BlackBerry Javelin on eBay!

BlackBerry Javelin on eBay!
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Sep 2008 02:21 am EDT

Wow... the trifecta. First a Bold appeared on eBay, then a KickStart (err.. Pearl 8220) and now an unlocked BlackBerry Javelin has surfaced. The prices seem to be going up each time around too... I picked up the BlackBerry Bold at a Buy it Now price of GBP399 (just under $800USD). When bidding was done on the KickStart it sold for $1,725USD. Bidding on the Javelin opens at $899.99USD and am guessing by the time the auction closes in 6 days and 23 hours will be significantly higher. You can check out the auction and place your bids here.

So who's gonna place a bid?? Any bets what it will go for? Sound off in the comments!

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BlackBerry Javelin on eBay!


A device like this must be insured. No way i could pay that much when im through tmobile. But those are some high quality pics! Cant wait

And the pin for that baby is going to be..............Pretty soon! lol. RIM is goin to be like damnit how do these things get out from us...??? lol. :D

Interesting - the device has a Vodafone logo on the back, and none of the normal "test unit verbage". To me that indicates this is a very close to production unit that will shortly launch on Vodafone :)

Now that's a slick looking berry. It looks like a great upgrade to the curve. Now if only it was going to a CDMA provider, like Sprint :-)

From what I've read, VZW is going to get it in May 2009. I really hope they get it sooner cause I'm kind of straying away from the Bold to get the Javelin.

I think this BB is awesome! It's branded for Vodaphone and now it's up to like $950! I wouldn't pay that much for a phone, won't go over $600 for any phone.

The question that I have is why only 2 pictures? Why didn't the person who is selling it post more? Post some with the device actually ON, even just to see the screen and stuff like that? Maybe the battery door open and off? Only 2 pictures would make me a little sceptical(sp)!

I don't know about this one. Did anyone notice the dicliamer at the bottom of the actual Ebay page.

Please Note: All Sales are FINAL. I only guarantee against DOA, but ask your questions before the end of auction as I will not be providing any refunds.

It's not even just THAT disclaimer! Take a look, it just comes with the device and the battery, NO CHARGER! What good is it to me IF I was to buy it and have NO charger? There's no 3rd Party charger out there yet so I can't even get one of those. So how will you charge the thing?

It's funny too that if you do an "In Person" delivery, the seller will STILL be charging you a $10.00 delivery fee! WTF? And I found the site where the seller claims to be the ORIGINAL owner and said that they played with the device for 1 day, but really only a few hours, then took a picture of it and threw it up on eBay? Come on! Why wouldn't you keep it OR play with it for more than a FEW hours?

I can't wait for this device but don't think I want to spend that kind of money on an unkown. I don't mind paying that if it was already released.

The Javelin has ruined the Bold for me now. I love my Curve, and if I can have the Javelin, Curve on Crack, I'd be happy.

If you're seriously the high bidder now, he says you have to contact him for International shipping besides within Canada and to the U.S.

The Javelin has ruined the Bold for me now. I love my Curve, and if I can have the Javelin, Curve on Crack, I'd be happy.

The Javelin has ruined the Bold for me now. I love my Curve, and if I can have the Javelin, Curve on Crack, I'd be happy.

and get the Javelin when it comes out - I am off the Bold and the Thunder is an Iphone.

This thing looks sweet and I love my Curve.

Ok, just checked it and it's up to like $2,400 US! I need to win the Lotto, that's the ONLY way I'd pay that much for a phone.

are soon parted. RIM locked PINs for the pre-production Bolds, why would the Javelin be treated any differently?

Now that makes no sense at all...

It had 6 bids and was at $2025...
Then I checked again...
It had 11 bids and ws at $2350...
It's back to 6 bids at $2025...

Ya think, maybe, possibly...It's just a bot?

Who is gonna push this thing over the $5k mark? Come on, I know everyone on here has more than enough $$$ to afford 2 or 3 of these at that price! :-)

Im sorry, but it is absurd to pay that much for a device. No matter how awesome it is or how bad you want it..

Im just shocked that anyone with this kind of money would throw it at something so shady.

There is a second Javelin now on sale on ebay...but if you look at who is bidding for it you see 2 or 3 accounts just driving the price up. for example, one person drove the price up from $1500 to $3000 in less than 2 minutes!!!!!! that is pure fraud. if people actually try to bid for these phone (which is totally insane) you are getting robbed! The prices are jacked up by a few people (probably the person selling it).

I know, can you guys believe someone is willing to pay that much for a BB that will probably be releases around $300. I really can't believe someone would pay that much money on a BB that is probably going to have the pin blocked anyways.

That really looks like a bott to me, I've seen all to many on ebay now.. They really need to do something about it.. (If they can)

If it's not a bott, wow... just... wow...

this is crazy its over 4,500 when in few more months it will prolly be 500 w/o a contract. but im good for an upgrade in nov and dec on 2 of my 3 lines so i cant wait

There is something fishy about this auction. There has only been one bidder and he bet THAT much over the starting bid.

There is something wrong with that considering eBay won't show your maximum bid. When someone out bids you it pretty much auto-bids for you. It's just weird.