BlackBerry Jam Android Virtual Conference coming December 4th

By James Richardson on 26 Nov 2013 05:17 am

There's a new BlackBerry Jam coming to town. Well, the internet actually, but that's the perfect venue for this one. By attending the global webcast, developers will be able to discover everything they need to know regarding the BlackBerry Runtime for Android 10.2.1 release.

With BlackBerry 10 getting a boost in the Android department, this online Jam will be one you don't want to miss if you are looking to get your Android apps onto BlackBerry 10. 

Highlights for Android developers: 

  • Interact with like-minded developers and BlackBerry presenters through the unique live video format
  • Discover how highly requested features and APIs for platform integration will help you deliver a richer user experience to BlackBerry users
  • Learn how the BlackBerry World storefront benefits the visibility, distribution and monetization of your apps
  • See the tools that make it easier than ever to test your application for compatibility with BlackBerry


Start:December 4, 2013 7:00:00 PM GMT

End:December 4, 2013 9:30:00 PM GMT

Register here for BlackBerry Jam Direct



Ohhhhhh didn't see that one coming! Great news!


Have to register for this one,

Great news.

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Awesome. Guys or team shall I say,
Let's spread the word out on the street, blackberry will soon be able to run Android.

This is the perfect Marketing opportunity to get the platform to some decent grounds.

I don't care if they are not the biggest platform but to have third place tightly secured.

Once we are 3rd platform, we can just make it unique and rich experience that will make blah a classic productive platform for the hyper connected user.

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At the end of the first paragraph, should it be "Android runtime for BlackBerry 10.2.1..." and not the other way around?

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^ he's right

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That's more like it. Put it out there, let people know about it. Will it help the app gap? Let's keep our fingers crossed.


x< fingers crossed >x

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I'm not a developer, but, can I join that?

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I seen it all coming. I just didn't know this soon. BlackBerry is on the move.

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Kool. I'm in

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BlackBerry needs android apps ported over to BB10 on a massive scale or more importantly it would be better if we could go to the amazon store and download any android app and run it flawlessly and securely. This is really the only route that would solve the ap gap. Then BlackBerry should reward BlackBerry developers for every meaningful BlackBerry 10 app that is written. Can you imagine the commercial. BB10 devices now run all apps in BlackBerry World and all Android Apps, on the best and most secure platform out there. BB10 devices would sell like hotcakes!

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Bacon Munchers

Yes, and perhaps important to mention that BlackBerry should keep improving the bridging capabilities to the Playbook.

Sorry, couldn't resist the opportunity!


Saw Danny Hallowell tweet this yesterday. Thanks for clarifying. Sounds interesting.


Wow. Leadership. Amazing what can happen when you have it.

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Glad to see they're not f'ing around with this and are instead starting to go full speed ahead!

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The power of BB10 is starting to show. Can't wait for 10.3 as I think this will be the update where BlackBerry really sets itself apart from the competition. The Phoenix is starting to rise.

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So i send the dev of my Favorit app the link or how should he know about ?


One step closer to the inevitable BlackBerry Android device.

Bacon Munchers

You really think that will be the case? I think it is a simple leverage to springboard them into existence with the typical consumer.
Just think, if BlackBerry will be able to run majority Android apps, plus their own, while offering what BlackBerry has to offer with business and security, why would a consumer with knowledge of this buy an Android device over a new (BB11?) device? The only good reason I can think of is if the consumer is in a '3rd world country', for lack of a better word, and can't afford such a device. I bet by my then BlackBerry will have launched a 'C' class device anyway.


I doubt. It'd be easier to use stock android and build your software around that, not the other way around.

Michele Guzzini

I really can't see the android on my BlackBerry. I really hate this picture and really don't like the project. It means : "Ohhhhh Android please help me, I really need you...Ufff....oh pleaseee ". It's disgusting to me!

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You can see it that way or you can see it in that BlackBerry 10 is a dynamic and versatile os that allows devs who focus on android to have a peek and what their software could possibly extend too.

This will hopefully lead to deeper integrated native apps.

BlackBerry is providing an option for those who require an app that's not provided in their secure ecosystem.

Bacon Munchers

I have not been in interested in any 'Jams' yet, but this one is different. I will be sure to check it out!


But you know, after downloading a few android apps, I realised that they are UGLY. The icons look absolutely terrible sometimes compared to the same app on my iPad...

Native apps are still the best!!

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Hi guys,
Can anyone summarize for my this topic because i don't understand anything.


CrackBerry staff, are you going to do an article on this event to summarise what we can look forward to from both a developers and users point of view?