BlackBerry Javelin is the BlackBerry 9300 (w/ OS4.6.1)

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Jun 2008 10:38 am EDT

BlackBerry Javelin 9300

Last week was all about BlackBerry Javelin leaks. In case you missed it, there are pictures, a video, more images and a CrackBerry podcast to listen to that'll bring you up to speed (and then some!).

Following up on the Javelin fun comes a few more details of this next generation sans-3G BlackBerry smartphone. According to Jibi, internally it has been branded with the model number 9300 and it's going to ship with OS 4.6.1.

Jibi goes onto say that OS 5.0.0 is in the works, but the testing of this new OS is currently being done on existing 8000 series devices and not the new phones we are all waiting for (Bold/KickStart/Javelin). 

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BlackBerry Javelin is the BlackBerry 9300 (w/ OS4.6.1)


Any chance of a 3g cdma version of the Javelin will come out? I am on verizon and I love my 8330, but this is just too sexy to pass on, love that keyboard.

The big question is, will it come to TMO? I'm skeptical about TMO getting the BOld, which upsets me, but the Javelin will be nice 2nd choice. The reason I say I don"t think the Bold is coming anytime soon to TMO is because my TMO rep(lives with me) told me that TMO will have 3G in 20 major markets by NOV, 2008, and that TMO is getting the Android based phone. My thought was" they know about the Android phone coming out in NOV, but don't know anything about the Bold?" So...we shall see

9300 huh......sounds exactly like a Curve V2.0 with the model number. Looks like a worthy successor to the Curve.

Ok, I think that we've determined that this is an awesome device and now that it's shipping with the neweer OS and whatnot, that's even better.

I'm still waiting on a tentative release date AND which carrier is going to get it?

Since I have VZW, I know that the Bold is supposed to hit their network in September, but if this one is going to hit soon after, like within 6 months, I will probably just wait.

Anyone? Anyone?

They can't get 4.5 off the ground for the current devices, but they are already starting to build 5.0 on them?
Oddly enough, I just got a email from DataViz promoting the full version of Docs2Go. A program that requires the 4.5 OS, which is not out yet except in Germany. What a strange product launch.

if the bold and the javelin were to come out at the same time, I would definately go for the javelin.

I must say that I am very satisfied with my 8320 Curve...but the Javelin has definitely peaked my interest!!!!

wait, what happened to 4.5 official for 8300 series? still rockin the beta, but that is getting ooooooolld. and quirky. come ON with something for the 8300's

my gf has a pearl and i get jealous of the stability.