BlackBerry Jam Asia keynote now available for your viewing pleasure

By Adam Zeis on 26 Sep 2013 12:16 pm EDT

If you missed our live blog of the BlackBerry Jam Asia keynote or just want to take things in again, now you can. BlackBerry has posted up the keynote to their Youtube channel and even split it up into parts so you can get right to the meat. There are 11 videos in total that include all the speakers and demos including Alec Saunders, Christopher Smith and Marty Mallick. 

The keynote was obviously geared toward developers but we did get some good news on BBM for desktop, some app ecosystem stats and more.

So grab a snack, sit back and check out all the videos on the BlackBerry Youtube channel.

View all the BlackBerry Jam Asia keynote videos

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BlackBerry Jam Asia keynote now available for your viewing pleasure


@ Daniel... "Apparently" Simon Sage "talked" with the "Lead Guy at BBM" about that today... as far as anything resembling an "answer"... uhhhh not so much...

This might be it....

I love BlackBerry but based on them canceling the call tomorrow it wouldn't surprise me if silence is the new model. It really is the only way they can avoid negative spin from the media. I welcome letting them toil away at cool stuff and showing it when it is ready.

after following BlackBerry for years - pretty good chance the proverbial "wad" has been blown today.. if history is any indication...

Last few of these Jam's! Seems like the developers were paid to attend this event. Also none were clapping on any of the good announcements.

Just watched YouTube blackberry jam asia 2013 keynote Part 10.
Pretty cool stuff.
Running BB10 in a Windows environment. So far it's just BBM, but hopefully the full BB10 experience can be run on a PC or Mac, and other platforms such as Linux and Chrome.

Heh, who else saw the way Alec strutted onto stage and heard an echo of: "Developers! Developers! Developers!", in their mind? :P

Hmmm... I can't really say I was particularly impressed by the keynote. there wasn't anything new or particularly innovative announced apart from all the non-secret 10.2 features that we all know of. Abit disappointed tbh, I was looking forward so some new stuff or at least even a demo of Miracast or "something" innovate. Thought it was rather dull.

National Rail Times App for BB10 (Native Q10 and Z10) -

seriously! 11 videos! couldn't they just pop it in one video. I mean that's hardly rocket science.

Or if your gonna be silly and split it across 11 videos, have the decency to make a playlist, otherwise I`ll be in, out, in, out all night long watching this.

Where did they launch Z30 first?..... Answer:Malaysia.... Any mention at "BlackBerry Jam Asia" as to how Z30 launch is going? Have they sold their first one yet?

Any news? Just "the Journey Cover Band Apps Guy Running Around on Stage"????

Anything else?


OK... pretty standard... these guys "really know how to put on a show".... stock price $7.95 at close...

I pray to God.... literally... the Prem has some knowledge of what he is doing...

And what was the deal with the rocking chairs demo?! I mean c'mon is that the best BlackBerry can do?! They've been talking and spouting gas about this "mobile computing future" for almost a year now and still no news of anything they war working on in that space. Just gas.

National Rail Times App for BB10 (Native Q10 and Z10) -

I thought that was a video for the show "American Pickers"... I have seen more technically elaborate displays at a grade school science fair.......

I hope Thor gets his $55 million "Golden Shower Parachute Package"....

:O My app is featured in the keynote as the #1 top Grossing BfB App!

Was not expecting to see that when watching the presentation! I feel so honored! :D Thanks for the amazing support everyone in the CB Community! Couldn't have done it without you guys! :)

Oops! It's a bit earlier than the 3 minute mark.. it's just in the "Top List" screenshot. It's the #1 top grossing BfB one. The App is "Web Design Cheat Sheet" - thanks though (: it's pretty cool to see my app on stage :D

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)