BlackBerry Java Application Development version 5.0 Beta 3 Released!

By Bla1ze on 20 Sep 2009 01:27 pm EDT
BlackBerry Java Application Development v5.0 Beta 3 Released

As we rapidly head towards the time of the BlackBerry Developers Conference RIM seems to be getting ready as well with releasing to everyone the all new BlackBerry Java Application Development v5.0 Beta 3 packages so that all BlackBerry developers can get their application 5.0 ready as well as create new ones using the all new features built into the packages as shown above in the picture. RIM is opening a few more doors that were until recently closed off to developers with their API services and much more, now is the time to check out what exactly is available to make use of on in the JDE packages, which could lead to some great BlackBerry applications.

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Do i download this to my 8310 or what... im confused


give it a try... lol


lol are you planning on developing any java apps on your curve?


so I am a little confused?!?!?!?!?!?! Is this useful for everyday use?

Shay D. Life

This is for your phone, but NOT for your phone. This is for developers of the apps that are made for your phone, unless you are developing applications for RIM products please don't download this and kill your phone.

Straight Answer


Good heavens.Why would you consider downloading if you dont even know what it is. Forget global warming, the world will be destroyed by idiots.


lol to the above posts, this is good news tho...right? good news?....

yeah this is good news.


This is a great news.I like the applications of java especially when the applications are based in a mobile phone like blackberry.


Good God SVF and others.... why do you have to act like total asses? these people are just asking questions... its not their fault that they're not complete geeks like the rest of you! have some freaking respect!


I have a feeling there might be a bunch of app updates :)


I agree give the people a break who are asking questions, they are looking for help not to be put down. I thought this site was intended for helping.

wait what the should I download this or not...I dont make no apps or whatever they was sayin...i just use my phone like a reg person