BlackBerry Jam Asia attendees share what they love about BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 30 Nov 2012 02:35 am EST

Just like every BlackBerry Jam event, there is always the question of what did attendees think of BlackBerry 10 and the new tools being offered for BlackBerry development. With BlackBerry Jam Asia coming to a close, attendees of the event took the time to step in front of the camera and share some of their thoughts and excitement surrounding BlackBerry 10.

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BlackBerry Jam Asia attendees share what they love about BlackBerry 10


Wow! Can't believe I'm #1. The BB Jam Asia attendees seem pretty happy with the features of the new OS. I can't wait until it's released here in the US. I'm looking forward to showing my iSheep and Android friends a logical and easy to use new OS. The ones who bailed from BB will be sorry..
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Cool video, the only thing I didn't like was the music playing throughout Everyone given their comments. Shouldn't that be the important factor to this video, hearing what people are sharing about BB10 Jam Asia?

Good comments, all true. I agree about the music. Can't wait - but will wait. An ocean liner can't turn on a dime...

What is up with that "fancy gesture" thing going on starting at 43 seconds?? That wagging finger and the words "Seduce: follow this way in a nasty way."

All I'm saying is that if developers continue to ignore BB (specifically BB10) after all of these jam sessions and the other events BlackBerry is doing to help and support developers, they better crunch out some awesome apps in amazing quantities.

All of their complaints about development issues are gone with BB10. The only issue remaining is how many customers will be available, but the truth of the matter is that if they bring their apps, the people who switched will come back. The reason most people left was because of a lack of apps. The apps were lacking because of development and capabilities of the legacy OS, so now bring the apps back and people will come back.

RIM has certainly been doing their part in getting developers excited about Developing for BB10. I hope they keep the momentum going.

Can't wait, I'm an Canadian from winnipeg Manitoba, and I left bb for android, then left android for iPhone 4S and 5.(still kept my blackberry active and used it as a 2nd phone/bbm) and ill proudly leave me iPhone 5 for a new bb10 devices. Everyone claims its ugly but its really an improvement from bb07, and I'm sure rim won't release the os's final look until the day there phones are released.