BlackBerry Javelin Caught on Video!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Jun 2008 01:32 pm EDT

Sweet!!! Following up on yesterday's pics of the BlackBerry Javelin, Engadget has posted a video of this no-longer-a-rumor BlackBerry smartphone. Be sure to watch the video. See that microUSB port? And look at that keyboard!!! If the Bold's keyboard is the "best keyboard RIM has ever built", then is this one better than best? It seems they have gone back to having spaces between the keys. Let's call it Curve 2.0.

Let's hope the mid-2009 launch date Engadget mentioned pans out to be wrong... this is one SEXY smartphone (arguably sexier than the Bold?!) that I'm sure many would love to see hit the market sooner rather than later.

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BlackBerry Javelin Caught on Video!!


This looks more like the curve II? I wonder if this is what T-Mobile will be getting in light of AT&T Bold exclusivity?

Should have just moved the phone and not the camera...well I guess that's the best they could do with a digital camera video.....

I prefer this design much better than the Bold. It improves on everything from the Curve. Cleaner lines, smoother appearance, "lux" styling, etc. I wasn't planning on jumping ship from the Curve to the Bold, but the Javelin maybe a consideration.

I agree. That is most likely the Curve 2, so to speak. The Bold is the successor to the 8800 line, and this one looks like the successor to the 8300 line. Figures that RIM can't deliver the nicer looking device with 3G...

The Bold is definitely NOT the successor to the 88xx line. The 88xx line exists to provide the corporate user base options that are not camera-equipped.

I really like the design, much more than the Bold! But anyway, my Curve isn't a month old yet so I'm gonna wait for a while before getting a new device...

And hey, Kevin, did my tweet help you find the video ?

It's not a Curve 2 or anything like that. It's in a different class. The Javelin is obviously a mesh of BOTH the Bold and Curve. It's like comparing current NBA players to MJ; sure some players may exhibit more 'jordan-like' traits of MJ's game...but MJ was in his own class.

Anyways...I really like the chrome accent on the sides and bottom. I also like how the top and bottom of the phone taper off.

I don't care if the Javelin comes out in the time they release it for Sprint it will be time for me to get a new phone.

Why rim why??? That should of been the bold!!!! That is 10x better then the bold, the keyboard alone looks like the best keyboard of them all. Yet they didn't include 3g.

I want that device with 3g!

This thing looks Beautiful, obviously it's smaller than the bold and more in same size as the curve.

I have a month old Curve with sprint and am quite happy,but when the time comes that sprint carries this one or the upcoming touch screen thunder, I will be ready to upgrade once again.

I wonder what the tech specs are on it, I hope that it gets a processor and graphics upgrade and the same screen as the Bold.


I want to see it with the screen on, I want to see it lit up in darkness, I want to see a side by side picture-quality comparison of the Curve's 2MP Camera to the Javelin's 3MP. I WANT IT!

Speaking as a CDMA user; if the Bold and Javelin were both offered at the same time with Sprint for example (which btw, wouldn't make since if they did offer them at the same time)...I'd take the Javelin because it's styling is A LOT better compared to the BOLD's design; AND the Javelin has a better camera. The camera is the only difference I see right now between the feature-set of the CDMA versions of these phones (That is IF CDMA versions of BOTH of these phones do come out. Because of course a CDMA version of AT LEAST ONE of these models will come out). Also, If BOTH the Bold and Javelin make a CDMA debut; of course they'll both have EV-DO as well.

Point is; if Sprint decides to offer one of these devices...i bet anything that it will decide to offer the Javelin instead of the's a no brainer from the CDMA-carrier's standpoint.

Now if I was a GSM user; I can see how i'd be torn between the BOLD and Javelin.

It's quite stunning, I want to see the thunders touchscreen in action.

I hope that Sprint has on of these in the Pipeline, I'm not a fan of the i Phone but would consider a touchscreen Blackberry or the Javlin.

I agree. It is arguably sexier than the curve. Man I want It over the curve. space on a keyboard is always good.

now this is a blackberry id spend the money on. it looks much more practical than a Bold but still nicer than the previous ones. i will buy when it arrives for sprint!

It would have been nice if they could have focused the camera a little better. Probably the same crappy camera that is on the present Curve ;-(. But it is nice to see that at least it does exist.

Thanks for the information!

That is one HOT lookin' phone! PLEASE Sprint, get this one in the future lineup. Yes I just picked up the Curve, but if the Javelin has some supped up specs than I'll be all over it when it's available. Just make sure the body is more Black and Less Silver!

It's nice but a phone with no 3g kind of takes away from the phone. Ithink I'll just go ahead and get the Bold once T-Mobile gets it in September.

Well I noticed on BGR that supposedly this phone will be offered in CDMA2000 for VZW and I actually considered switching back to VZW for this phone but then I looked at their BB plans and remembered why I left in the first place. Please Please RIM you need to offer this in HSPA for Att I need it. I don't get why they would offer it in CDMA2000 but not HSPA I mean there are way more HSPA networks in the world. What’s up with that?
I apologies to VZW users they do have an amazing network and service and I’m most defiantly not saying VZW users don't deserve this sweet phone in 3g it's just I want it too.

So, so anyone know who's getting it first yet? I'm dying to get the BB Bold on VZW but if the Javelin is going to come out on their network then I'd rather have that! Especially if it has the same or better specs! **Can't have a camera phone at the job so it's pointless** Well, I can, but I can't take the phone into work then.

Oh well, PLEASE OH PLEASE, someone find out more cause this is just a tease to me!

But I don't want a micro usb port----all I want in my NEXT BB is an external micro CARD slot......and maybe GPS.....

Did anyone notice that the mini usb port is of a different shape then of current models like the curve and pearl?


Wow! This may be blasphemy but the Bold doesn't interest me too much. But the Javelin is a phone I'd definitely go for!

It looks a lot less like a cheesy iphone-clone (bold) and more like a sleek blackberry. The only issue i see is the flush call/menu keys. I 100% love the 88xx series silver trimming. the javelin and the bold are supposed to be the same less 3g so i'd rather molest this one.

Am I the only one completely underwhelmed by Blackberry's new product line?? The seem to be just rehashes with a slightly clearer screen... not nearly the effort necessary to keep the iPhone and other competitors at bay. These are mild cosmetic updates that don't really do anything for functionality of the device.

It would do a great deal if the memory were substantially increased in light of the impossibility of rim fixing the memory leak issue. I, for one, am tired of trying to free up memory so I don't lose call logs, etc.

OK look at the specs for all of the new Blackberries and then compare them to the old ones. better chips resolution memory both GPS and wifi

now do the same with the new and old iphone.

I know crazy right all they did was add GPS and wifi Apple must think we're stupid right. Personally I can't wait for the new Berries yes I'll give apple the fact that berries don't surf the web as well as the iphones but they do everything else better hands down, and better resolution means improved web browsing as well.

Well, the iPhone is already lightyears ahead of every other device on the market when it comes to screen size and resolution, same goes for processing power and UI responsiveness, onboard memory and storage, and it already had wifi.

So, even with all of these improvements to the berries, all I REALLY see as an improvement is the LOOKS of the device. Does anyone honestly see there being much difference in performance between the new family of devices and the old?? I don't. I see most improvements coming in the OS and those will trickle out to the older devices as well, so I see no real compelling reason to want to upgrade.

Apple may be "light years" in terms of touchscreen UI but that's about it. Apple seems to be still in the neolithic era when it comes to applications I and many other crackheads would like to use. Cut n Paste.......Better Camera with record.....etc. Plus the fact that is is also going to have faster processing speeds, brilliant resolution, wifi, stereo bluetooth.....i could go on...and on....and on.

It's a no brainer, with or without 3g it's the Bold or the Javelin for me. (im a poet and didn't even know it)

Device looks nice, but I would take Curve over Javelin because the Curve has 3G. I would take 3G over Wifi anyday. Wifi might be faster in most circumstances than EVDO Rev. 0 that Curve has right now, but you are restricted to certain areas.

Now only if Sprint and RIM update Curve to Rev. A...