BlackBerry JDE 5.0 Beta Now Available for Download!

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 May 2009 04:48 pm EDT
BlackBerry JDE 5.0 Beta Now Available for Download

Calling All Developers... BlackBerry Java Development Environment (BlackBerry JDE) version 5.0 (Beta) is now available for download from You can click the image above to jump over and get started.

As much as this is news for BlackBerry developers, it's great news for us end users as well. It means the roll out of OS 5.0 is approaching, and with the new APIs and enhanced capabilities offered in JDE 5.0 it means we're going to see BlackBerry apps get taken to the next level. w00t!

So get to work devs! Pizza, Red Bull, Candy... whatever it takes... make it happen! And if you need moral support or beta testers just jump into the CrackBerry forums and you'll find no shortage. In the meantime, we'll all start saving our $$$ to spend on future apps :-)

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BlackBerry JDE 5.0 Beta Now Available for Download!


Kevin, can you create a thread explaining what this does for the end user. And what this means on the time line for 5.0 OS for our devices. Very much appreciated if you do.

Ok i'm going to try my best here, but this is good for people that have devices that will be able to upgrade to the new 5.0 OS (I'm not sure which devices are capable). The reason being is because RIM just allowed developers to download and use the tools necessary to create apps for the newer OS. As far as the end user is concerned, it's nothing more than news. So with that said, we should be seeing more from 5.0 as far as games and apps and whatnot...

It would be something devs want, as it would make graphics processing both easier and faster. I doubt we'll ever see an OpenGL GUI on a RIM device, they don't tend to be that flashy.... However, it could lead to new levels of 3rd part graphics apps and games (think X-Plane on the Storm, for instance. Hey, it works on the iPhone)

It would make sense to add the API, as most of the devices have the capabilities in the chipset.

EDIT: Just read the entire release note .PDF; I guess no OpenGL API :-(

The simulator of this JDE is using OS

Should be a little preview of what is coming in the next beta leaks.

Not sure whether this is a change to, has been some time since I last had that on my Bold, but I did not see the changed layout in the music player before, or some of the new items in the BlackBerry options (like Geolocation).

Maybe somebody with on his device could compare what is new in

Searched a little through the API docs.

Some interesting finds:

- New class FingerprintBiometricData. Maybe the new optic trackball is not just a new trackball? Imagine unlocking your BlackBerry by simply touching the optic trackball...

- New class PhoneScreenField. Future 3rd party apps will be able to add fields and images to the incoming/active call screen

- There is a new gesture DOUBLE_TAP in the class TouchGestures. Maybe double tapping will replace clicking on the Storm 2 lol

Does this mean there will be high quality games on the Storm such as the iPhone's?

What about flick scrolling?

I need a Storm running at Full potential. If not, I will be making the switch to the Palm Pre. Simple as that.

Those are really up to the individual developers - there will not be a built in flick scrolling API for developers to access, though.

Most developers will still work with 4.2.1 unless they are targeting the most recent phones only.
Some Crackberry readers may adopt every new firmware (as i do), but most customers do not. It is very hard to convince a customer that upgrading from OS 4.0 will benefit him.

Without a reliable number of OS 5 devices out there developers put their work into a very small number of potential customers.

I'll wait which devices will get the new OS until i even consider switching some apps to it.

I agree - it will be a few months/years before most applications are developed specifically for 5.0, as there are 25+ million BBs out there now running a lower version, and users don't update often at all, if ever.

i have to ask. I'm new to BlackBerry I have the 9530 with VZW. is this something that i can use for my phone.figure anything can help running .75 still waiting. and how do u go about applying

Does anyone know if this new 5.0 beta will work on storm? im thinking yes but the other question is will it mess with all my movie files on my device. i would backup all my files but i just want to make sure my mp4's will still transfer over.

Hi...anyone know where the other faster download link for blackberry jde v5 like rapidshare or other faster link...thanks