and the market acknowledges it, I am sure Prem and other investors will cough up some more....

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Are you fucking kidding me ? Software is a race against time and they got a get shit done asap.


I'm wondering when you will be able to share pics, voice, video and other stuff in groups. WhatsApp is kicking BBM *ss there. COME ON BBM team!!! Bring your A game, NOW!! (I know it takes time to engineer some things. I'm hoping the new company structure will help BB in general, and BBM in particular, bring things to market faster.)

Wish they would partner with UStream and integrate live streaming within channels!!! Can you imagine watching the Super Bowl live via the NFL BBM channel? Would be awesome!!!!!!!

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I Hope BlackBerry improve BBM basic feature, which is broadcast message.
We can sent broadcast message based on categories. Rather than select it one by one.

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I'm just really glad BlackBerry made a presence to CES in some way or another. It's probably best that a booth wasn't there showing BB10 phones, that would look desperate and would end up turning people away. BlackBerry needs to continue to become elusive, elite and efficient.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

What I want on BBM is Money Service. I would love the ability to make and receive payments directly through BBM!

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Kevin, any word of BBM team fixing the delayed message sending to android users? My brother doesn't get my BBM messages for several hrs and vice versa...big inconvenience

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Very nice start for BBM. Good that they are catching up with the rest of the herd in term of the IM things,but what wud really put them among the top is the integration of BBM video calls cross platform. That,and they are the best our there. :)

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What he said about WP support didn't sound promising.
"Waiting for critical mass" is the wrong approach. A strategic decision has to be made instead, which does not refer to user numbers.
I can have hundreds of bbm friends, all converted iOS & Android users, but still not get rid of whatsapp, and still not be able to fully utilize features like groups etc., due to the only one friend that is left on WP.

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Yup. WhatsApp and Kik did not wait for critical mass to justify Windows Phone adoption.

BBM's two biggest competitors were with WP early on yet BlackBerry has no plans.

The "waiting for critical mass" response seems a lot like the response of app developers who don't want to make their app available for BlackBerry.

+1 for increasing Video size. C'mon BBM4ALL!

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With two different PINs... Sounds very inconvenient. If I am trying to get a hold of someone, do I blast out a message to all of there PINs trying to reach them on the device they are currently holding?

When BBM comes out with "cross platform BBM Video Messaging" and if it is, as good as, it is between my Z30 and a colleague's Z10 - BBM will "take off" ....

BBM Video is the easiest and best quality experience of its kind - so much better than Skype.... not close.

Channels is probably the least desirable feature of BBM.
Get BBM integrated with Enterprise Chat (Jabber) then we are talking.
Get BBM on the desktop in a real way (Again, integrated with whats already on the desktop, Jabber) without some hoky Bluetooth or BB Link connection required. Think how iMessages did this
Get Multi-device support. I have a Mac, iPad and Q10. I want my BBM on all of those devices simultaneously. (this is what makes iMessage pervasive.)

When it becomes pervasive, then people will want it... When it is silo'd no one wants it. They should have learned this by keeping BBM on BB for so long.