BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013 general session liveblog!

By Simon Sage on 25 Sep 2013 09:31 pm EDT

BlackBerry Jam Asia kicks off today, and it promises to be exciting. Though the last week was decidedly jam-packed with non-developer news, last night Alec Saunders promised that we'd be seeing something new today.

What could it be? Some more in-car stuff? Or maybe some deep QNX-powered machine-to-machine functions? Fresh 10.2 features? Now more than ever, BlackBerry has to instill developer confidence in the platform, so tune in below and see what they've got in the works!

The fun kicks off at 10 AM Hong Kong time, which works out to 10 PM EST and 7 PM PST.

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BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013 general session liveblog!


Not being ungrateful, but I hope they develop more serious apps. See what came out of the Asia Dream App contest was rather disappointing.

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It didn't end up much anyway, which makes sense. They announced one big Asian language app and that's about it if your not a programmer.

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They were just about to announce a new app and then the live feed cut off

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When they're talking about apps, giving lots of visuals, demos, doesn't make sense for BlackBerry to not have a live video stream.

Wrong question. Will those apps bring themselves to BlackBerry. Probably not but BlackBerry has no say so on that front. The developers have to either do it or allow bb to build it. If they don't want to there's nothing BlackBerry can do.

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BBM on desktop is the only real good thing there. For NA. The Sina Webo thing is great for Asia. But I kind of wish BBM in desktop wasn't a bridge like feature. I want a native app for it. Oh well

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The Fairfax deal will fall through, Prem sells his shares, half the board resigns, Thor and other execs are let go.

Source? My imagination.

This person gave me a legit heads up in the past so I'm inclined to believe this one, even though it may seem far fetched based on the pronouncements I've been seeing online. Take it for what it is, a rumor, and just watch and see what happens.

Can't wait to hear the good news. I've been a lot of bad ones. Time blackberry to risen up

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So is my idea of mobile computing different than BlackBerry's? That or they are starting very small when they need to be looking much bigger.

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Those photos, as though taken from a cherry picker, are just taken at eye level, aren't they Simon?? Or do you hold your camera high above your head?