BlackBerry Jam Direct virtual conference taking place July 25th

By Bla1ze on 9 Jul 2013 02:50 pm EDT

If you're into game development for the BlackBerry 10 platform there's a BlackBerry Jam Direct virtual conference taking place on July 25th that you'll want to be sure to attend. The event kicks off at 11AM and runs up until 2PM EST and is going to be hosted by BlackBerry Head of Gaming, Anders Jeppsson. Along with Anders, World-renowned game designer, Jane McGonigal, will be delivering the keynote and fielding your questions in an interactive session. Looking to get in on it? Hit the link below to get yourself registered and if you haven't yet -- check out Jane's TED talk here.

Register for the BlackBerry Jam Direct event

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BlackBerry Jam Direct virtual conference taking place July 25th


And I hope that when p's4 by Sony makes fames that incorporate player involvement via mobile devices that BlackBerry 10 will be incorporated

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I don't understand why Blackberry doesn't just take 100 million dollars and make a few of their own freemium games (like MMO's) and apps. That way they'd have a little differentiation in their ecosystem.

Totally. 100s of millions of dollars on free games is a really interesting strategy.

Thanks for the pointer Mr . Cook!

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They have a screenshot of a prototype on the that they won't say anything about, and it might turn out to be a game they make. But really, it's better for them to focus on getting other developers to make games. BTW, MMO's are the hardest games to make and 100 million dollars wouldn't go as far as it would seem.

Think BB is working hard enough just getting features added to the OS... I'd rather they spent 100M on getting notifications working better. Better unlock screen. Allow integration of some apps like weather or BeBUZZ.

Games is one of the last things i'd want BBRY spending 100M on.

Hmm just no... lol let game devs work on games and let BlackBerry work on productivity apps and bb10 features.

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Let games out BB.
iOS and Android already have all the premium players and extras with xBox + PS4 rolling content.
BlackBerry Should focus and work on productivity apps and revamp BB10 features.