BlackBerry Javelin Spotted in the Wild!

BlackBerry Javelin spotted in the Wild
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Jun 2008 04:32 pm EDT

Take a close look. That is not a BlackBerry Bold the red arrow is pointing at. Rumors to date would say that's the 3G-less Bold-like BlackBerry currently codenamed "Javelin". Key specs:

  • QWERTY keyboard
  • 480×360 LCD
  • Quad-band GSM/EDGE
  • GPS
  • Wi-Fi
  • 3.2 megapixel camera
  • 4.6 OS platform
  • BES 5.0 support
  • ArgonV processor

This is what *should* be coming to T-Mobile *hopefully* in the near future! Another photo of Javelin after the jump, courtesy of the good folks at Engadget.

* Update * Looking at this picture again, it just struck me that the "Javelin" appears to be smaller than the BlackBerry Bold in terms of dimensions. Take a look again at the BlackBerry 9000 review I conducted and look at the comparison photos of the Bold beside the Curve and 8800. The Bold is actually taller than the 8800. [ view photo ] In the image above, the Javelin looks smaller than the 8800 (too bad there is no Curve in this photo to compare against). Maybe going 3G-less, swapping processors and getting rid of the "frets" between lines on the keyboard (like the Bold and KickStart feature) has allowed RIM to make the form factor more BlackBerry Curve-like. Indeed, the battery cover design on the Javelin is more like the Curve - charging pod contacts are now on the back and the device features the now-standard battery cover release. Can you say Curve replacement?! INTERESTING.

BlackBerry Javelin

[ via Engadget

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BlackBerry Javelin Spotted in the Wild!


Very sneaky. Tried to pass that BB along as a plain ol black 8800. Sneaky, sneaky.

It's like an 8800 got it on with a Curve and out popped this BB.

Looks sweet just like the Bold but that plaid skin on the Curve is the ugliest thing I've ever seen!!! LOL

Please tell me that it is 1GB like the bold. I cannot think of any reason to swap the curve for this one unless it has tons more internal space.

You can't do shit with the 1GB of internal memory on the Bold. It cannot be used for application installs. Think of the 1GB on the Bold as an unremovable 1GB Media Card... that's all. You're still limited to the 128MB of internal memory for app installs on the Bold, which sucks ass.

I see there is a Silver "Halo" around the Bold. If you look closely at the Javalin, you will see that it drops off at the top, and does not completely go around like the Bold does. (atleast it doesn't look like it does) Just thought I would point that out.


It also looks like the bottom portion is thicker than the top (looking at the battery door). I can't tell if it is the picture angle or not, but it does look thinner around the camera.

Tell me ................ T-mobile just intro 3G in to there network why would they not have a 3G Blackberry that doesnt make any sence

Probably because TMO only has 3G in NYC for now. The other areas are being rolled out in phases.

T-mobile is like the red-headed step child, and thus all it's subscribers are as well...AT&T, here I come...I just love- T-Mo's customer service...

if you look closely, the keys are more 'bubble' like -- similar to the ones on a curve. The size definitely resembles a unit close to the curve's size. Great looking unit! Keep up the good job RIM!

so why can't the Bold get this 3.2 megapixel camera over the 2 megapixel camera it's supposed to come with?...

Why would anyone buy that phone WITHOUT 3G? isnt that the point of moving up from the Curve? To be on the 3G network? I'm on T-Mobile and I would be heartbroken to ONLY have that NON-3G phone available. Edge sucks when I use the internet. Its better than nothing but I think I may have to pass on anything non-3G at this point. I may even change carriers to one that does have the 3G Bold.

I'm on T-mobile and I HOPE this comes my way. I'm not worried about 3G because after talking to numerous T-mobile sales and a Rep, I'm not getting 3G in my area for a while. 3G = last on my list. As long as this one has Wi-Fi, I'm satisfied. Come to T-Mobile!!!

i always thought the burberry skin might look good on my curve, but seeing it on that 8800 gave me nightmares...

Ya know, I've only just gotten my Curve, first BB, and seeing this compared to the 9000, I'll just wait on this one and use the Curve. If it stays pretty much the same, I prefer the keyboard.. And just, like it more.

Personally I like the "Javelin" much better than the Bold, at least in pictures. Obviously you can't really tell until you hold each device, but the Bold just seems way too big/bulky for my tastes (besides its the amazing screen, of course). I think RIM got things exactly right w/ the Curve, at least from a consumer perspective (as opposed to a business perspective). The Curve's keyboard was ideal, the size was great, and it fit very comfortably in your hand. But that's just me...