BlackBerry Javelin Sold on Ebay for $17,100!!!

BlackBerry Javelin on eBay Sells for $17,100USD.
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Sep 2008 02:32 pm EDT

Wow. Speechless. $17,100 for a BlackBerry and it's not even plated in 24k Gold. All I can say is, it wasn't me!

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BlackBerry Javelin Sold on Ebay for $17,100!!!


Someone just wasted $17k on a phone that will stop working in a few days...holy crap.

Why can't these people just send me money.

Ok, so I totally agree with EVERYONE who has already posted, as well as those who haven't yet! Are you SERIOUS!?! I mean, $17K for a phone! WTF? I can think of MUCH, MUCH better things to do with the $17K...

1. Down payment on a house
2. New motorcycle
3. New car / truck
4. New electronics in the house
5. New wardrobe
6. Pretty much ANYTHING else!

I'm wanting the Storm now (just cause I don't think VZW will be releasing the Javelin / Niagra any time soon!) but still won't pay over $500 for either of them!

Honestly man... Come on... He's NUCKING FUTZ!

Hmmm...Down payment on a house? Usually 10%.

That would make $17K the down payment on a $170K house. That's not a small house no matter how you slice it...

I live in Chicago, I've paid well over double that for about 1400 square feet. That would be a tiny freaking house.

this is ridiculous. and the pin will stop working within days?!
someone needs to be bopped in the head like those V8 commercials lol.

I would bet that the seller and "buyer" know each other, or are the same person and they got the bids jacked up as high as they could just to get attention. How can anyone justify 17K for a phone that will only work for a few days?!

as soon as i saw this i knew i had to send it in. glad you posted it up kevin!!

that is absolutely insane. too bad its only good for 2 months until the actual device is released.

It's only like $16,999 after the mail-in, with a 2-year-contract. Duh.

Also, I would suggest everyone note the winner's name. You could probably sell him a Pearl for at least $800. A fool and his money...

This is real.. and i know cause i'm the winning bidder!! and yeah its worth it, i'm a bazillionare and i wanted the phone so whats a couple bucks.. shoot i payed for it in a $50,000 bill, oh and i let him keep the change...

the real question is........who wouldnt pay a ridiculous amount of money to have a shiny new phone that will only work for a little bit and doesnt have any applications, themes or games built for it?? seriously WHO?????


lol, Agree. Also, the listing says under items included "1 Car charger (if bidding goes above $400)"...I guess that lucky buyer is getting the car charger!! Better be OEM!

The funny thing is, the Javelin sucks compared to the Bold too. The only thing it has going for it is the 3.2MP camera and the size. The screen is smaller and hence looks a little sharper. THAT's IT!

A Bold wins over the Javelin, ANY DAY! My opinion..

More money then brains obviously,besides that...I'll believe it more when fr0zen actually posts he has receieved the payment anyone could have jacked that bid up just for the hell of it

It was probably blackberry / RIM who bought the device, 1- to keep it away from competitors hands or other people, 2- to figure out where it came from - the leak.

One of 2 things will happen.

Either he won't pay up (the seller won't hear from him) as he was probably being dumb.

Or, it's RIM creating a publicity stunt. (I'm going to go with either of these as feasible before someone actually paying 17,000 for this).

If someone did, they deserve to be neutered because that is so stupid it's not even funny.

The person might be trying to sell one of the units that RIM gives out to test and the bidder might be RIM to catch the person that is putting all the pre-release devices on ebay for sale. We probably will never know.

HAHAHAHA....thats such a joke. I hope its either
1. RIM bought it to find the leak.
2. A Shadow bid that Ebay will suspend the accounts of both involved.
IF and I do mean IF it is real they are the biggest toolbox on Earth. Why would you buy a phone thats gonna get locked by RIM as soon as the real unit comes out. what a dumass

Thats just stupid. Some people in this world cannot even afford to eat let alone even think of buying a cell phone. And this person spends 17 Grand on a friggin cell! If your that rich share the wealth.
Time to think of others!

Maybe it's someone's desperate attempt to get RIM to release the phone earlier: "C'mon, look how much you could have earned if you released yours!"

hahaha. and they have the nerve to ask for $30.00 in shipping costs! Um, with the $17,100 you just won for selling your Javelin, I'm sure you can shell out money for the shipping cost yourself!

I am sure this is a scam and Ebay should investigate. Who ever said in the post above that "they should know, they are the wining bidder" is an "I D I O T". Sorry, but if the shoe fits... Just send me the money... I'll get you a phone.

Anyone that thinks this is real is retarded. For shows the winning bidder. You don't do that anymore on Ebay. Two, the winning bidder has only 5 feedbacks. I call complete BS.

bidding on something and paying for it are 2 completely different things, but this is strange because everybody on ebay is so trustworthy and honest

Buy a car... or something. Or exercise some patience and get the exact same device for $16,500 less *rolleyes -- some people*

The buyer is to say a retard, no that's saying to much of him he's a crackhead!!!!! Oh how nice of the seller to refund the shipping cost. "BIG HELP THERE AFTER 17G"

For real?
This has to be like some celebrity with more money than they know what to do with.
Hell at least if you waste 17k you get this prerelease phone, they could have just lost 17k in the stock market :(

right now im thinking of calling the CEO and COO of RIM and going HAHAHA wow I can't wait to see you announce that you just locked all the Javelin test units ( my aunt and uncle are neighbors with the CEO of RIM and my aunt is friends with the COO). I would laugh so hard not at them at the guy who was dumb enough to spend 17 k on a test unit its not like its even the final version of the device. A 17 k paperweight... wouldn't that be grand haha

This is dumb that it was even posted on here...go to the bid history of it and it was clearly 2 idiots messing around. The guy who won only had a feedback rating of like 5 so there is no way that dumbass is going to pay $17,100.

Wait for few more days and the truth will come out: The bid will not be legit because the bidder is simply having fun.

Where the heck is the insurance on this thing? I agree its fake, but could you imagine if someone purchased this thing legitimately and agreed to standard shipping, without insurance?

If it's a pre-production unit like your Bold, Kevin I wonder just how the winning bidder will feel when RIM shut his phone down like they did yours.

Dude I saw this and I was like wtf? this is insane. You must be a complete idiot to have bought this phone for 17,000. I mean I am a blackberry addict but wow thats way to much.

Trouble is, paying that amount for a phone can buy someone a new car just about outright. Also, this is a tester phone. When the phone is ready for actual release, the pin will be pulled on the phone and it will be as dead as a brick. :(

If you cross reference the buyers purchases through other buyers that have gave him feedback he seems to buy a bunch of nickel and dime stuff. Although he did make a purchase of some Blackberry software once. I am dubious as to weather this guy will ever pay???

BTW:more than half of the bids which Jacked up the price of the Javelin were by some idiot with a zero feedback,, go figure :-p

this is really fishy...

1) no activity on both the seller and buyers account since 2007, the seller did have activity april 2008 but the buyer is no longer a member....
2) both seller and buyer are located up here in Canada... just saying...
3) the main bidder was someone who had a zero rating with ebay...
just saying.. .

There's no doubt that it was purchased by someone at RIM. They don't want the phone out there. Don't think they're planning on paying that, either!

If this is an individual and not RIM or some other company buying it or some sham and no money changes hands, then I wish people with that kind of money to burn would give it to me. After all not everyone is lucky to get huge incomes.

If this is an individual and not RIM or some other company buying it or some sham and no money changes hands, then I wish people with that kind of money to burn would give it to me. After all not everyone is lucky to get huge incomes.

that is friggin perposterous. That a freakin car. Why u u wanna spend that much on a phone. I am as much a BB addict as the nexy but geesh. Just save yourself about 16900 and wait till it comes out. Wow wow wow

Or they'd know that the PIN will be locked and it will become the world's most expensive paper weight...

Who's to say it wasn't some rich actor, athlete, musician etc? if i had 17k to throw around and had to choose between giving to charity or buying a Javelin i'd do both! lol

Did anyone else notice that all of the bidders (with the exception of a few at the beginning) have very little to NO feedbacks.

I agree that it was probably a fake publicity stunt.

Did anyone else notice that all of the bidders (with the exception of a few at the beginning) have very little to NO feedbacks.

I agree that it was probably a fake publicity stunt.

whether its real or not the seller is still going to have pay the 3-4% seller fee to flea-bay????

pretty expensive stunt............

Anybody notice that the seller is in Ontario Canada???

Isn't RIM there or in Waterloo??

Pissed off employee????????

The person has some fat hands, fingers look like sausages.

Who would ever pay that, No way this will ever be paid for

This seller just got stiffed for a hugh selling fee

It will be relisted, with restrictions I am sure

You got to be a damn fool to purchase any damn phone for that price unless it's a special device for a disabled person. Other than that, "hell, to tha nawww!"

its his money so he can spend it like he wants way could i do that or would i do that but their are a plenty of people that would be small change for so more power to them.

its their money so they can spend it like they want to. there are plenty of people that would be small change for.if they have the money then its more power to them.

sorry about the double post my computer locked up on the first post and i didn't think that it posted and i don't see a way to delete it.

Does Anyone still have the Link to the auction

I know it end'ed but we can still look at the pictures and read what he had to say about the phone.

you know look at the listing

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